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  1. In Kalk Bay there is a "lychgate" (or lichgate, lych-gate or lych gate etc ). It dates back to 1875 and is the oldest one in South Africa. What is a "lychgate"? If these questions are getting boring - sorry - just pointing out some interesting things around that people might not know about.
  2. GEO936 - you have me there - that is just the name that stuck in my head. They developed software that ensured safer trade on the internet
  3. Yes Tom is "it" On looking at Google maps for 86 Bree street it would appear that it backs onto the Cape Heritage Hotel which is the location of the vine. More info can be found here Personally I would never have expected to find it there........now if I design a micro to look like a grape do you think it will get harvested?
  4. Tom is the closest so far regarding the location of the vine. It is in Cape Town itself, not the outlying areas. I do hope this is factual and not a publicity stunt, but cant seem to find any indication that it is a hoax.
  5. In about 1771 a grape vine was planted in Cape Town. This vine is now said to be the oldest fruit bearing vine in the Southern Hemisphere. To this day it is still bearing fruit and in 2007 the grapes were hand picked and found to have a "ball reading" of 23 (the liquid is 23 percent sugar by weight). 20kg of grapes remained after careful selection yielding 17 litres of clear juice after hand pressing. This produced 4 magnums and 12 bottles of wine that after being artfully decorated were auctioned off with proceeds going to the ZipZap Circus. Where is this vine located?
  6. Joost van der Westhuisen? ok Mike you have clearly been watching too much Super 14 this weekend
  7. I was getting a little worried there for a second because I misread your comment that the photos should preferably be REcent as preferably be DEcent. Sounds like a great idea. There are various other blogs where people log their (non geocaching photos) and then all vote for their favourite one. Just another idea as requested - maybe the last few days of the month(or first days of the following month once all entries are in) people get to "vote" for their favourite photo, someone then counts the votes and we have a winner. It might seem complicated but there probably wont hundreds of entries or votes (yet). I might even have a bottle of wine that I can sponsor as a prize for the first round to get the ball rolling.
  8. Were they pilot/engineer of the plane that did the low flyover over Ellis Park before the 1995 Rugby World Cup final?
  9. I just had this picture in my head of a scene where there is a news report/interview where behind the people you spot a cache container that is well disguised and the only ones knowing about it are those cachers that have found the cache, or likewise in a movie scene or photo shoot.
  10. Have you ever seen a cache in a movie/ on tv or in a photograph where the person taking the movie/ photograph is unaware of what is going on? This must have happened with the amount of caches out there.
  11. Word for word that would have been a second guess.
  12. Great work Trevor - thanks for going the extra mile and taking the initiative to get this place sorted out. I will do my best to join you at your extreme makeover event - keep us updated.
  13. To find if a question like that has been asked just enter the keywords in the bottom left of the page where it says "enter keywords", that will search just this thread for those keywords (i think)
  14. Go for it Wazat - give us another one. (please dont ask what the solution to Kloofendal View is)
  15. Sorry we missed it as we are big fans. By which name is Amelia Alice Elizabeth Adkins better known? You are right GEO936 I just looked back now and found this - it did sound familiar.
  16. Would that be Mrs Balls Chutney? One of my daughters names is Amelia so these things tend to stick.
  17. I think that I should rather just keep quiet and make less of a fool of myself
  18. Well there have been a few, but was she also not married to Prof Chris Barnard at one stage, as well as Sol Kerzner, but I would guess that the answer to your question is the former.
  19. I think you looked a few pages back? oops - discombobulated again sorry guys
  20. I will also go with Hamiltons but vaguely recall a centenary of one of the clubs recently so will go with 1906.
  21. 17 March - is my birthday so I will give that as my guess
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