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  1. I don’ have many problems, but only get dressed up to hunt benchmarks, but never geocaching… Every now and then someone will ask and will tell them what I am doing ………. JOE
  2. I was like the fiftieth person to find the one in GA and there was a clear trail thanks guys for clearing the way, but would guess that’s why it came up missing latter on ……. JOE I got an icom na na boo boo Monkeybrad
  3. For every lame micro, somebody had fun hiding it, and some had fun finding it ……….. JOE
  4. You are fine on the cache, its so small it hard for most folks to do, and I live in Nolensville The benchmark is still on the court house, it is covered with plaster, had one of the maintenance people show me where it is but did not want to start chipping away with my little hammer, afraid of going to the poky for the night. But here is one right down your alley and near by: FD0605 And my all time greatest benchmark find GC2163 ............... JOE
  5. 9key said: “I guess I'm wondering why cachers from Nebraska, Georgia, and Louisiana really care.” I am from Tennessee and you can take Texas and stick it wherever you want, how about in one of those Nordic and Baltic Countries forums, yep that sounds good to me ………….. JOE
  6. Wait a minute young fellar that my sister you are talking about there, and if you go to take missie out you’ve best be back by 11:00 and don’t leave her dangling from no tree. If you don’t want to deal with me and her other 14 brothers Ya Hear ………… JOE
  7. Monkeybrad had placed a cache in my honor within a 100 feet of the benchmark and we all spotted it right off beside the gate to the entrance to the village and did check GC.com and the NGS data base for one I had not found nearby but no luck. The benchmark was in a drill hole in the top of a free standing stone monument standing ( probably buried somewhere else ) about 30 inches tall and looked like it had been brought in and set there beside the gate. It look like someone had been using it for a firewood splitting block. I regularly check placement for all caches placed in the Murfreesboro area for the parks dept and talk with them quite regularly and had them do the search for me of old time personnel and records what little there were. It was a real hoot , Monkeybrad had placed the cache without permission, and later I had to explain to the parks dept where the cache was for them to OK the placement. Only in Tennessee ………… JOE Too Cool Cache
  8. I found that one to and after talking to the folks at the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Dept. they let me know it was moved there along with the other old and cool stuff there on display but did not know where it came from, they saw it as something neat and went with the vintage area …………… JOE
  9. Yep, it’s a lifestyle, big time …………… JOE
  10. Tooting Your On Horn, or Patting Yourself On The Back, Whatever You Want To Call It I always thought that when another player did a copycat of one of my caches in another city or state because they thought it was different or cool, and they had never seen one like it was a great complement, then folks starting dedicating caches to me and that was Tooooo Cool. We were at a geo Halloween event a few weeks ago and someone came dressed up like one of my signature CITO totes that was just Wayyyyyy Tooooooo COOL What kind of complements have you had from geocaching just curious, This is suppose to be a fun thread, please keep your flames to yourself, unless you just got to……………. JOE Mr Smiple
  11. Puzzler, you you you brought tears to my eyes………. JOE
  12. As77, I was a paying member before there was any benefits, just to support the site and that everyone should support the site if they look at it. What’s the point of not being a paying member other to whine and complain that they can not use the services, if they are finding caches, reading the forums they are using the site, why not help out………….. JOE
  13. This sooooooo Cool am having thirty bucks worth of fun in this thread alone……… JOE
  14. CoyoteRed said: Question: Do you hunt these "slackers'" caches? If so, and considering you appear to have very little regard for them, why? Did they not contribute to your find count? Sure I do, and have fun doing it. There is no slacker in my caching area that has more non MOC caches than I do so they get to find more of mine than I can of theirs. You state I had little regard for them, Do you just make this stuff up CR as you go along because you have very little regard for this site even though you tried to start your own and it was a flop. Everyone else can see why yours was a flop by the way you try to do the point counter point kind of thing your are famous for and change what others are saying and trying to stack the deck in your side. It ain’t working bud, flop onnnnnnn and sure you will have a catchy reply Back off and take a look at your self the great whiner and slacker, funny but they fit you well. ………………… JOE
  15. As I have said before we hide MOC because we can for a lot of different reasons , not to exclude anyone. Look at this way they are excluding them self’s for being a slacker, we are talking about 30 bucks a year, pennies a day this topic has been beat to death. Nothing has changed…………. JOE
