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  1. They just start hunting Benchmarks that are on the sidewalks ………………..JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  2. I just put this one out for that reason ,check out the post and pictures for Cheval ………… JOE http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=58069&Nocache=0.7055475 Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  3. I got one of those notes on one of my caches, I think its just a way an approver is telling you that he likes what you are doing …………… JOE Be Proud Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  4. Thanks for the kind words Robert …………….. JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  5. To answer Roadsters question I think there were five, and the rest regular caches and I always enjoy myself when I can find 42, Everyone plays their on game my is speed caching not unlike speed golf. Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  6. I am glad to see that others are reciving hate mail to. I knew I was not alone, and its usauly from the big posters, why do they do that, and then say they never do it............ JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  7. Lapaglia thank for posting this, I am with you .........JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  8. Southpaw and I found 42 in one day in the Memphis area in one day about four weeks ago Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  9. What does this do that http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net doesn't do? It used to create only PCX files, but now that the beta creates Mapsource MPS files, it doesn't have the six digit name limit that PCX files have and it's easier to use because I can file->open it like any other file. Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  10. That is what I thought, Hey thanks for everyone replying here. My Question is now answered ………………JOE
  11. JoGPS

    cache pre-approval

    I think and I have been wrong before but anyone placing a cache and has been reading the forums know pretty much what will get approved or not . Its seem to me when it’s different that they give the problems to the approvers. So whatever you summit the regular caches are going to get approved and all others you will have to talk with an approver with anyway so why the extra work load . ………….JOE
  12. I was afraid of what I would find but I went and looked anyway I have gone two times for six days without finding a cache. While I was looking there has only been one month since I started caching that I did not hide one ……..JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  13. I have a Garmin Etrex, Etrex Vista, Garmin V , Garmin 76S, and a Magallin Sport Track Map , I get out of the truck with the 76S. But they are all good units but I use them in different ways except the Sport Track I just gave it away I couldn’t make friends;’…….JOE
  14. I carried mine to a shoe repair shop and they sewed Velcro on to my pack and to my case. They also did my cell phone eye glasses case. Them I had them sew Velcro on my suspenders. I think I could play that game where you take off running and jump up and stick to a wall
  15. The administrator’s are like our parents they will tell us when the time is right as not to spoil the SUPPRIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I paid for my second year way before I needed to, but sense this is the most fun I ever had I didn’t want to screw it up . If I waited for someone to tell me to do something that I already knew I should, then I would be left out. I am in it for life or divorce which ever comes first
  17. I am not confused Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines: Charter Member ,as An original member of a organization
  18. I am a real newbie to the forums I only got 61 post !!!!!! I got to post more or are they going to separate these counts out to. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. I thought this was a smiple and easy question to ask. I was wrong hu Jeremy what are you thoughts on this?!
  20. What I was asking was that with a lot of other group’s , clubs, and organization charter membership is usually for only for a set amount of time after its started . Only the first wave of people get to be charter members. It doesn’t have anything to do with when you pay or how.
  21. Just curious how long will the charter membership be available before it goes to just membership.This may have been brought up before and I missed it I am not new to the game but didn’t know where else to put it
  22. This one just approved today in Nashville, TN Travel Bug Resort http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=57077
  23. They are some really neat graveyards out there I have ten or so caches in graveyards these are places that are unique and interesting and sometimes bizarre, but not quite up to virtual status quo but are very unusual just the same now you can do them tastefully, I have one virtual , and the nine others are micros …….JOE
  24. I used to play a lot of golf, two or three times a week and have not played a round sense I stated geocaching. My old golf buddies ask me all the time why don’t you play any more. I tell them it's really quite simple, I have found something that is a lot more fun……………..Joe I ask if they would like to come along sometimes and try it but the answers is always the same , I afraid that I may like it!!!
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