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  1. i'm also looking again. i had a vista hcx all lined up, but apparently it got lost by fedex, (thanks for trying Dig Teamsters). i sure wish it had worked out. anyway, i have about a $200CDN budget. do i need to have one that accepts memory cards? MEC has the eTrex Vista for $125 also the Garmin eTrex Legend for $125 as well a used (1y old) Lowrance h20c for $250 (asking price) reviews on this one are a little sketchy. I think i would like to stick with GARMIN. is there anything else i should look at or make sure it has?
  2. we also have a tomtom, one xl, but i don't believe automotive gps units are very good for geocaching. you'll need a handheld. i'm just getting started too, but that's what i understand the problem to be. use your tomtom to get you to the main area, where you are going to park, then use a handheld gps
  3. got it. and i do appreciate it. thanks
  4. so is there anything that i can buy (maps and whatever else i need included) for around $200-250 canadian. they must come with BASE MAPS, are they good enough to get buy with, just not as fancy? i need the unit to work in canada and prefer not to have to spend $100+ on maps. don't they come with any maps included? i just want to use it for geocaching, nothing else, not for the car etc. mec.ca has some nice looking units and they offer a great return policy if you aren't happy.
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