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  1. I've read nothing but good things about the 60CS and it was a deciding factor in my purchase. As an owner of a Garmin IQUE 3600 my friend introduced me to this sport and I got hooked. I then purchased my 60cs because it was more rugged and much cheaper then the Que for hiking in the woods not to mention I could quickly adapt the City Map Select Software to it. In the 2 months I've used it - I can say I'm a little disappointed. Though it had a higher rating for better reception in the woods then my Que, it looses reception 6-8 times more frequently under the same foliage coverage. That doesn't say much for its quad Helix antenna. In addition, when in WAAS mode, I have never received a "D" on any of the Graph Bars of the 60cs even to this day when my Que could have 3-4 of them displaying under similar conditions. Which brings me to my next point - accuracy. Repeatively, the Que appears to be far superior even when it has 1-3 less satellites locked on as opposed to the 60cs. I have learned to power up the 60cs and allow it to sit perfectly still for a good 5 mins. before moving though I am impatient waiting and that seems to have helped a little. My Que can be powered on the fly and be true. I am currently, testing the accuracy of the 60cs by taping the outline of a box on my deck and placing the unit within the outline and letting it sit for up to an hour at a time. After logging it's position, it has only gotten as close to 14-22ft with a 16ft +/- acc. Move it away by just 4 ft and it can read up to 35+ ft away. Just recently, I've noticed that the display is reading "Hold Level" constantly and "North" is deviating to the West for no reason. It could be just sitting flat on the deck and the problem could occur. For the record I am using the 3.5 update and my almanac time is within 2 seconds of Eastern Std time for my location. I realize no 2 units will read the same and that I am comparing apples to oranges between the 60cs and the Que but I was hoping it to be a little more accurate and dependable. I'm still using the Que for kills on hard to find caches. So my questions are as follows: Other then constantly recalibrating or sending to Garmin; any thoughts on the accuracy issues?(Compass or distance to) Any explaination of why I have never received "D"s in WAAS mode? and what does the "Bearing" option on the "Go to Line" of the Map Setup Tracks Menu do? - Not to compare again, but my Que has a "Heading line" which is extremely helpful when off road because you can orientate your "Triangle" directly to the cache without projecting an imaginary line on the "Map" screen. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of things that I like about this unit (which I won't get into - like mounting to my motorcycle, battery life, etc.) but I just thought it would be more a cache magnet. I was hoping to walk into the woods & cling, cling , cling - caches would just start sticking to me. For, what the unit is I am content. Oh yeah, last but not least - one more stupid question. I have to admit, I did drop this unit "once" in the woods - Could that have damaged the unit possibly? Rather long for a 1st post but - Thanks
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