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  1. The best hint have ever seen was a local cache; “” You are looking for a small 4 X 4 cache container with rocks on top“” It was a small 4 wheel drive SUV parked out in da woods and was the cache container with rocks piled on the roof It was outstanding
  2. Very seldom do I see something that is in need of changing on the site but an additional logging requirements category would be way cool if they were filterable in a PQ
  3. Think it is great that you are wanting to ask permission, but never had and luck with a letter, but then again I do not have the command of the English languish hee hee A face to face sit down always works for me.
  4. JoGPS

    Nano Caches

    So far the cache containers shown are larger than a nano’s we hide around here and are covered under micros, please no more sizes, but a nano / micro in the woods in the woods will pass up where a regular cache could be
  5. It’s still a great game where everyone has a choice and an opinion, and that’s cool, would not have it any other way
  6. nicolo, Noticed you found FORT NEGLEY by Southpaw (GCM77J) which is a regular cache but you did not find my 18 stage multistage cache is the same place Tour Of Historic Fort Negley by JoGPS (GCM95E) wonder why but yet you complain about Nashville micros, and yes there are a lot of them and a lot of very good caches but you have to want to do them. Any where you travel there is a lot of micros, and as you said you were looking for numbers, you found a lot and are still complaining about it, what’s the deal with that JOE
  7. Agree with the wimseyguy fellow. When traveling to events or just a family outing we stop and eat at a Cracker Barrel going or coming. Have no idea which ones have a cache at them but most do in our area, while we are waiting to be seated I just start feeling up the washing machine, apple masher ( for apple cider ), corn husker, newspaper box , and any other old machinery, not necessarily for a smiley but for the fun before eating. My wife thinks I ‘m silly, but I think its fun, wish every CB has one, my two greatest pleasures eating and caching JOE
  8. Ask Permission, yes you should, unless there is an existing policy for geocaching that said do other wise I have helped set up right at 20 different geocaching policies with local, state and federal agencies and have never been turned down and caches have never been archive because of it when they were approached about placement, with other caches already there. Sorry just don’t see the big deal about asking, ask and educate, work out their worries If you want to help our sport get more main stream this is the only way it is going to happen Joe
  9. Events are Tooooooo COOL 11 states Events attended 137 Events Hosted 17 CITO attended 7 CITO hosted 1 Events are as much fun to me as finding a cache, because you find friends and fellowship what else can I say
  10. JoGPS

    Moses Coin

    Coin looks cool to me and want one of each, the price is cool also, look around there are a lot of coins for ten bucks, either you want it or you don’t, no reason to tell someone there price is to high, wait till they are sold out and watch the e-bay price heee heee Its whatever floats your boat, or this time parts the waters for ya JOE
  11. remember finding 18 caches in 2001 in one weekend in the corner of AR, TN and MS and got three hate email telling me I had cheated saying there was no way any one could do that, times have changed JOE
  12. Would like to have several of each please, have found a few ape caches JOE JoGPS@aol.com
  13. Was not till after 4000 finds did I get very selective caching, last year only found as many as my one day record of 160, yep very selective. My My how things do change JOE
  14. Best Personal: Moun10bike v3. Best State: Geocachers Of Western Tennessee(GOWT) Best Event: GeoWoodstock III Best Other: Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable: BenchMark (GeoCoinClub) Most Valuable: Moun10Bike v3 Best Shape: Georgia Peach Best Icon: Ontario (GA made)
  15. Torchbearer, I think it is outstanding that you want to hide a cache in a city park and get permission, this is way cool in my book. Would contact the city government and find out who the director of their parks and recreation department and make an appointment for a face to face. If your city does not have someone in that position, ask who is in charge of cutting the grass and work your way up until the buck stops and make an appointment with them. When you are asking for a meeting use the term geocaching // scavenger hunt. They may have never heard of geocaching but will have heard of scavenger hunt. ( if they haven’t you really do need to move ) Carry the cache that you plan to hide, your GPS’r and a cache page ( with nice logs ) with cool logs like would have never come here if it were not for geocaching , to leave with them. This process, I have used with Federal, Regional, State, and Local recreation areas and have never been said NO to. One last thing just be yourself, and tell them how much fun you and others are having playing the sport. JOE
  16. Can answer this one for you “”And finally, when the heck are the dates of Geowoodstock? The event page lists a single date of May 27. The Woodstock site shows the meet and greet as "Friday Night." A post in the Geowoodstock forums suggest that there are things planned for Thursday too, but I can't find anything about that.”” Geowoodstock is a single date event of May 27th all other events are not related other than they are on the same weekend Joe
  17. The OP main question was, “”I checked out a few of the events and found out that numerous cachers had logged each event as "attended" as many as 10 times each? I assume this is to "correct" cache stats for "temporary" caches found within an event. Question is "Is this normal, accepted, legal, etc. ?"“ Lets do a little history here for the new folks (1) Temporary caches use to be OK for events even if for only one day (2) These were all legally placed caches, nothing to get around the guidelines, but only there for one day (3) The guideline changed to a minimum of 90 days (4) Folks kelp hiding temporary caches just for events and gave out mock caches pages for those that want to hunt them, and let them log the event page multiple times (5) Jeremy made a statement that he did not care how many times an event page was logged (6) Its been done this way ever since (7) old thread almost three years old, the two before it cannot pull up old thread My own personal views, was I used to log everything in sight at an event that was allowed by the event organizer, back then caches were few and far between, and had a blast doing it. It took me three months and five states of hard caching every weekend to find my first 100 caches. Now I can find 160 plus caches in one day. My views changed when someone asked me how many actual events I had attended, and I did not know because of all the temporary caches I had logged over the years. I tried to go back and figure it out, so when the next person asked I would know. To make a long story shorter, I just deleted all of my extra caches at events not because it was wrong but because I wanted it to reflect the actual number of events attended. Nothing more nothing less. I think this practice of logging temporary caches at events multiple times is normal, accepted, legal, and the reviewers have said as much, and remember play the game the way you want to not the way everyone else thinks you should. The most important thing to remember is to have fun JOE
  18. Personally I only trade and buy trackable coins on GC.com for the icons, and yes I am a icon ho. Its way to expensive for me to buy them all. Love the new guidelines, it looks like they were made just for folks like me in mind. Keep up the good work JOE
  19. “”It's all about the NUMBERS!”” as wimseyguy said, and as most will agree with those that have attended a Geo-Woodstock that the number of amazing memories you will take away from the event is the best one. Also an important number is how many times will you be kicking yourself for not getting in on the fun if you are unable to attend … …. JOE
  20. Will be in the neighborhood that weekend and think it is a way Tooooooooo Cool of an idea and plan to attend Joe
  21. Two coins please Joe JoGPS@aol.com
  22. South Carolina could host Geowoodstock Because CovoteRed has never been to a Geowoodstock, don’t really think he understands the event, of exactly what “all about the numbers” mean. I only found three cache at GW1, two at GW2, two at GW3, no one knows what it is truly about until they attend, Geocache-Aid, is probably what the state needs right now Joe
  23. Put ya'll name in the hat for 2007 when the time comes for GW5 ... ... JOE
  24. That’s why they are called friends, and no its not cheating will use everything at my disposal to find a cache even a back-ho if needed, but never needed one of those yet, the back-ho that is … .. JOE
  25. Please “NO’ more rules … …. JOE
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