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  1. I have been hearing a lot about gadget caches but I haven't found any. Is there a way to search for them?
  2. Where are all the discussions about the block party? I am going for the first time this year and I can't wait!!!
  3. Last year we headed out to place our very first cache. While hiking through the forest I tried to step over a log about waist high. As I threw the first leg over, my whole body pivoted...except for my knee...it tore. We were about a mile into the forest and it was a pretty painful hike out. Went straight to Urgency Care....they kept asking how I hurt it. I would start with, "have you ever heard of geocaching?" After several blank looks I just stuck with "I was hiking" Evidently my type of injury usually happens to football or soccer players. I am short and overweight...obviously not an athlete. The joke of the day from me,,,,"Geocaching-it's how fat people get sports injuries in the woods" Side note: While in the Urgency Care, I found a news story that two bears were seen in the area and that hiking was not advised. Yikes!
  4. So sorry! Original poster couldn't find post again....but I am back. Thanks so much for your posts. I don't know about elevation gain. We are at sea level here and I am a little worried about how hard it will be to breathe in high elevation. Comfortable with about 10 miles or less in a day. I think we have the quality caches covered...those are easy to search with favs....looking for quantity on this day. Been watching the flood news....glad to see the roads are open again....
  5. We will be traveling to Canmore at the end of July and all of us love geocaching. We will be there for a week and plan to see the main tourist kind of stuff. We want to set aside a few days at least devoted to geocaching. The problem is choosing the trail. There seem to be about a billion options. We are looking for day hikes, no scrambles, well marked trail, good for beginners/tourists with teens. We will have a car and are willing to drive to hike a good trail. Any advice??? I see there are some on the CT Trail...but I can't find any info on what that is and how difficult/long it is. Thank you!
  6. nobody uses the map to the cache??!?? I have always mapped.....hmmm
  7. I just got a new gps (explorist 510) and had a horrible time figuring out all the quirks, but finally it is working like I want it to. I have watched just about every youtube video there is on how to use a gps to geocache and most of it I knew. The one thing that surprised me is that some people use the map screen to navigate to the cache and some people use the compass. What do you use and why?
  8. just in case anyone else has the same issues with their explorists, I was able to fix it! The main map was set to South Africa (?) and when we reset it, the accuracy is now reasonable. What I mean is when it says about 20 ft away from the cache...it might be 22 or 5. But it isn't 45ft. Thanks for all your advice. Happy caching
  9. Does the Oregon 550T have turn by turn or do I need to purchase a street program?
  10. So, should I sell it and get an etrex??? I really like having two units. I am looking in the 200 dollar range (new or used) and just want the accuracy. Those of you that are die hard Garmin users, what do you use? Why do you like it?
  11. I am not talking about the normal variance....tree cover, buildings, etc. I am talking constantly 20 feet different. For example, we pull up to a cache and the Garmin says 134 ft and the explorist says 160. As we get near the gz, whoever has the Garmin gets to 10/15 ft and yells "got it" while the explorist says we are still 30 ft away. I don't even have a chance to look bc in my mind we aren't at the stop and look point yet. Next cache same thing...maybe worse. Ugh!!
  12. I have found over 400 caches. Most of them I have done with a Colorado 300 (which I love) but it doesn't talk to the Russian sats so I was under the impression that I would have more accuracy with an Explorist 510. So for my birthday, my family gave me a 510 and I am finding it to be off AT EACH CACHE by AT LEAST 20 feet!!! I called Magellan and they said this is normal. 20 feet makes a huge difference! I called Magellan to see if maybe I haven't calibrated it, but it is auto calibrate. We went out to 13 caches today. Colorado leads us straight to it....Magellan goes 20 feet or more past, or to the left, or to the right or .... Please help!!! I feel like my family just paid a bunch of money for a dud!!
  13. Don't give up! I just found my 400th cache and did it with a new Magellan Explorist 510. I had a terrible time getting it all set up (three or four calls to Magellan, multiple posts here in the forum, fb cries for help to friends) But it is sooooo worth it!! I wish I was an expert so I could help you with this...I am sure the experts will chime in soon to help. In the meantime, check out youtube and magellaninsiders.com you can also private message me and I will try to help in any way possible....but I am pretty new at the whole Explorist thing. I used a Garmin for my first 380 caches. Hang in there!! So worth it! And yes, your 7 year old will love it!
  14. I just got an explorist 510 and I am really excited to use vantage point to plan my geocaching. Vantage point seems to only have two options 1 basic background (freeways but not enough detail to see streets) and 2 Digital Globe (so much detail I can't even see the caches) Is there a way to get a map like the geocaching map without paying for a new map?
  15. If you post this question here http://www.magellani...s.com/index.php you'll get an expert reply. Perhaps expand on what you mean by it isn't working. I use the smart arrow on my 710 but others I know use the compass. Personal preferences only. Thank you so much!!! I really need this!!
  16. I just got a new Explorist 510 and I think I have just about everything figured out except what info is best for the dashboard. As I get to the cache....do I follow the blue arrow? Or the compass? Seems like a no brainer, but somehow this isn't working...
  17. If you are really worried, you could put something in the name of the cache like "Future Road" or "Don't believe everything your gps tells you" or you could do a series of "Better read the description first number 1"
  18. You might be a geocacher if your injury stories (told to e.r. staff, friends, family, facebook) all end with, "and of course I found the cache"
  19. have you tried craigslist, amazon, and ebay??
  20. how do I do this? Open the cache page for one of the caches in the area you're visiting. Click the Geocaching.com map link under the Online Maps section. When the map opens drag it around, zoom in/out until you can see the area you're going to visit at the biggest zoom level where it will all fit. You should see something like this: then print using which ever method you prefer. so for this I would probably park in Kings Somborne (top left) and walk round the circular route. geocaching.com doesn't show me any trails....but I am in a city (with trails) but they don't show. What am I missing?
  21. Here's a screen shot of the OpenCycle map of an area in which I might be geocaching in the beginning of May. It doesn't look like my geocache planning will be very difficult. huh?? how do you know what is a trail and what is a road???
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