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  1. I have about 75 MOC out of about 150 active caches and dozens of folks , yes dozens tell me they became Premium Members because of my caches, so yes to the OP it will work It kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I hear that, because they are playing the game the way that I do and that’s Tooooooooo Cool …….. JOE
  2. OK OK not looking for a flame war here, "found" to an "attended" really did not make that much difference to me about logging my own events. You bet I log them, worked harder for the log the anyone attending did. Heee Heee. That’s how I play the game if that bothers you ****, and play the game the way you want to ………. JOE removed inappropriate language ~hydee
  3. Last night I did maintenance checks of nine of my caches, two needed new logs and two containers needed to be replaced,. I try to respond to logs on the cache page for help, but that does not work the way it used to with folks not logging for a couple of weeks before returning home from vacation to log problems they found . One thing I have noticed more of is empty caches, I mean bare nothing let in them at all, and everyone doing a TNLN “What happens to the Stuff” oh yea they say cool cache and all that but no ones talks about taking anything out anymore. I guess this is what kinda fuels the micro caches those owners don’t have to worry about trade items any more. I will keep restocking my caches, because they reflect on me as a cache owner, but again do folks not care any more like they used to log taking stuff . Still had a great time, they were easy finds I knew where and how they were hidden Heeee Heee , and no I did not log them as finds just notes. This weekend have two CITO events and one 5K for Southpaw event to attend and plan to do maintenance checks on my caches at a local Army Corp of Eng. Property doing a seven mile hike, they don’t get found that much, and should be OK, but need to check anyway …… JOE
  4. Sometimes it is about the numbers, so what ……………. JOE
  5. Her you go, knock yourself out ………. JOE Lexington Tool Cache http://www.geocky.org/ is the local web site, would be better to ask there
  6. Wish we had a check boxes for cachers by login name that seem to complain all the time about lame cache, that way we would not have to listen to them, and they would not be able to find my lame caches or see the cache pages that I am very proud of ……… JOE There are no lame caches, someone have fun hiding it and someone have fun finding it
  7. Just plain don’t understand the topic starter, you pull up to a park and could see that the cache is a micro, can see how big the park is and how it could have had a regular size cache. But you got out of your vehicle to get that valuable smiley icon, and then complain, why did you not just drive on down the road till you found a cache that was up “YOUR” standards . If you ever come to my area, will hope that you would put all of my caches on your ignore list so you would not be disappointed, cause it looks like to me you got out of your vehicle wanting to pick a fight. It you don‘t like the area, the cache, the cache hider, “DRIVE ON “ There are no lame caches, somebody had fun hiding it, and someone had fun finding it ……….. JOE
  8. Old Stone Bridge While the train of thought is on location, and not wanting to be there, this cache is a good example I think, Wal-Mart is cool if you want to shop while caching, like batteries, or shoes A cool old bridge is Bad if there is a dead dog and a live snake Again if you don’t like the surrounding drive on, and BTW he was going to poke the dog to see if it was alive also…… JOE
  9. Walk Into the LIGHT I have one night cache, and if you are good enough to find it in the day time, that’s cool, will not delete you, and don‘t see why anyone would…….. JOE
  10. Watch these threads about so called lame caches, and locations all the time, and the only thing that never changes is the folks that suck, trying to force their opinions on everyone else, and yes that is what “you” are doing by beating a dead horse, ( this time a snake ) to death There are “NO” lame caches Someone have fun hiding it Someone had fun finding it If its in a location that you don’t want to be, and don’t need to buy any shoes drive on, its that simple, stop trying to suck the fun out of the game for someone else One of the highlights from caching with my “BUDDY” from the deep south was when after finding the cache not three from this snake, those famous words were spoken “ Buba hold my beer and Watch this “ with that he poked the snake and it was very much alive. I am just ducky, swimming around out here in the big pond of life having a blast, finding all types of caches and enjoying the company of good friends to the fullest, try it, it’s a lot more fun than complaining about something you will never have control over ……………… JOE
  11. mtn-man, I think you should do a little more investigating into the Wal-Mart micros are lame situation, why don’t you jump into your geo-mobile and take the five hour drive to Nashville, meet me at 7:00 in the morning and we will do an in depth study of wally world micros , that is of course if you have nothing better to do , shoot we could even eat breakfast at wally world before starting…………. JOE
  12. Can I drive ya’ll to the wally world, have done it before ……. JOE
  13. Details for Benchmark: GC2163 Just about anyone can find a box in the da woods covered up with sticks that has been hidden for a year or so, but to find a benchmark that no one has seen for 125 years now that’s a find. …….. JOE
  14. Does this mean all sock puppets are not banned, shame, thought I had found a real person to help with the battle on quality virtuals, but not today, another no name, one cache find and they are know it all’s about geocaching, just what the crusade needed, yea right …………. JOE
  15. Lawcomic, I just have to ask, seeing that you are a defender of Virtual caches like myself, but you have never found one, how is that …………… JOE
  16. Don’t be silly, of course I did not dig it up Heee Heee ……… JOE
  17. GC2163 Kinda , filled with ashes ........... JOE
  18. Being from Tennessee and a warmer climate, have never seen anything like it. That makes it a WOW for me and what guidelines were broken, looks like one log may need to be deleted for not posting a picture ……….. JOE
  19. Was here everyday just lurking as usual, only wanted to post once and bit my finger to keep from it. Overall calmness of the forums in general was a good thing for the most part, and we should do this more often and see what others views are without the know it alls, but a few remained, that was OK to I guess, but how did anyone not know about the week off unless they were posting and not reading. Pleasantly surprised that sbell111 stepped up to plate and helped a lot with questions asked and they were very informative and humorist post. Way to go dude Also noticed “Pocket Queries” were mentioned a lot , Heee Heee ………….. JOE
  20. Today's Cacher “biased”, NOPE don’t think so it’s one of the great milestones in this sport Please keep on keeping on just like you and your support staff have been doing ……. JOE
  21. “Micro” Reputation Reparation Discussion .............. JOE
  22. I am on dial up, and it takes for ever to load pages with pictures, thanks ArtMan ………. JOE
  23. I know your Mother will be happy she told me so, good luck kid. First you should buy buttons for your GPSr heee heee……… JOE
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