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  1. I don’t know how many cachers are going to be here but by my count there will be fifty plus Travel Bugs not all are on the page yet………………JOE
  2. I have four out of about 100 caches that I have placed and for whatever reason they seem not to turn in to trash caches. It’s like paying members are more caring about what they trade, they don’t turn into Mctoys either , but I still place regular caches to replay all the non membership cachers that hide but in this area most of the cachers that hide are members ( go figure ). The non members seem to just want to hunt which is OK to. I do plan in the future do hide more MOC for the same reason, its all about other folks playing and caring about the same sport I do. JOE
  3. I went by the Bellevue Greenway and found it about 1:00 Sunday the 8th and all is well, coord are right on. I have not logged it as a find yet will tonight………………JOE
  4. Take a look at this, its only two weeks away, be there or be square. this cache page has been up and running for a whole Heeee Heeee JOE HERE
  5. I like all kinds of caches, and benchmarks. It depends on what I want to hunt that day, they are all fun……….. JOE
  6. AFTER THE MEETING First I would like to thanks everyone that logged here and helped me out with all the caches in parks and other areas. I just got back from the meeting with TPTB with Tennessee State Parks and other areas. I felt like the meeting went well for future geocaching in TN . While this process of setting a new policy for caching , there is currently a moratorium on placing any more new caches of any kind on state property . Existing caches for right now are fine if they were on the list that I gave them. If not they may or may not be archived. Do not get mad at the approver or me we are doing what has been asked of us. If the approver asked more question than normal while placing a cache in TN expect it, and answer all question honestly , and completely . I have discussed the meeting with TG and filled him on all the details that were talked about, and he will also be in contact with them. I left the meeting with a warm and fussy feeling that everything was going to be just fine. This is a good thing. JoGPS
  7. I have looked at the cache, and the web cam but , I hunt alone and think most cachers do. To try to have someone at home do half of my work for me they should also be able to log it as a find. It only makes sense, it took two people. Because I can’t hunt it and if showed up on my next closes cache page I would be Pooooooooo. You are putting a hardship on someone for not having a caching buddy. I would raise cane with somebody for approving one around here like this one. That’s my 2 cents worths ( FLAME ON ) JOE PS I have had more caches archived by approvers than most folks have hidden and I am not brown noseing
  8. All the parks, natural area, and forest can be found here Thanks for ya ll's help JOE
  9. Its JoGPS not Joegps you always do that. GC1C73 "They Might Be Giants / James K. Polk Geocache" Bicentennial Capitol Mall GC9281 "Capitol Relics" by Salvo Bicentennial Capitol Mall GCF62D "Clarksville coin depot" Dunbar Cave Natural Area GCC074 "Ziggy the Deerslayer" Bledsoe Creek State Park GC1114 "Pickwick Dam No. 1" Pickwick Landing State Park If someone from west Tenn. and East Tenn. would like to attend the meeting email me direct at JoGPS@aol.com………….JOE
  10. It’s a cool sport finding these old benchmarks WOW and the history that comes with them in the area where they are at. JOE
  11. To me it does not matter how far away you live, its if you can check on the cache in a week, any longer is not showing respect to the cacher that tried to find it. Its still could be showing on there next closest list. There was one placed two weeks ago here in Nashville by someone out of state and put it in a park that required a permit ( no permission was gotten ) it lasted a week before it was archived This is just my two cents worth, and I have been told that I have been wrong before. JOE
  12. Everything is still there except for everyone mention is dead, but its still in the same family. ( she is 93 years old and is thinking about selling the place several hundred acres. As we were hiking in there was the absents of any old remains of building or anything. Just the building they were using old share croppers house and two old barns. JOE
  13. The description was right on and so was the coordinates that was hard to believe, while we were there messing around we laid our gps’r down on the center stone and it zero out after about five minutes. JOE I have never reported one to the NGS before but I think I will try to do this on
  14. Southpaw and I took the day off geocaching to hunt benchmarks but we wanted to find one a little different and with a more of a challenge. W chose GC2163 HERE because it was placed in 1879 and never been recovered in all that time and we found out why. We started out at 8:am with back packs full of every thing we thought we would need ( shovels, probes, ect. ) for the trek. The hike was about two miles and elevation change of 450 feet. We got back to the truck about five hours later happy and tired but just as satisfied as if we have found a 5/5 cache. The STONE INK JUG FILLED WITH ASHES does anybody why they did this. …..JOE
  15. You have got it Made I have looked at different areas of the US and see that the prefix to the benchmarks numbers are not the same everywhere which is a good thing. I hunt geocaches by the GC# and anywhere this would not be a problem but 90% of all my benchmarks have a prefix of , ( YOU GUESSED IT ) GC#. I never know what I am hunting till I drive up and there is no park Heeeee, Heeeee. Are there any other GC# prefixes out there on benchmarks but here in Tennessee. JOE
  16. Thanks for letting me know, that's what I wanted to hear Woooooo Hooooo. JOE
  17. Can anybody tell me how old the stone monument is GC2451. I was told by the land owner, that he was told its one of the original markers set out between the two states. He said that he has lived there all of his like and he’s 89 years old and his family has owned the land for ever and its always been there.
