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  1. Just got a reply button isn't working....what is going on today?! PQ did come thru, so whatever it was is fixed.
  2. For some reason it generates a list (500 new) and tells me it is sending to my email but it never shows in my box. It is under my pq list as "never". What is going on???
  3. ugh! it isn't working! Even when I put the pq onto the garmin it is in the form of a GSAK file and when I click on it to unzip, it loads GSAK which of course begins the count to 600.
  4. I have been caching with a Garmin Colorado 300. The only think I HATE is GSAK. I can't bring myself to pay to get rid of the nag screen so I have to wait for it to count down from 600 each click. It takes forever!! Is there a way to load my pq directly to the Colorado?? And as long as I have your attention....how do I delete geocaches from the Colorado??? I thought that I would figure this out by now, but I must be missing something Thank you so much!!!
  5. It has been awhile since we have cached, but I have never had this happen. When I click on the map, it no longer shows any caches. what have I done to turn this off? I have signed out and come back in, whatever I did, it stuck.
  6. Wish I could help. Wish I had a droid. Try poking around in the Tech forum. they talk about droid apps all the time. Good luck!
  7. Yes, I think this is what we do. If I have caches on there already (from a previous pq) then when I send it to the garmin, it only loads the new info right? We use GSAK, but we are not confortable using poking around much inside GSAK. We learned how to use it per Geosnippits and have left all the settings alone. How do I check if it is full. Please keep in mind that it has taken me months to get really comfortable using it....
  8. I have a Garmin Colorado and we love it. We keep loading coords into it and everytime I expect a message to say, "nope...not gonna do that...I am full". So, before we are all set to go out, will it get full? and then what do I do?
  9. I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I have found myself in similar situations with my job, and I am 6'2 245. Sheer numbers of people like you describe overcome my size real quick. My response to Opalblade was not meant to be chauvinistic. I was just pointing out public perception. What you describe fits in perfectly!! Funny thing about Boxers, when they are full grown they have that "intimidating" look. Having had one in the past they are probably the most gentle, loyal, sweetest disposition dogs I have ever owned. Of course both times I made a u-turn and hiked out asap. With kids, a boxer has solved our problem and is still gentle enough to be the family dog. We did tons of research first and took him to doggie school. Now he is a cashmaniac. Can't wait for good weather to do more than just a couple at a time. He has a pack that he just grew into...gonna get some patches and be really nerdy. For now he keeps me company and at 57 pounds at just 8 months, people actually cross the street to avoid my less than 5ft self trying to control him. Makes me laugh...he just wants to play...but they don't know...
  10. Chrysalides No worries...just didn't get that it might be kinda creepy... you came across pretty funny...but it did make me think.
  11. wasn't trying to be creepy. Just trying to see how others in my area do...guess that is what the stats are for.
  12. I sent an email to the site...they wouldn't accept my name cause of the #. All is fixed, I went through the whole process and guess what? I have stats!! Please check them out! I am so proud.... How many hours did I spend doing this instead of caching? Good grief! But the learning curve is so steep right now. Thanks for all your help. I think I have asked more questions than found caches...that will change this weekend. Gonna get up early....
  13. I would love to see some of the smileys via the map pages of local cachers. If I find a local cacher under members, how do I see their smilies?
  14. ok, I went to mygeocachingprofile I found an old post in the forums (sorry I didn't check before posting) and did what it said. I got the PQ. I saved it to my desktop. I click/drag it to the website. I got a bunch of code. I copied it into my profile and all I have are red x's. I think it has something to do with unzipping it. I cannot let WINZIP open it cause then GSAK can't read it. So for regular PQ's I just drag it into GSAK. Please help me....Did our 50th find the other day...was a big deal to us...I just want to see the dumb graph.
  15. I am new also, I haven't hid a cache yet. Good for you! I do know that you can change the notifications from emails to phone. If you have an itouch or blackberry, I assume you can get the notification and head straight for it. I have also heard of some people going out at night to be first to find. I am sure someone will add the details, but if you are like me, you are dying to know right away. Good luck with your caches.
  16. 3isamagic#


    I recently checked an active member in my area to see how many finds he has and was impressed at the stats on his profile page. How do I find out my stats?
  17. Our contract will be up in June and we are thinking about an upgrade that we can cache on. I can't find anything about caching on phones other than iphone. How about some verison phones? I would like to have a phone this summer that could alert me to new caches and then lead me to them...is that a dream or can I really do it? Must be a verison phone...only one that works where my husband works.
  18. I did a couple of caches alone last year and ended up in two seperate homeless camps. Nothing like carrying hundreds of dollars of electronic equipment (gps, cell phone, etc) through a group of deperate looking strangers that obviously wanted to stay hidden. I kept thinking all the time about how far I had wandered off the path and if my husband knew I went caching. Wish the CO wold have made a note about it so I wouldn't have gone alone. You men may look creepy around playgrounds, but us women have it rough out alone. Scared me bad enough to get a boxer pup and now he is grown enough to go out with me. He at least takes the giant target off me.
  19. it worked! Thanks so much!
  20. There is nothing there....but it is in my profile...going to read the directions again...grrr.
  21. Did it work? Should be a picture of my caching buddy as a pup....
  22. 3isamagic#


    I don't even know what to call it...you know... the image or symbol of you when you post something...mine is signal the frog. It says "no image" and when I try to edit my profile, I don't see an option for this. Please help me not be so boring!
  23. I have stumbled into two homeless camps and thought to myself "I bet no one knows where I am...I barely know where I am. I wonder how long before my husband notices I didn't come home..." After several months of research, we got a boxer. He now goes to every cache...he has his own pack and sometimes roots around looking (although he has no idea why). We took him to doggie school so he walks well on the leash and can sit and wait when needed. He is a blast to have along.
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