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  1. just tried again, and when i power off and back on it worked. i guess after i moved and hit enter, i was not hitting QUIT. i assumed after i moved it and hit enter, that was the end, but i guess QUIT is the final button to hit. thanks for the info.
  2. when you "CHANGE ITEM ORDER" on the menus, it does not save it the next time you power it off/on. i keep doing the following: Setup>System>MENU BUTTON>Change Item Order>select Geocaches>Move>place it just under SYSTEM and hit ENTER again. it stays there until i power it off, then it goes back to it's original spot. anyone else notice this or any other bugs?
  3. thanks, i have no idea what the tide table are or how to use them, but when i do the above (as i described), it says "NO RESULTS FOUND" "TRY ADJUSTING SEARCH PARAMATERS"
  4. i'm no where near water right now, so i don't get any results and can't verify it works. but hit the FIND button, scroll to the bottom (or hit OUT a few times to get to the last few icons) and TIDES are in there.
  5. Only if you have the 24K ones. The TOPO US (100K) doesn't. Personally I bought a CN SD card some time ago for my Oregon and that works great. i'm using TOPO CANADA and it works when i geocache (turn by turn that is). not VOICE, but prompts and beeps setup the NAVIGATION METHOD in SETUP>MAP>GUIDANCE TEXT>WHEN NAVIGATING is how mine is set up, then it asks me each time how i want to get there "off road" "on road for time" or "on road for distance" as you can see, i don't have 24k's installed, just topo canada and TURN BY TURN does work. http://img638.imageshack.us/g/28578987.png/
  6. i like the FILTERs you can set and save. i have about 1000 caches loaded, but wen i take the kids, i don't want to do MICRO's or MULTI's, so i set up a filter called "No micros or multi" and when i'm with them, i just run it and it only shows the other ones.
  7. if you have TOPO installed, it does TURN by TURN. i've been using it in my 62s for the past few days since i got it. i use TURN BY TURN until i get to the cache parking area, then re navigate OFF ROAD
  8. when is geocaching.com going to add the 62 series to the device list, so we can show which GPSr we are using? it's still not on there.
  9. with a premium membership, you can send .gpx files to it. includes cache #, name, description, size, difficulty, hint, logs. i used mine for the 1st time today, works great. it's my first paperless GPS. i like it so far. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/alt-image.do?pI...ageScreen4Large i use the premium membership to create a pocket query, then open and send it to my GPS with EASYGPS. i loaded up 1000 caches yesterday and they all have hints, desc, logs, size, etc. very nice. now i can drive around town with it even when i'm not caching and if i have time, i can jump over to grab a few.
  10. Where did you get the idea you can't do this on a 60? Whether or not the map data is combined on the screen is a function of how the map data is designed (whether or not it allows other maps to "show through"). It's not a function of the unit. got mine today, and you can combine maps. what i found interesting is, i have the 62S and loaded up some topo maps on an 8GB card. took out the card, and my maps are still available.
  11. ordered mine (gpscentral.ca) for pickup. hope it comes soon. no online reviews for this unit yet? someone out there must have field tested one by now?
  12. woohoo, they've arrived. canada ETA for arrival on units is July 21st. i'm trying to get a PM (pricematch) for on the 62S for $420cdn (ontario price) with gpscentral.ca or gpscity.ca, if they honor it, i'll jump on one of these, but i don't think they will. they factor in shipping and pst of all things. yes, AB does not have PST, but that should have absolutely no bearing on what prices are set at, it's tax, it's not like anyone is getting any more or less because of tax, it all goes to the gov't.
  13. if they work with the legend hcx, they will work with the 62s. they are all garmin compatible, so there should be no problem. i was also looking at the orgeon 450, when it was around $309cdn, but decided against the touch screen. i'm also holding out for the 62s, don't know if i'll wait till prices come down a bit and people have tested them, or if i'll just buy right off the bat. i'll probably wait a month or two and see what others have to say, but i'm guessing it's going to be nice. same format at the 60csx but with a bunch of added featured, the big one being PAPERLESS. can't wait.
  14. so will the 62 have enough (2GB) internal memory for future maps, or is everyone in here waiting for the 62s to come down in price?
  15. GPScentral and GPScity both have the the 62series on their main screen, but they will run you $360-460 for non sd and sd compatible models remember, google is your friend
  16. perhaps different chipsets. one is most likely MEDIATEK (new one) and the older ones (some say are bettery) is most likely a SiRF star III. you can check by the software screen on your GPS's
  17. for $228cdn, Walmart is selling the GPSMAP 60Cx. you got 30days to try with walmart. D/L some free topo maps from Ibycus (or arrange someone to do it for you if you aren't familiar with torrents) and away you go. it's a little over your budget, but it's a great GPS and the maps are legally free to use.
  18. for anyone in canada. gpscentral.ca has it for $354 right now, free ground shipping (EMAIL$10) and $50US mail in rebate. brand new with warranty, no shipping and 1 tax.
  19. +1. i think it's worth a try. sounds interesting to say the least. i know my kids would absolutely love it.
  20. i used to think that way too. but load up 10-12 micros on an afternoon, jump in the car or on your bike and head out. you'd be surprised after doing a few in a row, how easy they are to spot after that. once you become familiar with magnetic, bolt types etc, they get easier.
  21. just out of curisoity, why would anyone gift you a membership on a forum. perhaps a boyfriend/girlfriends/spouse/parent etc. but really? it's $30 for a year, you can't spare that. or if you have a garmin, register it, plug it in and you get 30day free upgrade.
  22. except the 62 series is not the lowest price in comparison to others
  23. instead of selecting "FIND NEXT", just hit the "FIND" button on the GPS and select GEOCACHE, then pick which one you want. when you hit "FIND NEXT" it finds the next closest one to your current location, but that might not always be the one you want to do if you are heading down 1 side of the road, then back up the other. does that answer it for you? i think that's what you were looking for.
  24. i'm thinking it's not an isolated problem and is most likely on all HCx's, but most people don't realize because they rely mainly on the DATA screen. i went out today and went to about 5 caches, most were fine. but i had to restart it once. i left it frozen on one, then drove away, and it unfroze as we backed out of the parking lot, no problems just kept on navigating. perhaps it just takes a while for it to recalibrate after coming down from a speed velocity. i've also done some geobiking latetely, stopped in on at least 10 one day, didn't have to reset it once. i know a lot of cachers just use the DATA SCREEN when close, so perhaps it's being missed or perhaps it takes a few minutes to recalibrate after arriving from a fast speed. who knows. i did a hard reset and it's working better.
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