  18. It Looks like a Toy smells Like a Toy fun to Play with it, must be a TOY and belongs in a caches. JOE
  19. Land managers should be intelligent enough to understand the distinction between a traditional cache (container in park) and a virtual cache (NO container in park). The land manager are intelligent and that’s why permission is so important even on virtuals. All the trails in our natures area are well marked on Stay On The Trail but when a geocacher leaves the trail to find it the same damage is done and a new geo trail is formed just like it was a reg cache. This something I have done on a cache hunt, the coordinates to the cache are 200 feet off trail and there are sign saying do not leave the trail, Your holding that gps’r and thinking well another geocacher placed it here so it must be OK and follow the arrow on in. If you have never done this you are a better person than me. Yep the land managers are plenty intelligent JOE
  20. I think Jeremy can remember this and I did not explain this very well. The first couple of times the park tried to contact the cache owners with no reply and contacted Jeremy and asked that they be archived and they were ,then I was asked to go get them and I did, but not till damage was done to the areas in question. Since them the cache owner was still contacted first by me but I would only wait a week before posting on their page that the cache had to be removed because they either did not ask permission or it was in a bad place. For some reason the cache owners were not real keen on talking to the park about this but they would talk to me and they would usually archive it themselves but would not go and get the cache These are three of several that the park had a problem with, GC45F, GC45E, GC238C . I know I came on a little strong in the above post, but I was just trying to get my point across Just Ask Permission. On the point on virtual cache topic , there are places inside the park that are way off trail that no one is allowed to go without park personal, these are places that you just do not wander into but have to be looking for just the find right place to hide a cache we have all done that me included. At one of there parks, they and only them in the southern US have a tree that is the only one like it of its kind in the south and you are not allowed to go there with out some one from that park. I have given several presentation at park mangers meeting, state convention, and for various park systems on geocaching and how it can bring in more visitors per year without adding any services or personal, and they can add programs around geocaching in there individual parks and nature areas. I have been told many times by my peers in the parks and by fellow cachers that I am doing a good job, but outside of Tennessee it seems I get bashed a lot for it. As far as being the cache police or self appointed cache cop I am far from it, just ask any approver , I have had more caches denied than most cachers have placed. It looks like I have ruffled a lot of feathers here just trying to get my point across Just Ask Permission and if that what it takes for cachers to start working with our keepers of the land so be it. If most of you have been following the forums, every week or so there’s a post that XXXX has pulled caches from there park or nature area and it can usually be traced back to someone just not asking. JOE I hope I am done I hate to type , so flame on or not
  21. Great, just what we need...self appointed cache cops. Actually the park has me do it as part on our agreement for over a year and a half now. If the cache owner had asked permission there would not be a need to ask anyone to take a cache out. Do you always have to be negative about almost everything JOE
  22. How do you take out a Virt? Easy you email one of the approvers and ask, and tell them why you want it archived and they have always done what a park ask them to , especially if it’s the right thing. If the cacher doesn't know where these area's are, that means that no one in the park knows where they are either, so how do you keep people from wandering into these area's on a day to day basis in the first place. You are able to place caches in areas that are OK to go into. In a lot of places its OK to leave the trail and others it not. I guarantee you that every park person in charge of geocaching knows where these areas are. Regardless weather its in a park or some other type of public place it always best to just ask permission JOE
  23. The park system that Cheval is talking about is in Nashville, Tennessee there are 106 parks in the systems containing over 10,237 in acreage. ( That great for a mostly urban area ) The park administrators want to know of every caches location before it is placed, to insure that its not in or where the cacher will have to pass through it to get to the container. Approximately 3,000 acres are in State and Federal protected areas, the average cacher does not know where these are at. I strongly believe that this needs to be done so that My grandchildren will be able to enjoy and visit the vast beauty that all the parks and greenways have to offer. If you feel different, I am sorry, but you will not place a cache in these parks and if you do I have to go take it out . Its not that I like doing it but it has to be done to keep our best foot forward for geocaching in Nashville, and our State Parks Virtual caches are no allowed without a permit either because of the same concerns, people looking and doing the bumblebee dance. Lets say in a wetlands looking for the answer. JOE
  24. I write very little in the logs if anything but my name ( I don’t write well ) I click and paste on the cache page ( I don’t type good ), and I expect no more than that on my own caches. If you want someone to write a essay say so , like you can not hunt this caches unless you write a 1,000 words about how great it was. I am sure there will be cachers lining up to hunt it. There all kind of good folks out there caching but that does mean that they like to write a lot, or know how to express themselves. I just put something in the cache the same thing every time and never take anything out that way I do not have to remember what I did because I do not even like writing notes to myself .And last I do not hide caches for praise I hide them because I like to. JOE
  25. I THOUGHT IT WAS INTERSTING I did this because my daughter goes to school there and I thought it was very strange but not up to virtual status and just put a micro there This One JOE
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