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  1. Hi Ted cant really go wrong with an Etrex H .. It will work anywere and exceptional receiver and rugged and excellent battery life.
  2. Thats a shame that the cache has been removed... Some of our more memorable cache finds have been these "dummy" type of containers,or a similar theme. It is just the usual case of can't please everyone I guess. Always great to see someones level of creativity displayed,cool! and as for keeping everyone happy, bugger that! Its not possible..The disgruntled could always leave a PM for the CO of the offensive cache or start a forum of their own and attract similar like minded cachers.
  3. SCNZ At least you have had the satisfaction of breaking into the minds of the couple of Kiwis who have (outside the Waikato), managed to stump us with their easter egg challenge. Have not quite got eggsactly anything close to the yolk of that one... See..we all have our different AHA moments... Wings over Whatawhata..well once you earn your wings you need to keep them as they are significant. Then you will find they will be use full for approaching the landing zone once the celebrities have revealed their achievements that are relevant.
  4. Fortunately we are not the owners of any of the puzzles listed above that you are offering to GIVE the answers away to or I would have far more to say to you. As it is, I will suggest that those interested in your posting add the abovementioned puzzles to their watchlists and note which geocachers are prepared to take you up on such offers - for interest sake, because it’s just a game, of course! It is one thing to give hints, quite another to give away solutions. Is the next thing you are planning to suggest that you nominate someone, to do the long walks and sign the logbooks for everyone, who can’t be bothered, so you can all claim them? It's a shame that an interesting idea for an Event cache (although exclusively for locals due to being set on a weekday) has come to this! As the Event cache owner we do not condone that the solns be given away in any form and none were during our forum as far as I can tell. Its up to individuals as to what they do between themselves though of course. During the event as far as I could tell Crikey started off as a usefull forum and now appears to be solution offers under the table.. We were just up at Summit Fever but didnt offer to sign the book for others as a solution... Was on the to do list and just got on with it...... enough said
  5. Not just in the Waikato but Great idea!! * subscribed and lurking, lol I like the challenge of learning something new or in many cases it is just learning to look at something in a new way/ diff angle/how someone else sees things. I would like to get the hints rolling by asking a question... but am wondering 1st how much do the cache-owners want revealed here? or is this a communal free-for-all *Wings over Whatawhata* yep, stumped.don't understand what to do. but am wondering if the easy obvious number is an intentional red herring or does that set one down the right track? We actually have taken to love learning something new/and or seeing a different perspective on puzzles. We are no means genius's and started out knowing very little and learning a lot. If I saw one of our caches being picked apart and analyzed here we would actually not mind. There are many ways to solve puzzles and sharing ideas can often lead to new leads and ideas. What would be disturbing would be just the sharing of solved coordinates for a final. Having a forum such as this which can keep to the theme,and not turn into a puzzle owner bash/debate would be great and would be happy to subscribe to the intended theme.
  6. [/color] I think this forum will be a good idea as we have about 20 unclaimed puzzle caches in the waikato area ourselves. Of which 6 we have unsolved and are really stuck on some of parts of the puzzles. Although we are too fussed about solving them any time soon,we figure with time and patience the 'aha' moment will come and will claim the prize. So will watch this listing just in case we see anything pop up that will help us towards our unsolved puzzles. Not interested in coordinates or answers,just a conversation can sometimes be the nudge reward required. Might just find that nudge on here.
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