  16. As mentioned above twenty five percent of my caches were MOC, and was told that I was elitist , but what about the other 75 percent. I don’t hide caches to punish any group but reward another group for playing the game the way I do. Having fun………….. JOE
  17. We wish ya'll the best of luck, ........ JOE
  18. Twenty Five percent of my caches are MOC, does that make me elitist, I don’t think so, its merely a different tool that I have, and use it in placing caches. Do MOC cache hunters do better trading, NOPE Do my MOC get stolen or muggied less, YES Will I open them up after a while, NOPE To me it also a reward to those other paying members that play the game the same way I do………… JOE
  19. I think the NGC will also understand this one as well, am not wanting to start a flame war, this is just a game. Someone will have to make the final call and it’s the NGS, not us……….. JOE This ONE FS1149
  20. Cool picture and I think the NGS will understand what type of log this is and at least they showed that it had not been bulldozer down to a flat plain…………. JOE
  21. The GC.com site has standards, if anyone wants to raise the bar start a new thread and ask TPTB to change them and enforce the new ones but right now we have what we have and whether we like them or not they are standards of this site and I am starting to see where Lep and others could be intimidated by this forum, sure we are nice to folks, but gee wizzzz Lets play by this sites standards not someone else’s standards. ( touch football, pro football ) Does anyone else have a web site where this much good has been done for the NSG, I don’t think so, and it looks like we are doing OK has the NGS beat us up or anything about the way we play this game, and on this site its just a game remember that. It someone wants to start a professional site to help out the NGS, that would be way to cool. I personally don’t want any more rules and enforcement, this is a hobby not a job……..JOE Sorry for the rant
  22. Slow this train down a little boys and girls until TPTB change the guidelines for logging a benchmark : How do I log a benchmark? On the benchmark's page, click on "Log this benchmark" at the top right corner of its page to log your find. If you have a digital camera, we ask that you take a picture of the mark, and one or two pictures of the area around the mark. Even if you don't have a digital camera, just log your find for others to read. After you have successfully logged your find, you can click on "[upload images]" to upload your pictures. When uploading images, you can put the station's Designation (name, not PID) as well as its State and location in the "Name:" field - it makes the benchmark gallery more interesting. I have found a few benchmarks and take pictures on most but never of radio towers anymore they all look the same, but never do it all the time, take a picture that is. I have never reported a single one to the NGS or anyone else, does this make my finds ( NO FINDS ) I don’t think so, we do this because its fun and that’s the only reason I do it. I have just finish my first quad for the Map corp. and yes I am reporting that because its there guidelines say to do so. Lets face it we are the red head step child as far as GC.com is concerned and if to many good folks are put off from having fun ( can we say Locationless ) , I don’t even want to think about. So lets all lighten up a little and have some fun……………… JOE
  23. Just like the cache page said: “”This a very different kind of event, it’s a members only event, nothing is meant by it good or bad just different, and wanted to see what happens, somebody had to try it first so why not in Nashville”” In another thread some time ago MOCKBA suggested that the next event I did it should be a Members Only Event and to see what happened, and though why not, and this is the results. More people showed up for this event than any other in the Nashville area except GW2 and have received no complaints from the locals about it, not one. Folks came that had never been to an event in the area, and they had never attended a local club event or GW2 the draw was it was “Different” nobody knew what was going to happen Read the logs from those attending and draw you on conclusion about how it was received. I personally did not show non members how to log the cache page but some can prepared, (it was like a game “ can we crash the event and log it to) it was just plain FUN Will I do another one, probably not, I expected to be sitting there eating and talking to myself about what a “BAD” idea this was, but that’s not what happened ……… JOE
  24. Robespierre said : “”I've been noticing that, since the creation of the restricted OT forum, certain members are rarely seen....and that, in my book, makes us a lesser forum. Mods are more often having to carry the load, since some of the most able cachers are too busy elsewhere.”” Oh man, been looking over at the OT forum and they are having a blast in there you should go look to, oh that’s right you are not a Seriously speaking, I like it better, the regular forums have never been better, and if a moderator can answer a question and with better insight about how things work, well then that’s way tooooo cool, for a lot of the time everyone else is just guessing. The main reason for me reading the forums is to better understand the game and get the right answer ……. JOE
  25. Of course you know what my response is, but it’s already been covered ………… JOE
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