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  1. No - those units don't support an upload to the site. Besides - we like you to share your thoughts about each unique cache visit in the logs. thanks. i don't mind doing them individually. any idea about my unfound chaches being put into the RECENT FINDS section, but not found and still showing such?
  2. i've noticed some caches showing up in my RECENT FINDS even though i never found and located the cache, i was in the vicinity, but i never FOUND it. they show up as CLOSED BOXES, not like when i hit FOUND on my unit, which then shows them as OPEN treasures. they are in the RECENT FIND section, but no longer in my GEOCACHE page on my gps. my question is: if i am in the vicinity but do not FIND the cache, does it move it to the RECENT FINDS section and remove it from the GEOCACHE section? this is what seems to be happening and would make sense i guess. because it's moving them into RECENT FINDS but not marking them as found. also, is there a way to UPLOAD all my finds at one time, or do i have to manually go into the site, locate them and log them? i am a basic member, not a premium member if that makes a difference.
  3. Well, on the map setup page, you select the Information icon and the when you see the info box with the load you press the menu button and you can show or hide any mapset including the basemap. Preprogrammed datacards are not meant to be used on your computer. Yes you bought the card, but you only licensed the data. no problem. i got the multiple maps loaded onto my card, just not the NA street maps. i guess if i want to use them, i'll just bring the data card along. thanks again.
  4. You would need to load both at the same time. Here is a tutorial:http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-...armin-gps-unit/ SWEET, i got it. with the legend HCx, it loads all the maps, displays the name of one in a dropdown box, but if i use the controller, i can scroll down and select the appropriate maps. thanks again. now, is there a way to upload my street maps that came on a micro sd card to my pc, so i can pick and choose a few cities / areas to upload to the above card? after looking online, i'm guessing you can't do this for Garmin copyright reasons, which sucks, because i bought the card and it's mine. oh well.
  5. i can get it to load the basemaps (on GPS memory) and then i can only seem to get 1 other map on the SD card. the card is nowhere close to full. i'm only loading WINNIPEG into it, so just 1 city. but i would like to have a few different variants of it in there like TOPO, IBYCUS, base etc. when i load up the IBYCUS onto the card, i get it as an option, then if i try to upload TOPO to the card, i don't have the IBYCUS option anymore.
  6. I have an eTrex Legend HCx and have loaded it up with IBYCUS 2.1 and TOPO CANADA V2 (old). i uploaded my city/province onto a card. when i put the card in, it defaults to the IBYCUS MAPS, but how do i swtich over to the TOPO maps? thanks for helping a new geocahcer.
  7. sweet. thanks for posting that. i even tried doing the webudater just now and it still doesn't have the update you posted. what's the point of the webupdater if it doesn't update everything for the unit. oh well, i'll grab it manually. thanks my unit now shows SOFTWARE 3.0 and GPS SW 2.80 i guess that's up to date now.
  8. However, my Legend HCx has Software 2.8 and GPS SW 2.8 and came with those versions when I bought it. so how do i get it to 2.8 GPS SW?
  9. thanks for answering my simple questions. if you can't tell, i'm new to this. please feel free to LOCK this thread.
  10. i'm trying to upgrade my firmware from 2.6 to 2.8. i managed to get the SOFTWARE Version to 2.80, but my GPS SW Version still says 2.60. any ideas if that's how it's supposed to be? i installed and ran the garmin webupdate and it says my unit is up to date, so i guess i'm ok.
  11. couldn't wait, bought a legend HCx bundle for $225CDN. i was a little worried getting a preorder and if it turned out to be a dud, i'd be kicking myself.
  12. Moreover, if you press the power button once to bring up the brightness level, then press it again to bring it to 50% brightness, then move the brightness to where you want using the click stick and press the click stick to return to regular GPS mode. The next time you press the power button to control the brightness, the preset brightness you chose above will be activated. It saves your brightness even through power down. Jamie Yup. You're correct. That's the way I do it. Just to clarify for the OP...you still have to press the power button twice to get the backlight on, but it will then come on at your newly chosen level. that's even better. i've set my brightness to about 30% or so. so know when i power it up, it's on 0%, i press it 1 more time and it jumps to my 30%, then jumps to the max 100%. it seems like you can set the 1st click of the backlight, but not the 2nd, it jumps to 100%, which is fine. thanks again.
  13. SWEET. that's not bad. found 5 or my first 6 cahces today with it. i was out with our 4y old, so i didn't waste too much time looking for the 6th one. thanks for the tip. feel free to lock this thread, question has been answered and tip worked gread.
  14. yeah, i've gone into SETUP and put it at like 50% and a 30sec timeout, but everytime i restart it, it's back at 0%
  15. I picked up my 1st handheld GPS today, a GARMIN eTrex Legend HCx Hike & Ride Bundle from Walmart in canada. they matched another online retailer, so i got the bundle for $225+tax. I thought that was a good find. came with GPS, preprogrammed microsd card with city navigator NA NT, vehicle power cable, mapsource trip manager, usb cable, lanyard, manuals. Anyway, i just took out our 4y old and found our 1st 5 caches. It was fun. How do i set the default Brightness to like 50% or so. Every time i change it, when i power down, then power up, it goes back to 0% and is very dark.
  16. well it looks like this is the one i'll be grabbing, when it comes out. looks like a very nice unit for the price.
  17. thanks. sorry about that. i posted in "getting started" because i haven't got started yet!
  18. http://www.lowrance.com/en/Products/Outdoo...ndura-Out-Back/ this looks like a great unit for the price, paperless too. my questions are: 1) are these units ok for geocaching in canada too? 2) is lowrance similar quality to garmin, or should i stick with garmin? 3) when are they coming out. thanks, for $245.95CDN, it looks like a very good back for the buck, as long as it's a good unit.
  19. that seller just put up a whack of them, i'm sure you can get one for $79, but for shipping to canada, this is what he wants: "Please be advised that the shipping cost of this unit to Canada is $30.00. However you might have to pay for duties/taxes once the package reach to Canada." so it would be $110USD, translates to $130USD, paypaly dollars would probably be closer to $135, plus i'd probably end up paying customs/duty etc. so most like around $150CDN. probably not worth it for a refurb. $30 to ship to canada, really? come on, that is one ripoff. so after all is said and done, it's basically double the price in canadian dollars. and that's assuming that duty and extra border fees would not exceed $150, sometimes the border duty fees are outrageous. so if anyone has one they want to sell and ship to canada. send me a PM.
  20. i can get a Vista eTrex locally with NO cable for about $60CDN. can somone post a link to how much the cable is going to cost, or should i just wait for a complete unit. the guy said it's only been used 5-6 times and he is original owner, but how do you loose the box, software, cable and manual that fast? sounds like it might be a lost & found item. anyone care to shed some light on this?
  21. after my 1st deal fell thru (GPS got lost in transit) i'm looking for my 1st handheld GPS, but i want to make it a good one. i don't want to have to buy a new one in a year. looking for something like: GPSMAP® 60Cx eTrex Vista® HCX eTrex Legend® HCx send me a PM of what you got and how much you want for it SHIPPED to Winnipeg MB Canada. thanks
  22. can you PM a link or the seller. i don't see anyone with anything listed for that price. thanks in advance.
  23. MEC.ca has the legend for $125CDN locally, is this an okay starter or should i go $165 for the VISTA or go used? http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_listing...D=1241354377653 or is there on one from GPScity.ca that would be a better bang for the buck. i'd like to keep it as close to $150CDN as possible http://www.gpscity.ca/search/q=handheld+gp...=Garmin&r=3
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