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  1. how did you or how do you get screen shots of your screen like that?
  2. yup. what he said. i have a legend HCx and micro sd card. once you have the maps loaded and/or installed on your pc (like topo or ibycus) you just put your microsd card in your GPS and upload them using mapsource. i have a 2GB micro card and i load on a few maps onto the card using Mapsource, higlight a few maps and areas and then select upload to GPS. bingo, they are all there. but remember to do them all at the same time, otherwise it only uploads the 1 map and overrided the sd card. and if you forget to put one on or what to add addtional maps to your card, you have to select all the maps you want all over again, so it's a good idea to "save" in mapsource, so you have your favorite maps there in case you want to readd them to your card.
  3. it hasn't been a panning issue, by panning you mean me moving the joystick around to pan the map? it shows the GEOCACHE off the map, with a line (the route i should take, a direct line) to the cache, but it's off the screen and it doesn't move when i am actually getting closer. so it shows me on the map to be across a street or railroad track etc, when i'm actually right on top of it. if i power down the unit then power it up and reselect the cache, it then works. just tried it out in the back yard, worked fine. i'll give it another couple tries out in the field and see. perhaps it was because i was always close to water or something (if that matters). if it keeps doing it, i'll exchange it.
  4. i've noticed lately (since doing my last master reset) that my map freezes up sometimes, even though the distance shows it as being closer. so if i view my map, it shows the Geocache to be be off the screen say 30M away, but if i navigate to the next screen that shows the direction, distance, speed etc, it shows it as say 2m away or right on top of it. i wait and wait, and it still shows it on the map to be of the screen when i zoom in, whereas it should show it in the middle of the screen with me right on top of it. is this a setting that i forgot to change back, a glitch or a defect? i reverted back to firmware 2.60, as discussed on this site to be quite reliable and accurate. anyone know or have this problem.
  5. i print it out with greasmonkey app and it works great.
  6. what about: xImage software version 2.3 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=545 i just uploaded a resized EARTHCACHE icon, which my legend HCx did not have, it worked great. there are NO garmin instructions for using it, but they can be found here: http://freegeographytools.com/2008/creatin...min-gps-units-i basically it just: Whatever editing you do to the icon, in order for it to be uploaded back to the GPS unit it has to be in the following format: * 16 x 16 in pixel dimensions * BMP file, 256-color (8-bit, not the usual 24-bit; indexed color, not grayscale) * 96 dpi * Saved under the original downloaded name (”Waypoint Symbol 000.bmp” in this case) or 001, 002, 003 etc
  7. my legend HCx works indoors and out. i can see the caches from anywhere, granted this is a home not a concrete apartment or similar structure.
  8. I know that seems like a good idea, but it's only because you have a very specific set of circumstances. All the waypoints are extending out in one direction from your home location. In most real-life situations, waypoints are going to be a scattershot, with your home location anywhere within them. In that situation, sorting by distance stops being useful pretty quickly. You may have two caches listed 40 miles away, listed next to each other, but they're actually 80 miles apart. Listing time together has no real meaning, as there's no real geographical relationship between them. true, very true. that makes sense.
  9. yeah, i like sorting by CLOSEST TO ME, but i just wish it showed all of them. anyway, they are all there and i'm just glad it wasn't a hardware/software issue.
  10. your're telling me. i was ready to huck the thing out the window. anyway, glad they are all there, but too bad you can't sore them by distance, only by name. but they all show up on the map in order, so that's good. thanks again. mods feel free to lock this thread. PDOP's" has been very helpful.
  11. well feel like a total KNOB. they are all there . i just wasted an hour and a 1/2 resetting, loading & reloading, deleting, googling etc only to have it be a simple setting like that. anyway, i got them all loaded up and hopefully i have time in the next few days to get some of those far away ones on our road trip out to the lake and back. again, thank you very much for your help.
  12. loading up a new tour, gonna give it a try... will post results in a minute or 2
  13. i'm leaving tomorrow for a trip and wanted to load a GC tour with Greasemonkey extension, but it doesn't load all the cahces. so i tried loading them individually, but i can't load them. ie). i try to send GC11XK0 to my GPS and it doesn't show up in the GEOCACHE section, but it shows up on the map, but i can't click on it to see the details etc. please HELP. i need to load up my GPS. never had this problem before. i tried a master reset, but it still happens.
  14. i would ask why a simple map program like TOPO maps cost so much?
  15. that SUCKS. i would find that extremetly annoying.
  16. if people want to see if people are home or not, can't they just look them up in the phone book, get their address and call as well? anyway, i'll change it to my cell number and email to be safe.
  17. i've been using a LEGEND HCx for a few months now, about 60finds. works well, easy to use. i think it comes in around that price, depending on sales etc.
  18. i have my HOME set as a waypoint, with my name phone number, address etc. hopefully i never loose it. i do like your idea of a SPLASH SCREEN, i'll have to see if mine can do that (Legend HCx).
  19. i guess the only thing you could do is, print a google map with as much detail as possible, read the hints and logs etc. don't know how well it's going to work, but you could try. i would just save my money for printing all the stuff and the time and buy a used and/or new cheap GPS from target or walmart.
  20. i use both KINGSTON and SANDISK. but i prefer KINGSTON as i believe they have a better warrant. some cards are faster then others too, check the read/write speeds etc.
  21. cap guns are ok, we leave water squirters, pirate eye patches, pirate themed stuff (4yold loves pirates). if you think it's inappropriate, just don't let the kids take it and/or grab it before they see it and put it back when you are done logging in.
  22. create a waypoint by holding down the rocker/joystick button. then edit the coordinates using the same joystick/rocker button.
  23. as for the POI issue, i don't knnow NUVI's at all, but for my units, i need to have those maps loaded in ie) USA and or STATE you are in.
  24. i have an Etrex Legend HCx. yesterday while driving thru the open country, i had it on the dash (same as if i was walking around in an open field out there) the accuracy was reading generally around 10' all the time, once or twice it would drop to 9', but i've never seen it go under that. when i got out to grab a few caches in the bush, it was around 10-12', which i found pretty good. when i have it set to metric (i'm in canada), the best i've seen it is 3m ( 3 meters = 9.84251969 feet) @ StarBrand.... by decimal minutes for the coordinates format, do you mean: hddd°mm.mmm' also, where do i find BATTERY SAVE MODE on the legend HCx, i've looked around and don't see a setting for it. thanks in advance.
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