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  1. Not all are the same, but take this one I never had to get out of the truck, so OK the terrain is high but the diffuctly is right on , I hope ya ll have a change to try it its Toooooooooooooo Cool.........JOE http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=7140
  2. I put ten caches inside the Nashville Zoo that can be done from a wheelchair 100% , it has worked out well for the geo cachers and the Zoo go to GC6163 and check it out, and click on nearby caches...........JOE this is the third set of ten caches to be put in the Zoo
  3. Let me know of anything I can do to help out Ya are a soooooooooooooooo neat group..........JOE
  4. Wait till the next one in your area. Heeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeee... Thanks for having fun with this one...............JOE
  5. I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done in the great sport, and if some else picks it up they will never be able to over shadow the fine work ethic you have had with the stats page. I do understand the amount of time it takes to do something like this. THANKS………………JOE
  6. Just over 500 miles and ten caches found and one put out. I went to Lexington KY for the first meeting of the local geocachers in the area. I was a great get together at a real nice restaurant, and I had a blast meeting all the nice folks there………………..JOE
  7. My daughter told me for her birthday she wanted me go get out of town Heeeeee Heeee Hee I will be there after all count me in………JOE
  8. The ones that are near me locally ( 100 miles ) 5/5 or whatever I will do what I got to do, but out of town 2/2 is all I will go after ,and some times not even that high. And old fat man does not look good , or fill good on the side of a bluff 300 miles from home. I do what I can and drive by the rest. I have had a lot of hate email saying that you came to town and only found the easy ones and never saw the really nice views, and to those I reply that if you think hanging on the side of a bluff makes the view any better than at a overlook on the side of the road any better you are wrong. But in general I like easy ones ,and that’s about all I hide………………JOE
  9. I have a question for GeoPrincess why would you want to ask all of these questions under a different log in name? Geocaching and the Leaderboard count them the same way . What is your motive other than to try mess with every body heads that has worked very hard to get where they are at. Are you someone that plays other sports and you don’t like the way the score is kept so you want to change the rules to make it easier for you. I for one and I sure the other top 25 have worked very hard to have the numbers that they have and there is always someone wanting to bring them , and you down, is this why you are using a fake login name. I just came back from a long weekend ( four days) in Kansas City, St Louis, and back home again , and I had no less than three people email me that there was no way I could find eighty in four days and drive 10 hours one way. You can if you plan ahead. I been working with Bruce S the last few days on a place for him to stay in Jan when he comes to Nashville again for a little caching.If you don’t like the way this game is played and the score is kept take your marbles and go play somewhere else, but I sure you will think of a way to change the rules to suit you better in another game to. And as Forest Gump said and that’s enough on that subject ……………….JOE
  10. Uh o may have messed up its my daughter birthday, will have to see, count be back out for now.........JOE
  11. Make that a least one more I be there if it does not snow See Ya.............JOE
  12. I have put $5,$10,and $20 in caches around Nashville and have found a few with $5’s it a way of saying you did good as a cache owner you did a great job with this one. If you go to a movie it will cost you at least $7 or had a real good waitress at dinner you would pay the same why not for a real cool geocache………………..JOE
  13. I will have to see whats going on around here then but would love to come and put names to faces, and of corse EAT, something we miss a litte of on the hunt, besides I got to put a tape to wcgreen to find out long a wcgreen lenth is Heeeeeeee Heeeee Heeee............JOE
  14. I think the shipping is very much in line,, if you have ever been in business before its called OVERHEAD there are lights to pay for, employees, and matching employees share of taxes you put all these together with rent, befits, holiday, vacation pay they all add up bookkeepers to handle all the stuff that goes alone with running a business. If you were to take something and ship how much time would it take to get a box pay for the box, get a label pay for the label ect. It would take you a while…JOE It seems like almost every thread COMPLAINS about something is this what geocaching is all about? This is the main reason I don’t say much in the forums
  15. I am ready, just make it some where its easy to fly into with lots of caches around.............JOE
  16. If you can get your hands on a Garmin Vista it has a thing that you can map out the outside of anything that you just walk around and give you the inside acre's..........JOE
  17. I have ran into quite a few and always enjoyed them and met st_richardson in GA at a cache site and hunted togeather for a while on that one ( Always say Hi and make a freind )
  18. Take a look at this onehttp://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=15058 GC3AD2 I put out a cache with $400.00 of stuff from Geocaching.com,$240.00 of Garmin and Map Source Stuff and a toaster yes a toaster and it took about six weeks to end uo with a value of less than $40.00 and I am quite happy that a lot of cachers had a good time and if I had not wanted the stuff to be taken I should have left a eatemup toys When I vist a cache I leave something if it will fit and rarily take anything ita all about finding the cache................JOE
  19. This is the best thing since sliced bread, NO PROBLEMS................JOE
  20. You get what you pay for in any game in town whether it be shrimp or toilet paper and for this game I pay very very little for a great deal of fun………………….JOE P.S. and would pay more
  21. 37 it was a good day, and I had a driver. We had lots of enjoyment..................JOE
  22. It just makes my day when I run into another geocacher on the trail, I think it just Tooooooooooooooo Cool........JOE
  23. It just makes my day when I run into another geocacher on the trail, I think it just Tooooooooooooooo Cool........JOE
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