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  1. Joe's log on the (then MIA) Mission 4 cache in Brazil. Too cool! (don't forget to read the other logs from the day) Thanks Robert, am usually a copy and paste log kinda of guy but that one was sooooooooo cool, took two days to write the log. It was not a cache hunt it was an ADVENTURE Joe
  2. Have found a few and will always be memorial to me as really cool caches in very neat places everyone was different except the boxes Joe
  3. Had only met her a few times but she enriched my life and was an outstanding person, and will not be forgoten Joe
  4. Cool I was wondering though if you might say who/where the other bids were from? I think someone meantioned Pennsylvania putting together a bid, where else applied? We think it would be in poor taste to say who sent in proposals, if they would like to speak up it will be up to them. Joe
  5. Would like to thank the four different regions for summiting outstanding proposals to host Geo-Woodstock , but as we all know it can only be in one area for next year. The venue was chosen because they scored the highest on ceria for hosting taking care of the attendees GW style Geo-Woodstock 5 will be in the Great State of North Carolina in 2007 Joe
  6. We have received four outstanding proposals so far and waiting on one more, “”Is there a time limit”” patience, grasshopper, patience Joe
  7. When a location has been made will post it here, not all of the responses has been received from everyone yet and has not been discussed by any of the three folks that will make that decision. It could be considered international, because folks from around the world have attended, and we could move it outside of the US one day. Please let this thread stay on topic Joe
  8. Wow. I guess that says it all, folks. If that's the way it is I'll just blow it off. It seems only fair to have the event move to each region. The organizers should also be rotated to ensure that that happens. Geowoodstock can be held anywhere in the world, is this not a worldwide sport ? The event organizers will never change only their numbers will increase by one each year Got our first proposal back today, waiting on several more, will keep ya’ll updated Joe
  9. For one very different try Houdini's Water Torture And you can go to the best caches in Nashville here Best caches in Nashville Have fun ya’ll hear Joe
  10. Personally I think it is a bad idea, don’t even date my notes in the cache log books anymore, the reason, back when we used to power hunt caches would wait till we got home to log on line and sometimes put the wrong date on the log have had two cache owners delete my finds because they went out to their caches and saw the log date. After contacting them about the deletions they both told me something like “”that I was there on the 13th not the 14th”’ would hate to see this practice done in minutes BTW it was in two different areas
  11. Phone call and then a face to face works for me every time, and have never been turned down, it is not as hard as it seems to do the right thing in asking for permission for cache placement My hat is off to you. Joe
  12. Apologies excepted, it is a cool concept Joe
  13. The requirements are ready to be emailed out for those wanting to host the worlds largest geocaching event. Please send the name of your Geocaching organizations, and contact person that attended at lease one Geowoodstock. Email Address: JoGPS@AOL.com We plan to announce the location in 30 to 45 days or less so the planning can begin This thread only pertains to future Geowoodstocks locations, not for anything else. If you are not wanting to host it please start new thread.
  14. There are no lame caches, someone had fun hiding it and someone will have fun finding the cache There are no lame caches on lame cachers and forum posters that want to tell me how to play the game Joe
  15. Who was talking about GW5? Someone asked a question, I answered it. Go stick you're nose somewhere else if you can't comprehend the topics being discussed here. You did not answers any questions only tried to derail the topic by talking about things that GW4 had nothing to do with, or control over, let alone GW5 Please go away, people like you are why these forums are most always never viewed by the general caching public, there is someone like you trying to start some crap, even in a nice thread Joe
  16. Ok then I have a GW related question, how is the date of the event determined? (it changes right?) I assume the organizing group picks the date, right?? The organization can change the date between two weekends right now either the 4th of July, or Memorial day weekend mainly for travel time of three days. Three votes this year will come from Northeast Florida Geocachers Association, The Texas Geocaching Association , and myself . Its cool to see folks with where they would like to see GW5, but it is the total package from an organization that we look at for treating the visiting geocachers the BEST. Joe
  17. Geowoodstock does move to different areas the site selection it made by the previous host of the mega event like Keystone said along with the right locations for the first four. Any Geocaching organizations that would like to host this event for 2007 can start by emailing me at JoGPS@aol.com , the requirements will not be finalizes for about three weeks but will send one out when they are ready, after about 45 days we start the serious site selection from those that ask about hosting the largest event in the world. Joe
  18. This is way Tooooooooooo Cool, sometimes its all about the numbers Joe
  19. CO Admin you are da bomb , way to go dude Joe
  20. This is a very cool thread and it reminds me that this is a GAME nothing to win at end just a GAME and a very cool one at that. Every time the nay sayers post about what is right and what is wrong as they are here in this thread got to laugh about it and hope I’m and sucking some of the fun out of the GAME for them Heee Heee Play the GAME the way you want to, I am playing the GAME the way I want to, NOT your way and as for me, well feeling just ducky swimming around in the big pond of life having a blast laughing at ya’ll JOE
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