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  1. Where are all the quizers? A clue maybe in order - it was an occupation! I am lurking but feeling rather lost for an answer to this one sorry Tom
  2. I think some of you did the "geocache" hunt around Hermanus last year - it is on again this year - R 250 entry per person. http://www.whalecoast.info/events.php?sect...view&id=142 that reminds me - how do I create those nice neat looking links here instead of those long nasty looking ones?
  3. There was an attempt to build a breakwater and that is where the name came from. Some say it comes from the French "Mouille" meaning breakwater or anchoring ground and others saying that it comes from the Dutch "Moeilje" meaning mole - the old terminology for breakwater that was pronounced in the same way as we say Mouille. Up until the early 1700's there was no breakwater in Table Bay and wrecks were common along the coast. In 1743 work began on the breakwater near Granger bay - about 1 km from where the Mouille point/ Green Point lighthouse stands. There was a "tax" placed on farmers - where each farmer bringing produce to town, would then have to load their wagon with rocks and transport them down to the point of the breakwater. From there slaves and convicts would be used to construct the breakwater. After three years of rough seas the plans were abandoned. In 1781 the French arrived to help against the English and built a battery near the unfinished mouille, naming it Mouille Point Battery. It is said that the breakwater can still be seen at low tides near Granger Bay. Three Anchor Bay - apparently got its name from a chain and three anchors that were spanned across the small bay as a form of defence against the English wanting to try land their ships in the small bay. Needless to say the chain and three anchors did not pose much of a problem to the ships. Tom - over to you.
  4. Thanks Happy Hunters SA - I was not really expecting to get the prize with that vague answer, but that is all I could remember of a snippet on the radio. Sorry about another Cape question but that is what I am reading about. In Cape Town next door to Green Point is a suburb called Mouille Point - where does the name "Mouille Point" originate from?
  5. I dont know how far the moon is from the Earth, but apparently the asteroid was supposed to pass between the earth and the moon.
  6. You are forbidden from blaming your loss in the final on "food poisoning"
  7. You looking for something like this to get your numbers up a bit?
  8. I dont have any coins/bugs but can understand the frustration that you feel. It seems that there are cachers out there that set up floating email accounts like hotmail/gmail etc specifically for caching, that are not their primary email accounts and as a result if they stop caching or dont specifically use that email account regularly they dont see the messages. I have had this experience when trying to contact even the most active cachers. Something I might try is to go back and see when the cacher first started placing logs - maybe/hopefully you will see in his logs that it was his first cache and he was introduced by a more experienced cacher. Try contact the experienced cacher that hopefully is still caching and explain your story. Although some people might find this offensive, desperate times call for.......... Also look at the logs directly before and after the offending cachers logs - you might notice that someone else logged that they were introducing a new person to caching or taking them on their first cache. You might even notice that this offending cacher did several caches on certain dates and so did another cacher - maybe they know each other or perhaps just coincidental but worth a bash.
  9. Can you imagine 500 plus FTF's in one day. If I recall correctly that chain is almost 600 long and there are several smaller ones in the area. What a headache for their reviewer. To me it is kind of like fishing with hand grenades - pointless unless you are desperate.
  10. Very interesting, how times have changed, it looks like such a huge plant to have been demolished.
  11. There used to be a power station on the Cape Town Foreshore, at the bottom of Long Street, behind what is now The Cullinan/ Waterfront Holiday in etc but I have a feeling that it was demolished pre 1990. No idea why it was demolished. I think it was called the Table Bay Power Station
  12. Being Australia then maybe the "litter" would have been all the convicts left littering the countryside but those were left there by the English not the Americans. Might it have been a ship wrecked along the coast?
  13. I guess I will keep this moving along - something to do with war maybe - unexploded missiles?
  14. I somehow doubt that this is regular litter so I will carry on with obscure answers - maybe a plane wreck ?
  15. Having absolutely no idea I will throw a guess in as it being for some kind of space junk possibly left on the moon?
  16. Andy it is a sad day to see you go. I have not placed many caches or chatted much with you but I have always found your support to be totally fair and understanding and your patience and integrity outstanding. Thanks for all your effort and commitment which has made caching for the rest of us such a pleasure. Thanks Andy
  17. Congratulations to adilawson on his sneaky 200 - adi I dont know how often you watch the logs but keep up the good work.
  18. A couple of years ago there was a Carlos Santana comeback with him winning some Grammy awards if I recall correctly. I dont recall the name of the song but do remember that it got played a lot.
  19. "The Big U" = Unsolved -The longest running Unsolved question on this thread?
  20. Congratulations cownchicken on 1800 tomtwogates on 650 and paddawan on 300 paddawan - it seems like just yesterday that you started - and this includes all the time spent on those amazing caches you are putting down. keep it up guys.
  21. My guess following on the marine theme would be a U-boat - but as I say it is a guess so I have no idea which one
  22. Many good and crazy memories back in the late 1980's too. My children still struggle to understand the concept of being in the army but not in a "war". To this day I am still amazed about how brainwashed we were, being turned into one minded lemmings. I think back to having to put my life in the hands of someone with a loaded gun and a std 4/ grade 6 education oh hang on, that sounds familiar even now in 2010.
  23. If it is on another planet can it still be called an "Earth Cache"?
  24. An example of a lych gate A lych gate is a roofed gate at the entrance to a church (to which many cemeteries used to be adjacent). The lych gate would be used as a place where the clergy would meet the corpse and the bier (trolley that carries the body) rested while the initial service was read before burial. They would also serve as a resting place for pall bearers while they waited for the bier to arrive from the church. Some of them have inset benches and are usually covered by either slate or thatch. The Kalk Bay one has been relocated once in 1903 for widening of the road. Carbon Hunter over to you............
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