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  1. We use a Garmin 250 & seem to have good results. The paperless caching macro for GSAK, makes it so much easier. Download the Topo maps for your local area from Filedepot. Set it to north up, rather than track up......that way you have a compass bearing. Set it to off road & pedestrian, when hiking in to ground zero. May you find many caches
  2. Being an avid science fiction reader, I enjoy made up words that fit, & make sense at the same time, Si-Fi is full of them & made up words from the 30's & 40's that are common usage today...Robot was once a funny word. I can see the day, when all the other definitions of Muggle fall to the way side from disuse, & the geocaching definition prevails. Geocaching is here to stay & so is Muggle.
  3. If ya don't have any muggles, then who's gonna muggle the cache's? If Muggle has such a bad incantation, then Cache should be changed too, because it has more definitions for drugs than Muggle. Check out Urban Dictionary definitions for Caching...........
  4. @ Knowschad & Urkel ....The killings took place in '85, but the murderers were not convicted untill 2003. It took place in Southbranch, Mi. but the murders lived in the Curtisville area. That is also where the bodies are suspected to chainsawed up & fed to the pigs. The pig farm was located on the 4 corners there. Four people involved in the killings. Two are in prison, the pig farmer died in the 90's, & one killer is still at large.
  5. Last week I uploaded a pic to someone else's TB...........worked fine
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I wasn't thinking of anything morbid, more along the lines of informative. You find the cache & get info & the coords of the murders house, or the area where it took place etc. Maybe another connected cache has more info & coords on other events. What Mrbort said does raise some questions in my mind tho, as it was only 2003 when it all came to light. There are relatives of the persons involved that still do reside in the area. I don't want to cause harm, or resentments just for a game. I don't know it'll take some thinking. thanks again
  7. I was thinking of making a a Multi/ Mystery cache about the true story of a double homicide "Darker than Night" I live not too far from the area. I was thinking of maybe putting coords of some of the places & where persons lived & events happened, in a cache, so a person check them out, if they wished. Its a gruesome true story, and just driving through the area can give you the willies, if you ever read the book, you'd understand. I'm Just trying to come up with some interesting ideas for caches. I don't want it to be a tragicache, but along the lines of a mystery murder cache. It was a horrible thing to happen, but people are always attracted to places where such bizarre events happened. Any thoughts? or would it be just plain wrong?
  8. Did you find the Bar before looking, or after ?
  9. We try to gather trash at almost every cache.....there was one that was overwhelming, the cache was in among the trash. A couple pickup loads would not of done it justice. Like Knight says if each cacher just took one thing. I know many areas that would benefit from a cache, just set up to clean the area. I might try it & see what happens, if someones not happy to pick trash...well there's always TNLNSL
  10. Would it be ok to put a cache in an area that needs serious clean up. Maybe place a roll of garbage bags in it, asking finders to help clean up the area?
  11. The Garmin 250 I use charges up when plugged into USB. It shows up on the comp as a drive, and a icon shows on it, being connected to a comp. It does charge when left plugged into the USB.
  12. I down loaded the Michigan Topo from GPSFileDepot. Works great & seems to be accurate. I don't know if they have what your looking for, but if they do.....its free & ya can't beat that!
  13. How do I search for New caches that have been recently placed, besides scrolling through the whole list on a search? I tried running a query, with a bullet in "placed in the last month" but got no results. I also noticed members saying that they were notified of a new cache. How do you set this up?
  14. I've noticed from finds that containers with screw on lids, should always be placed upright. No matter what size quart, 1/2 gallon & gallon, when they're placed upside down the lip of the lid gathers water, then it gets wicked inside. If you place it upright, the lid acts as a umbrella .........
  15. Anybody ever write a note or make a design on a map by dipping? While looking at the maps of the travels of Geo coins, I thought it wouldn't be that hard to do. Seemed a person could lay out a design by dipping it in the right caches, at the right cords, & make a star or some such.
  16. Thanks Pilotsnipes........ I'm using the Nuvi 250 & I followed your tutorial, step by step, everything works like a charm. You did a great job!!...... I also downloaded the topo maps from GPSFileDepo,.... they make tromping through the woods, off road, a breeze. Caching is so much easier now. Thanks again for your hard work. A nature kid
  17. I figured it out.........thanks........its Topographic
  18. Thanks for answering that question, now how do I do that?
  19. I down loaded the Michigan Topo maps from GPS File Depot, then down loaded MapSource. I select the maps to load in MapSource, & the window says they are built, & transferred & The data has been successfully sent. But ......when I turn on the Garmin they don't show up. What am I doing wrong? I have a 2 gig sd card in the Garmin.
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