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  1. If anyone has fault with any of my benchmark logs, by the logging guidelines here on this site at the time of logging. Please let me know I ‘am ready heee heee …. JOE
  2. Woooo Hoooo, I made the list thanks for doing it …… JOE
  3. JoGPS

    Wyoming Geocoin

    Two bronze, and Two silver please Joe
  4. Would like to purchase 5 Minnesota coin with gc.com tracking 0 if they are not tracking on gc.com Joe
  5. I am from Nolensville, what part of the state are you from …… JOE
  6. Bring pie, lot and lots of pie also an appetite for fun ……. JOE
  7. JoGPS

    Wyoming Geocoin

    Two silver and Two bronze please Thanks Joe
  8. I would take 5 if they are trackable on Geocaching.com Joe
  9. I would take 5 if they are trackable on Geocaching.com Joe
  10. WOW Quantum Leap was not a cache hunt but an ADVENTURE though for sure I was prepared for this one, the helicopter came in real handy for getting from one stage to another, but it was all wasted in the amount of time we were detained by the FFA. Have been to three hog killing and a worlds fair and ain’t never seen some of the things we ran across today, would post more but my brain is bleeding and the FFA may be looking in. Thanks big guy for the adventure, it was well worth the special trip to Huston will have this trip to tell the grandkids about With this one under my belt now, plan on doing Tube Torture and High Water next weekend they both have to be easier than this one ……….. JOE
  11. Brian don’t make me bring out the twins ………… JOE
  12. Thank you Jeremy for a great explanation and closure hee hee ………… JOE
  13. Bumping it back up for Jeremy to look at again, and hope he makes the icon ………… JOE
  14. Only way find out about Mr. Snoogans Quantum Leap is to do it Will be flying into Huston Friday night on Aug 5th for a fresh start on Saturday morning the 6th have rented a helicopter and will be ready to go by 7:00 AM and flying back home at 3:00 Have already decrypted the code and should be done by lunch time, will be ready for an event with beer and wings, but there ain’t one. So will have to settle for lots and lots of beer and a first aid kit. The helicopter can hold two more cachers for anyone else wanting to take the challenge, post it to the cache page if you wish to join me ……… JOE
  15. It all about our roots in the sport, the history, where it all started, its the single most important site in the heritage of “Geocaching” What else can be said. I went not to get a new icon but to see where it all started on a very snakelike and narrow road with lots of green vegetation it was way tooooooo cool, and glad I drove 500 miles round trip out of my way to get there. I must also say that I have never met anyone who didn’t say they would like to visit where the first geocache was placed and why not its where it started. ……. JOE
  16. I kind like the idea of an icon for ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE along with the Ape caches. I went to Washington and Oregon a few weeks back with only two had to find caches were both of those. These are both rich in history for our sport. If the location for the very first cache ever placed does not deserve a special icon what would ? Happy Trials …… JOE
  17. Please out of respect for the GREAT state of TEXAS and all the cachers there for taking on the largest event in the world. Give them a little breathing room with all the questions for now. They were only asked to carry the torch today and there is a mountain of plans to be made. They will let everyone know as soon as possible about WHERE, WHEN, and how cool the event will be. patience, grasshopper, patience ………… JOE And a big thanks to all that sent a proposal
  18. I spoke with the local police and fire marshal on Saturday morning and met with the fire marshal for two hours today and everything is moving along just fine without this thread, it was a bison tube hanging from fishing line from the steel tube seen pictured above, the bison tube was wrapped in sliver duck tape to match the pipe sleeve that was part of the cart rack, bison tube was not inside of steel sleeve, and is not shown in any of the pictures available to the public. BTW it was hidden with permission and indeed did have geocache written on the duck tape when placed, but may have worn off of with opening and closing the container, and they know they FUBAR on calling it an explosive device after they blew it up and saw that it was not., but that was not newsworthy With all that said, this is going to happen every now and then, no need to get bent out of shape. The officials are doing a good job that I want them to do in protecting me and my family The only way to help ( that I see ) is more local geocachers take more responsibly for the sport they love and talk will local officials and explain everything, I have never had a bad contact with any official, and have spoken with quite a few. Now back to your regular thread of guessing and calling it lame without being there ……. JOE
