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  1. same here. garmin actually describes the 62series as "GPSMAP® 62 Top-of-the-line, rugged handhelds."
  2. my latest response from garmin after i got a 3rd defective (non defective according to garmin) Dear Bruce, We are not currently setting up any exchanges for units making a squeaking sound. The unit is still fully functional as a GPS unit and will perform all advertised functions. With Best Regards, Rowdy R Product Support Specialist so, it'll go back to the retailer. shame though, it's a nice unit otherwise.
  3. double post, but it's not a squeak that is only noticed when looking for it, just handling the unit and turning it on and off produces it. if i knew for a fact that it would not develop into something more serious like a cracked case or loose parts, i'd probably live with it. but they way i see it is, it's based on the 60 series and that one is built like a brick, so why not product the same casing on the 62 series, why cheap out on parts or production. i've learnt me lesson this time and won't do it again, but i was without a GPS and needed one, so grabbed the 62s on pre-order, before all the problems and software issues had been tested. i guess i was hoping for a 60 like unit, but with paperless functions, which it is, but it's just not built the same. again, sorry for my ranting, hopefully it's the last you will here from me on the 62. i'm now looking again at the OREGON 450, too bad i missed out on the $50 rebate.
  4. old thread, but i'm in the market again and googled the "vs units" and came back to here. i have the 62s, but don't care for the build quality so am now looking at the oregon 450. i guess i should have jumped on it when they had the $50credit a while back, i debated, but held out for the squeaky 62s, and am now regretting it. hopefully they have another rebate or price drop on the oregons, this time i won't hesitate. great thread and info on here. thanks guys
  5. you get 30 days with each garmin you own (see here). so you can add your dakota and try it out, if you have a garmin car gps, put that one in too
  6. our hide is close to our house and my brother and family came out for a visit, they wanted to find it. we just walked with them, didn't give any hints or directions and let them find it on their own. when placing a cache, i would not allow anyone with me to log it right away. what's stopping them from writting a FTF in the log before it's even published. gotta give people a chance.
  7. i believe it's possible, but why would you want to? it's not really a find is it? we have one, never logged it, never wanted to.
  8. not it's not a faint squeak or creak, it's a loud squeak perhaps that will lead to more problems down the road. here are a few links to videos on the squeaky case. like i said, not acceptable for a top of the line garmin GPSr http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4435818 do you have a link to the rebate for the PN60?
  9. Brucered, can you please describe the details of the 'squeak' that you had on the 62s? i.e. What steps are required to illicit a squeak? (certain buttons? all buttons? did it take some time after purchase before occurring? What did Garmin say? these are electronic devices, and I would normally associate a squeak w/ some physical aspect of the device. thx in advanced, -- boundr squeak was right out of the box when you turned the unit on, or held it in your hands and gently pressed it on the sides, 2nd unit same, 3rd unit seemed solid, then developed a loud creak/squeak 2 days later. very frustrating for a $500gps, especially since i haven't been able to use one for a month because of sending back and forth getting RMA'd. i also have a feeling even the solid units that people have will develop squeaks down the road but they will be past the return period, but that's just my guess. here is where the squeak is: thread on the squeak starts here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4414876 from that thread forward. also here: http://garmingpsmap.wikispaces.com/message...w/home/25839933 my 3rd unit seemed solid, until i started using it a bit, then a squeak quickly developed. here are the youtube videso on it. mine is the one upped by brucered, the others are not related to me, but same issue: not mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4myv5taUVqk my 1st unit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwtW2QuQxlk my 3rd unit (seemed solid at first, now this): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRj_y8wxES0 not mine: here are garmins replies: 1st reply: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I would be happy to help you with this. I have went to the site that you gave me, and there isn't many posting there. Plus I have never heard of this issue before so as long as you aren't bear hugging your GPSMap 62, then please return it back to the unit so you can get a fast return. If they are unwilling to return the unit, then please contact your Garmin’s Canadian Repair Company for any Warranty needs. You can contact RayTech at: www.RayTech.ca Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you and have a great day! 2nd reply: Dear Bruce , As Heath stated below if the unit is not performing or sounding the way you want please return it to the retailer for a exchange. Or you can contact Raytech at the link provided in the previous email. 3rd response from a different person this time: Dear Bruce , To be honest this is the first I've heard of it, however there are quite a few product support specialists here. I've forwarded the information to my superiors so it can be passed on to the appropriate persons. 4th reply: Dear Bruce, We are not currently setting up any exchanges for units making a squeaking sound. The unit is still fully functional as a GPS unit and will perform all advertised functions. With Best Regards, Rowdy R Product Support Specialist apparently garmin emailed the CSR's stating that when they get calls and emails that they are to respond by saying it's normal and they will not RMA any more units, but again, that's just what i heard on here. it sounds like a dollar store GPS, not a well crafted $400-500 top of the line GPS from garmin.
