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  1. Waynes World - is that 150 caches I see. All in basically 2 months - thats incredible caching, keep up the good work.
  2. I seem to be struggling with that site to get anything other than the one option to download, is there a problem for anyone else?
  3. cownchicken I know the feeling, I have been dreaming or is it nightmaring numbers ( and green and orange letters thanks to Green Eggs and Bacon) for a few weeks now, but through either persistence or luck that is now eventually all over (for the moment), now I just need to do the easy work and go on up to "Puzzle Ridge" and hunt down those number(brain)crunchers. At some stages my brain felt like a bowl of alphabet soup and at other times like those green rolling screens of numbers from the movie "The Matrix"
  4. Sorry Discombob, you have totally discombobulated me.
  5. Thanks Trevor for your as usual appropriate, accurate and informative reply. I agree about it being made complicated. We are lucky to have you and these forums to help us, I feel sorry for those that dont have these to help them along. Surely if the products are easy to use and well explained, then people would know about and be able to use all the features they would sell more units. It kind of seems a bit like being sold a can (of cooldrink) and not being explained : a) that there is something inside. how to open it. c) making it really tough to get the can open Once again - thanks Trevor
  6. OK maybe an even blonder question, Like TaraLB, I am pretty new to the whole Garmin thing, what is Mapsource all about and how does it benefit me regarding geocaching as well as regular use of a Garmin for day to day travels/use? Is there any way that I can get the Garmin to show a display of my position on a real image like Google Earth images?
  7. I am going to give this to the Pooks as he seems the closest so far to a question that although I thought was interesting might have been a little obscure. To quote wikipedia: A Carillon is a musical instrument that is usually housed in a free-standing bell tower, or the belfry of a church or other municipal building. The instrument consists of at least 23 cast bronze cup-shaped bells, which are played serially to play a melody, or sounded together to play a chord. A carillon is played by striking a keyboard called a "baton" with the fists and by pressing the keys of a pedal keyboard with the feet. The keys mechanically activate levers and wires that connect to metal clappers that strike the bells, allowing the performer, the carillonneur, to vary the intensity of the note according to the force applied to the key. The carillon is the heaviest of all musical instruments; the total weight of bells alone can be 100 tons in the largest instruments. The War Memorial Carillon is in the tower of the City Hall overlooking the Grand Parade, consists of 39 bells and weighs in at a hefty 15.5 tons (some pages say 37 bells). It is played by Cape Town's lone carilloneur Donovan Bagley. Installed in 1924 in memory of those who fell in World War I, the carillon has rung out on numerous historic occasions, including the release from prison of Nelson Mandela 20 years ago. A carillon Over to you Pooks
  8. What is a "Carillon"? Apparently there is only one traditional Carillon in Africa and are only eight in the Southern Hemisphere, ours can be found in Cape Town.
  9. What is a "Carillon"? Apparently there is only one of them in Africa and are only eight in the Southern Hemisphere Ours can be found in Cape Town.
  10. I guess you would be referring to highest score by a South African. I would guess that would be Gary Kirsten who is and has been in India for a few years now coaching their team.
  11. What I find can be useful is to save a screen shot of Google Earth of the area where you intend to do some caching. Save it as a JPEG onto your Nuvi, this is then accessible on your Nuvi amongst the photos when you are out caching and you can zoom in to a certain extent. This helps when you are not familiar with the paths in the area. You could also save markers on GE so you can see where the caches are located. I doubt this has any benefit to Discombob or any of us doing Discombob caches because most of his routes are along almost vertical paths that cant be seen on Google Earth.
