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  1. I can’t think of a good reason not to it helps everyone . The cachers and the parks…………..JOE
  2. Get Over It, I Did, and still having fun I have notice several threads on this subject of Virtual caches. Around where I am from I am kinda known at the virtual ( 30 of them ) king and I have some of the lamest of them all but they were for a good reason I thought. At first they were declined but later approved after a little explaining because they were done especially for cachers in wheelchairs and kids visiting our local Zoo. With that said let me say that in mid February I had three more declined ( not for the Zoo ) , they referenced me to the guidelines and I began to under stand what they were trying to do. I realized with the help of a local cacher there are really only three kind of caches (1) a puzzle cache where the cache owner wants to see if you can solve it. (2) A unique way of hiding a cache container of some kind and (3) something they want you to see that they think is cool. So instead of just doing another maybe lame virtual cache in the cache description I tell them where they are going and why and if it sounds interesting to them they can go or not. There is a micro hidden at all of these ( Silver Bullet Series ) to find and log, but are near by to what I want them to see. I know I am begging to get flamed here, but I would like you tell me if and am all wet. I have been told that I have wrong before
  3. GREAT JOB Ya ll got it going on in KY its just Toooooooooooooo Cool JOE
  4. Me oh Me Oh Me Oh Me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee JoGPS@aol.com
  5. The time has come for caches in all of Nashville, and Metro Davidson County . There are a 101 parks in the system. They will require a permit to be sent to them and approved before it can be listed on Geocaching.com . THIS IS A GOOD THING I will explain everything at the MTGC club on Sat the 5th and watch our forums at http://www.mtgc.org for more info………JOE
  6. I wish I had known about this a little sonner but we are having a local geocachers club that same time ........ JOE
  7. Nothing, every thing is O.K. it always has been, but it seems like everyone wants to change it. Please,Please leave it as it is ..........JOE
  8. I have no idea how he does it. JOE PS he will be back in town in a few days, he just left St.Louis and I and Southpaw are in K.C.
  9. I hope so ................ JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  10. My signature item is a tube a 4.5 in long by 1.75in across printed on it is the geocaching logo with there email address and mine inside is a trash bag, also on the outside it called a Cache In Trash Out tote. I did get permission to use the logo and you are right they are needed ………………JOE Look at my profile to see them Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  11. He cooks all my stuff (data )for me , to answer your question only when he runs out. Heeeeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………..JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  12. I am running Plucker on my palm with six hundred complete benchmark reports along with 300 cache pages. I have no idea how he does it ( Robert Lipe the geocacher that developed GPSBABEL for cachers ) I think its magic Heeeee Heeee . I just ask him to do it for me and make a promise that a beer truck will pull up to his house and drop a load off. He is out of town caching right now. When he gets back I will ask if he would explain it to me a little better even though I will not understand any of it. But for now its just MAGIC ……………………JOE As far as I know I am the only one he does this for, but if you can drive a beer truck to his house I am sure something can be worked out.Heeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeee Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  13. All of the above, lets just hunt something …………JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  14. Nope we don’t need one we can see all we need to……………..JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  15. JoGPS

    Virtual Multi Cache

    I did this one in Texas and it was very well done with lots of history, I had never been to the area before and it was Toooooooooooooooo Cool . It was done by the Mendei‘s…………… JOE http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=24894 Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  16. From the Benchmark Page: What do I do when I find one? If you have a digital camera, we ask that you take a picture of the mark, and several pictures of the area around the mark. You can even use a compass to mark your photo so people who see the benchmark can view the area from your point of view. Or just log your find for others to read. You do not take them. These markers are public property and are actively used in surveying. I Looked at the pictures for JC0110 and it looks like a find to me, but its your call …………………… JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  17. It’s the choice of the cache owners Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  18. Posted by: Black Dog Trackers A benchmark seen only through a fence doesn't count as a find. The reason for this is that sometimes there are markers set where a benchmark used to be, but it isn't the same one. The only way to tell is to read the disk itself. If you can't see it close enough to read it, you can't count it as a find. Look at this one GC0446 http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.asp?PID=gc0446 the NGS did called it a find and so will I when I go I not making fun of Black Dog Trackers if it how the NGS does it Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  19. I have put out three Members Only Caches as a rule when ever I put more that $85.00 worth of stuff in the box. I want those that find it to be playing the same game that I am ………JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  20. And I thought the main forums were entertaining , I will have to come here more often. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………. JOE Tooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  21. WOW this is a tough crowd, lighten up its just a game, and yes he went in and came out. They were going to take a picture of Oscar in the cache but I would not allow it, this is a 5 difficulty cache and did not want hints on the web, so I let them take a picture of me with Oscar. Look at the bugs page. Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
  22. deleted hit to many buttons [This message was edited by jogps on March 20, 2003 at 12:40 PM.]
  23. I met a great pair of geocachers '96 Olympic-Volunteer & Siggy at Rock and Roll ,Twist and Shout Cache yesterday that were putten the miles on Oscar’s Express travel bug in the cannon ball race and I wish it and them all the luck in the world of getting there first. ……………….. JOE
  24. One mile from the Nashville International Airport TRAVEL BUG RESORT http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=57077
  25. I have not see any problems with the approvers only with cachers, let them do there jobs. When we look at a cache posted to the forums we are not usually ( some are )looking at the big picture that geocaching.com is trying to do to further the sport for everyone ………. JOE Caching for Life or Divorce which ever comes first
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