  10. also try posting in TECHNOLOGY FORUM, not the buy&sell GARAGE SALE forum.
  11. i'm starting to look outside of garmin for a gps, now that i've had 3 62s that squeak. the pn-60 is next on my "to research list". anyone point me to a good review on here?
  12. looks like my 3rd rock solid unit, has already produced a squeak after using it in my basement for the last 2 nights. i'll be walking away from the 62s until they get a solid unit out there. shame too, i like the unit. heres a link to a squeaky 62ST as well:
  13. i tried out a VENTUR HC from costco, that thing was sooooooo slow it wasn't even funny or fun to cache. waiting 15sec for screens to refresh etc. i would go USED, if you are with kids it's going to get dropped and scratched anyway, they want to hold it and use it as well (even if they don't understand it), my 5y old can use the map portion and navigate to it no problem. decide which one you want, then post a WANTED ADD on the garage link. i would say spend a bit more and try for a 60Cx or 60CSx, as a lot are getting dumped right now for the 62 series. should be able to grab a used 60cx for $125 or so. in fact, my brother got a 60cx in box, new off kijij last year up here in canada for $150, and that was before the 62 came out. just googled and saw that basspro in the US had the 60csx for $200 back in may and there was an additional 20% off cpn, so that puts in at $160. sweet deal. wait it out, it's end of summer, see what comes up, don't rush it.
  14. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was easy. THen you go thru each one and actually log it and add comments if you want. yes, i was also not sure how this worked, but figured it out on my 62s. i make some quick notes in the field, then revise them on my PC. very nice feature.
  15. i cached with a 5 & 3y old. mostly the 5y old, they love it. we do simple caches, drive up, or park caches or when camping along the drive. buy a USED one, check the GARAGE SALE section on here. you can get a great unit for $100 what exactly would your budget be? you can probably get a great price on a garmin 60cx (under $200 up here in canada) or try for a used Legend HCx or Vista HCx. don't get something too old. with garmin, you can get free legal maps from various sites.
  16. my updated went ok or at least it appears to have gone ok. ** anyone having problems uploading maps to their GPS ** mine says "unable to unlock maps" on the GPS, even though all my maps are UNLOCKED on MAPSOURCE (ibycus, topo and city navigator) seems to be the CITY NAVIGATOR it doesn't like, but i also notice my IBYCUS doesn't show up in the SETUP MAP section and the TOPO MAPS don't show all the sections i uploaded. weired.
  17. got my 3rd, 62s today. it's a NON squeaker. nice and solid. serial 21F006*** tried for a 62ST, but gpscentral was able to find a solid 62s, so i'm good with that, it's what i paid for. hopefully it doesn't develop any squeaks, becasue it seems nice and solid. whew, i can finally start using it.
  18. thanks for that. made my night. almost make the squeaking problems i'm having with the 62s worth while.
  19. you would thing they would have some sort of beta testing team. get 100 people to use the units months in advance, work out all the glitches and problems, then release it.
  20. the rep i emailed said "it's the first i've heard of it", whatever. so anyway, i just sent off the 3rd unit to gpscentral and they assured me they'll send a non-squeaker. we'll see.
  21. glad to hear there are actually some NON-SQUEAKING 62S's out there. my search continues.
  22. if i give it an honest go at it, check the logs, check the hint, cache size etc and still can't find it, i log it a DNF. if i'm with the kids or my wife and they want to give up but i don't , then i just leave it and don't log anything. if i go back to it and can't find it, i don't log a 2nd DNF, i don't log it again until i find it.
  23. nice youtube tutorial, i'll have to give those a try when i get my 62s (non squeaky model) up and running. fyi...your 2nd link doesn't seem to be working.
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