  12. Just guessing - 3 times and they lost to South Africa? Great guess!!!! They have only lost on home soil [in India] by more than an innings 3 times in history - and on all 3 occasions SA were the victors! Well done! That was far too easy! Oh my goodness....! Can't believe it!! I promise you it was a guess....I thought of one of our lucky numbers from "936", but 9 and 6 sounded like too much and decided on 3. Then thought about the "who" and initially I was going to go with Pakistan, but thought it must have something to do with SA and made a final decision as SA. LOL - it wasn't easy at all, as I don't keep up with the cricket or other sport!! Now, I'm on the spot as I was not prepared to win this round so soon...will have to think of something to ask now! As of a few hours ago make that four times all by South Africa
  13. I think the cable you are looking for is called a "USB to mini-USB" cable.
  14. Are the eggs and bacon burning yet? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not another
  15. No 'Eureka' moment for you either then? NO NO NO - I had just managed to get that puzzle out of my head - now you guys have those numbers swirling around my head again.
  16. Here is an interesting one! cownchicken found Chappie's Sarmie (Traditional Cache) 2pm. This one I won't forget soon. Cow couldn't accompany me today so tackled it on my own from Noordhoek parking area as suggested. I'd passed the last of the people enjoying the sun and started the boulder hopping. When I stopped for a breather, an American visitor caught up from behind. Said he was staying in Kommetjie for a couple of weeks and could he walk with me as he was keen to see how far one could follow the coast. He also felt better walking in company. I looked at the GPS and said OK, but I would be turning back after 300 metres and I would think that's as far as one could safely go. "Are you a geocacher? I have a friend who lives for them! Ranked 9th in the US. Goes by the name of Jim Moody (Moodey,Moodly?) Not sure what his alias is. Finds plenty, places plenty, but I've never found one." I was happy to invite him along. Now I'm one of those cachers, like Tricky Vicky, who doesn't bother with all the intermediate coords. We are here, the cache is there - go and fetch it. (Sometimes we suffer the consequences!) At one point, I decided to head down closer to the water as going up just seemed too much hard work. I found a place where you could squeeze under a large boulder and out the other side. The water was moving down below but it wasn't really risky. I waited for yonks at the other side but my partner did not appear. I assumed he had turned back. Something he had said earlier had made me doubt his experience. Carried on, found the cache and decided to walk back along Chappies Drive and then head down to the beach closer to the parking area. I was about 100 metres from the parking spot when a chap came running toward me. Turned out to be a Sea Rescue shore crew member . "Are you with the geocaching people?! The NSRI has launched! A helicopter has been despatched! SANPARKS has sent a foot patrol with your hiking partner to look for you. He saw you going into a hole and was convinced you'd been swept out to sea. Listen, there's the chopper now! " My guardian angel had come running back and alerted everybody that I was in trouble. When they asked whether I had gone in and out the other side, he'd said there was no way he was going in there to look. In the parking area were also 2 SANPARKS chaps with radio's. I tried explaining that I didn't know this guy at all and I was never in any trouble, but it still felt as though they were all a bit sceptical. I've never felt more guilty for something I didn't do! Exciting cache! Thanks!
  17. It all sounds a bit horrific - nearest couple of thousand. My guess would be 17 000.
  18. Thanks to for the compliment regarding Dogs Breakfast (GC21G5N), much appreciated. As for Number Crunch (GC21V2P) I have no hair left after tearing it all out over the last few weeks, every time I think I have forgotten about that puzzle then I get reminded about it again and the torture starts all over again. On the positive side though MnCo has brought hours of challenging head bending entertainment to my house through waking hours and sleeping hours and I am enjoying every minute of it. Others I have enjoyed are: King's Block House - GC1TZ4W Force or Finesse - GC1XP88 Local Treasure - GC1KWVJ
  19. malo mystery

    I spy

    Hi paddawan - I spy you aswell as Fish Eagle and Tempestteapot
  20. Congratulations to Capeccr on his 6 FTF yesterday - that has to be some sort of record for one day.
  21. To see all caches in you province in date order go to your "my profile" page and down the right hand side click on "advanced search", search by "state/country", fill in the country and then province and all the caches will be shown in date order from newest to oldest. Hit >> to get to the last page and you will see the oldest active caches.
  22. Considering my "chest" (read as "belly") dimensions, and inexperience with this type of hike and climbing I think for the better of myself and all others involved that I should rather bail out on this one while I still have two feet firmly on the ground. Pity. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable cacheing adventure.
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