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  1. I have had about seven or eight caches denied, but sometimes I do push the envelope quite often. The admen’s are just doing their jobs . After I thought about it for a while I think they were right to have denied mine, and like you said when it happens , don’t take it as a insult……….JOE
  2. On Thursday I delete all my waypoints usually about three hundred and load three hundred new and old one back on using GPSBabel from a gpx or loc file from geocaching. from a query it takes about three minutes………..JOE
  3. You have to put out a first one sometime , just do your best, and trust me the cachers in the area that find it will let you know how good it is or is not..................JOE
  4. This very special has cache to go here, so it will maintain its aroma……………JOE
  5. If I had hiked 2.6 miles and found any part of it, You bet I would have logged it as a find. Because I had found part of it and let the cache owner know it had been destroyed ………JOE
  6. I think is a great Idea and I tried it once, but it was the wrong way I even carried it all the way to the big man, but it was a moving cache and they are not allowed it was Cache Truck GC9362 (and I understood), I wish there was some way to do this because it makes my day to meet fellow geocachers on the trail and would like some easy way to keep up with them……JOE
  7. Not all can but, I use DeLorme Street Atlas on my lap top, and on my Garmin V it does it also, both work very well.........JOE
  8. This is an opportunity for you to voice your option and let me know if you would attend and participate in a event like this, timed events, awards ect. and how far you would be willing to drive to get to Nashville , lets say on a sat or sun. This is in the very early planning stages. There will be more detail at the meeting on Sun the 23rd at Warner Parks. If you would please post your answers here because most of you will not be at the meeting. (I hope I am wrong and you will be there)
  9. Way to go buddy....................JOE I would love to be at your 2000th as I was at you 1000th but My best 3D buddy Robert Lipe will be celebrating his 1000th here in Tennessee on the same day, best wishes to you.
  10. My signature trade item (but I don't trade I just one one in)is a tube a 4.5 in long by 1.75in across printed on it is the geocaching logo with there email address and mine inside is a trash bag, also on the outside it called a Cache In Trash Out tote. I did get permission to use the logo. If the cache is to small it does not get one just a TNLN. I have had a lot of good feed back on them………………JOE Look at my profile to see them
  11. I use GPSBabel it works every time.......JOE try this gpsbabel -i geo -f c:tempxxx.gpx -o pcx -F xxx.wpt
  12. It only takes one cache in the wrong place to get them all taken out.You have to start somewhere, sometime, We have been working with the state and local parks in Tennessee for over a year now. I have to meet with one park Sat at 3 and another one on Sun at 12:30 Its get easier every day but first you have to start and play their game first… Now we are doing in blocks like its OK to put them in these parks now and we will look at the other four in the spring it works real good……………JOE
  13. Absolutely, the first thing to do is talk with the park manger about geocaching and you would be surprised at how receptive they are to the idea and even suggest places to put a cache, and where not to……………JOE
  14. I have a least two caches missing every month and just replaced one today, sometimes it the location or just dumb luck that someone other than a geocacher found it don’t be discontent with geocahing hang in there , by the way what kind of truck do you have……………..JOE
  15. To get back on the subject , The rating systems that geocachin.com have, you when you fill out when hiding a cache is the best way to rate a hide ……….JOE
  16. My signature Cache In, Trash Out Tote is a tube with a screw off top with a o-ring and measures 4.75 in long and 1.75in. wide with a trash bag inside. If it will not fit in the cache that the owner called traditional it’s a micro to me but I would like to see one called small, it would sure help to know what size cache you are looking for……..JOE
  17. At first I misunderstood what was going on here and I voted no, but after reading all the logs I do believe I was wrong. I agree with mtn-man after thinking about it . The only reason I started hunting locationless caches because others in the top ten were , and YES I like numbers ( that does not seem the thing to say, but I do )and have found 130 of them. With that said I would like for it be as it was before locationless and benchmark hunting came along that’s what made me love this sport. Yes I am a speed cacher , is that wrong whos knows but I really enjoy doing it. If someone could reverse my vote I would appreciate it. ………………………JOE And If the approvers need help I would me more than glad to help out with whatever.
  18. I can quit any time, I really can, I think. My Cache Truck License plate reads :CACHETK"
  19. I do have a problem with Vacation caches so many of the folks placing them mean well , but Some have put them in State parks and other places without asking. Them I get a email from the great park folks we have in Tennessee asking what’s going on here I thought we had arrangement your are supposed to ask first. If I can’t find someone close to take responsibly of the cache them it has to be archived. I have taken over some but when they are a hundred miles away I just can’t . I only put out caches where there is someone to watch over it for me or I can check on it on my way to and from work not next month when I in the area, and I believe everyone should do the same ……………JOE
  20. I think the White Diamond Pirates and the KY Club are trying to DO (not talk about ) the right thing for the right Reasons ……………….JOE
  21. As Criminal said: or you can mind your on business. If he did that the forums would sure be a better place instead of just posting to say nothing. I think its up to all of us to help out, when a cache is in a bad place, or in any off limits area . Go ahead and contact geocaching about it. …………JOE
  22. I am the Park Liaison Officer with the Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club and have been working with the state and city parks for over a year now and it gets easier every day. The last two problems to come up were GCB11A today and I expect it to be archived tonight , and this one http://pub64.ezboard.com/fmiddletennesseegeocachersfrm14.showMessage?topicID=1.topic two weeks ago . All the great park folks that I have dealt with are all open minded and will listen to what you have to say but, it is very necessary to start a dialog before something happens , that way you have a base to start from. I am not very good at explaining myself in emails so most of my meeting have been face to face. I do not know how helpful I can be with emails but just email me with your phone number and the best time to call I can explain it much better ……….JOE
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