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  1. Check this out True Paperless Geocaching Also you can load Topos on then too from http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ Nuvi's work great to get started & you can get a Hand held later. They are awesome for driving too, you can change the voice on them for a little fun. Garmin Voices also you can get PIG Tones
  2. Your Garmin nuvi 270 will work fine, unless you'll be caching in rain storms, or hiking for miles. We've found all our caches with a Nuvi & we are happy as clams. Check out True Paperless Geocaching
  3. Muggle.........Anyone who does not geocache. Muggled.......A geocache that has been messed with by a muggle. Muggler........A muggle that has messed with geocaches. As in.......The cache was muggled by a muggler, while the other muggle watched out for geocachers.
  4. They're trying to sell a metal detector too.....seems like they know exactly what they're implying. Its only a small white lie to get you to buy both!!
  5. What do you call the trails that lead to the cache? First thing I look for when I am hunting for a cache, is the trail leading to it. Found a couple caches without using the GPSr that way.
  6. Schrödinger's Cache....... when found, would not be findable. The very act of finding it would change its coordinates, & therefore it could not be in the same spot twice.
  7. But you'll soon be doing new PQ's for new caches, & PQ's for caches you found, & route PQ's for trips out of town &..........
  8. There's nothing better than a stainless steel soup thermos from the Goodwill store for $2.00 or a plastic one for a buck....they are water tight & really durable.
  9. Heck, I have Google Earth on my phone. I can look at it while I'm at the cache site, and it shows where I am in the photography. Can you wave at yourself, & see yourself wave ?????
  10. GCNEQ4 seems to only get visited about once a year. Its a really nice spot once you get there...........
  11. GPSFileDepot has free topos..........just download them, & use mapsourse to install them.
  12. We use a Nuvi 255w & you can touch the top of the screen to get distance to GZ. Its the only thing we use, works great paperless. Instructions can be downloaded here
  13. Don't forget to get your topos at GPSFiledepot & use MapSource to load them in your Nuvi. The topo's work great for finding your way to caches on backwoods trails & they're free!
  14. The day you see an eagle land in a tree & feed its baby.........is the day you left your camera home.
  15. Its a great log...... It sounds as tho the raccoons might of been hand raised & returned to the wild. I raised a couple of orphan baby raccoons a few years ago. When they were small they were a lot like baby kittens. When they were grown, I let them loose & they wandered off. I live in a rural area. They would return every few weeks to beg for food & head pats. After they hibernated a winter, one came back once the next spring & said hi, but left shortly, never to be seen again.
  16. He is from a future time zone & traveled back in time before the cache was placed. He knew full well that a cache would be placed in that precise spot and logged his visit. In the future you will need a Time Transit Unit ....a TTU along with your GPS, for Time Traveling Geocaching. Everyone travels back in time to get FTF.....The only logs that count!!
  17. We once found the first stage of a Multi that was a quart sized lock & lock, it had the coords wrote on the outside. We didn't realize it was a Multi & thought the log & swag had been muggled, so like good little Geocachers, we added a log book & some swag. When we got online to log it, we realized it was the first stage we had found........we posted a DNF & asked the next finders to remove the log.....which they did.
  18. Ya forgot........ First Man on the Moon Its fun to be first sometimes......
  19. I seen something on the news about people playing movies at selected spots, (the side of a building or some such). People obtain the coordinates & time online, and show up to watch the movie. I don't know the web site or anything. Wondering if anyone has heard of this? Sounds like a neat idea.....
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