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  1. How do I load  PQs into my old Garmin Nuvi 200W ? I use it for turn by turn vehicle navigation, & use a hand held when I park..         I haven't been caching in a while & got a new computer, & lost all my old programs, the POI loader & GSAK & stuff.

    Is there an easier way to load caches in the Nuvi now a days ?



  2. Thanks everybody for the replies. I was just wondering why Its so complicated to display a total find number on my own caches.....I mean Groundspeak lets everyone show off all their cache finds, souvenirs, counties & countries, etc on the dahboard...but don't give the hiders a chance to show off their number of times they've thrilled all the cachers, by putting a cache out for them to find. I think its a important number to display as any other....

    just saying



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  3. It seems GC could make millions, selling PQ's, Get geocachers to record coords for all kinds of stuff, POi's of everything in a city. When you go to a city, or anywhere, another country, state, county...You could pick requirements for a PQ of your interest, download, to your GPSr & it would direct you to the locations/coords. Not just caches, or interesting locations...but everything else too! Imagine the Poi directories that come installed on your GPSr times a thousand...

  4. I have seen the boards light up like never before with the recent changes to GC.com. It also seems that the majority of these are offering plenty of criticism of the changes. I cannot help but wonder, what is GS's policy on getting stakeholder input for changes it is considering? For example, the site revamp earlier this year...did they do some sort of research about how to improve the site? I know they probably get the most information via the feedback forum, but these recent changes with certain aspects of the Challenges, the dates on logs going away, etc. seem to have quite a few people irate. It just seems that they might have been able to provide a better product if they had this type of feedback BEFORE the launch.


    They're in Seattle, its a holdout of old hippies, so they brainstorm by burning one in the back room,& saying hey, I got a great idea!

  5. I have noticed that people have been loggıng challanges for places they have been already. For example one you need to be at the hollywood walk of fame and the user logged that challange and a cache ın arizona the same day. İ thınk they had been to the walk of fame previously so they just logged the challange. What do you thınk? ok or not? ı thınk no but wanted to know what the communıty thınks.

    Who cares? Challenges are a joke so joke logging seems perfectly acceptable. I made one to go to a dock and enjoy the view. Someone asked how will I verify some one actually went there and enjoyed the view. Hey, if they said they did why should I care?


    We was at that dock, wasn't much of a view, so we Logged a DNF......

  6. Hand sanitizing wipes are nice and practical. The parents will appreciate them.



    I thought the same & put a sealed wipe in a cache of mine, a year later did some manintaince, because of logs saying wet/damp log....wipe was tattered & still in the bottom of cache, opened it & it was almost dried out, Log book was damp & falling apart. Cache container was a metal, wide mouth thermos...

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