  19. mtn-man, your are da man He and the the federation explained it better, in words a whole lot kinder than I could have used. Mopar, you have been whinning about this event since day one, get back in the truck and go to the house and stay there you are needed or wanted here, and its obvious you ain’t coming, you are just stirring the pot and for what reason. Oh yea I remember because you can El Diablo, you are correct, I do believe where ever it's held there just needs be adequate caches for visitors to find, WH, you said “ who are you who gave you the authority to decide where GW IV is hosted “ and also “ Why does it have to be any single person? I think everyone who wants to, should have an equal voice in it “ read my earlier post, and I didn’t see your name on a big check to pay for the event that’s the best reason you don’t get to pick Hee Hee LaPaglia, you said “Interesting questions. Did you guys have to provide all the answers to the above questions” yes they did and more, after this process there will be more question until we are sure we are picking the right group. res2100, you asked “ Does GeoWoodstock IV have to be in the USA, or would locations in other countries be considered too?” until a time comes when the there is a great percentage ( like 25% ) of folks from outside the USA attending a GW here it would more than likely not be considered. mrmnjewel, said “We weren't at GW3, so I guess our opinion is also "uninformed", but...PEOPLE, THIS IS A GAME! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN! When too much political BS and personal shots get brought into any process it breaks down. There are too many people here trying to turn the whole GW thing into their personal pi**ing contest. It's like watching emotionally constipated people having a slapfight. Events have something for everyone. The event may have been billed as being about the numbers. However, if that's not your bag, find someone else of like mind and socialize. If you're into numbers, go jump on a wagon train. Events are what you make of them. Granted, planning and executing one is hard work, but you people are taking this far too seriously” thank you Sir Finally GeoWoodstock is what it is, nothing more nothing less, it will not be changed to suit just a few in the forums it would be like any other event. I did not see it here anywhere in anyone’s post about cost. The event will remain free to all attending, feeding a group this size takes a lot of money where does everyone think it comes from, well I will tell you it comes from a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated folks wanting share a good time to all in a sport where you can play for free. Is this a bad thing I don’t think so I would like to see the event move all around the USA for all to experience the fun. I do not have the final vote on where it goes it will be a joint decision between myself and NEFGA and pie may or may not be involved ……. JOE
  20. WOW can things get nasty fast, First let me say that NEFGA raised the bar way above GW2 and it will be hard to beat for GW4. The committee for selection is made up of NEFGA and myself for GW4, GW5 will be NEFGA, myself and whom ever host GW5 and so on down the line to keep the flow of what the event is all about. It is very important that someone from the new host org. to have been present at a GW event to see and feel, yes feel. For those of you that did not attend there is no way for you to understand the feel of the atmosphere and how much fun everyone was having. It may be hard to believe but its unlike any event you have ever attended and the folks that did come can tell you that. Its like telling someone how good pie is but never had the chance to eat a piece, you can only guess what it taste like, it’s the feel and cannot be out into words. I have attended all most 100 events and there is nothing like it anywhere There are 12 zillion events everywhere but only one EVENT where it started because of numbers, so yes its about the numbers, I personally found less than 10 cache while in Jacksonville for the weekend, does this change anything “NOPE” I had a blast and so did everyone in attendance that we have hear from. If anyone that was there had a bad time speak up now, it will be hard to find someone to say they did not enjoy them self’s, they were all smiles times 500 plus folks having to much fun. So yes “ITS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS “ the only event where it is, and not necessarily finding caches The reason for the guidelines for hosting this event, simple it’s the largest event in the world and will continue to grow with the right org as long as good planning takes place. 75 folks the first year 250 the second and the third 500, now if you don’t think that takes a lot of planning and will power to make this happen, them get back in the truck and go to the house this ain’t a beer and wings event . …. .. JOE
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