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  1. Congratulations to battlerat and pussycat on the 1100 finds. Well done guys - keep it up!!
  2. They did supply games to the POW's and that might have helped prevent them dieing of boredom, but the games also helped them in another way.
  3. I am not sure about that one, that is not the answer I am looking for, but things are going rather slowly so I will try help it along a little Hint : it has something to do with the games they made.
  4. Thanks Gr8scot Waddingtons is a company better known for producing games. During World War II they are credited with saving thousands of lives - how did they do this?
  5. One right, one wrong. Well I am not going to carry on guessing - let the others give it a bash.
  6. I would guess it would have happened at a world cup - South Africa 1995?
  7. The "i" would have me guess an Apple product - maybe an iPad? the difference being er um lets see um errr the memory size?
  8. First "a" = first African ? Algeria maybe?
  9. I thought that Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name because of the association of "fried" being unhealthy, maybe France should charge them royalties on "French" fries too.
  10. Was it maybe one of those paperwork errors where when they were registering as "Baumans Bakers" the person actually doing the paperwork made a mistake and registered it as "Bakers" instead?
  11. [] Congratulations to Trevorh7000 on the 200 caches. Keep at it - see you out there soon. []
  12. One of the series was called "Cum Lauda"
  13. There are various "emulators" available on the internet that allow you to play those old games on your PC. All you need to do is download the emulator for your machine of choice (zx spectrum/commodore 64 etc) and then find the "roms" or games and load them and play. I know of one called MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) that emulates arcade machines all the way back to the very first games in black and white. How many old 20 cent pieces I used to throw into those games!!!! The games are so small they usually download in a few seconds.
  14. I have not done any caches there, but it looks like the back of Durbanville - if that helps anyone?
  15. Henzz you should be a scriptwriter - you crack me up every time with these epic logs - this time from GC1ZBGQ El Georado May 20 by Henzz (739 found) I'm an archeology professor at Marshall College. My name is Indianna Henzz. I tried to chronicle my journey into El Georado as accurate as possible. If you found this journal, it probably means that I did not make it back... Could you please forward this pages to professor Malo Mystery at Marshall College. The black waters of the river that flows uphill looked very ominous during those last few hours that we spent on it. As we neared the mooring place I noticed that the river guide was overcome with fear. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably and his eyes were fixed on some invisible threat out there in the jungle. I knew that as soon as I set foot on the river bank, this lad would set course back to his village. It did not take too long for the jungle to swallow me. Armed with my whip, notes, and ancient map ( that proved to be totally inaccurate ), I ventured deeper into the dark green depths. The thick cover above blocked the sun from touching the ground. Pretty soon the paths made by the Mayans started to criss-cross in a very confusing manner. What would be an easy trail for them to follow, was a complex Labyrinth for me. But your notes helped tremendously, and before too long I was confidant that I would reach the cobblestone entrance to the Mayan Kingdom without incident. Like you rightly said the stream had to be crossed several times. At one of these crossings I heard noises of to my left. I slowly made my way closer, and saw a young Mayan Eve in the water. She looked up, spotted me and bolted into the greenery behind her. I tried to call out to her, but her yells and screams drowned all other noises out. There was no sign off the buzzards that you spoke about, but I did saw some very agile creatures, that could run up the trees at tremendous speeds. They seemed pretty harmless, but I kept the whip at the ready in any case. The entrance to the Mayan Kingdom must have been a grand spectacle in it's day. What I found here though, was a fallen pylon of huge proportion. Nature must have been very angry to be able to topple that giant. I can only presume that the Mayans must have created a new portal point somewhere else in this forbidding jungle. My instinct told me that there must be some sort of pointer here to lead me to the treasure. And indeed there was. A sentry abandoning his post when the archway came down, must have left this golden tablet behind. The words were written in rhyme, but nothing that a professor of archeology couldn't crack. The next point of call proved to be very elusive and it took me a fair amount of time to find. Then I made my way to the treetops just to find that I was lead astray by some very clever cunningness. Back on the right track I was confronted with a warning. A skeleton was dangling from a tree, with a thick strong rope around his throat. I had the feeling that I was being watched from behind the trees, but this ancient tribe was masters of invisibility. My students back home always seems to find Mayan Numerals such a bore. How I wish they were here to see them being used as a guide. At this stage I wanted to give you a call, but then realized that there won't be cellular coverage out here in the deep dark forest. I pressed on. And saw this amazing Totems. If I make it back alive we will discuss these. And there in front of me, was the lure of gold and treasure. Courage and Endurance brought me to the ultimate prize. As I opened it an arrow screamed past my head, and lodged itself into the wood just an inch or two away from me. I grabbed the treasure and ran back towards the forest. I found a hidden away spot where I took the time to write this log. The Mayans are out there, searching the jungle. I know they are. And they have revenge on their minds. I will now have to run the gauntlet, back to the black river, and somehow find my way from there. If you receive this log, know that I did not make it out of here. Best Regards. Indianna Henzz.
  16. If he is a time traveler then maybe he is not in the current edition and we should be looking in the 2004 edition
  17. One of my caches was muggled by a chap who thought it was still 2004, but was kind enough to leave a note that reads as follows: 18/04/2004 Thanks for the things that I have found in this stump. It was by accident, you see I was on my was to seeking righteousness from God not from men when I came here to rest. My cigarette but falled into the stump and as I was on my way to Heaven, I smelled the smoke from the fire in the stump. Thats when I saw the bottle. I really dick (dig ?) the cache (eagle??) because I saw it yesterday in the clouds. Its really a mystery from the Lord. Amen. From Leon Sylvester.
  18. There is a TB - TB2ZV55 currently in cache GC270C8 - The Fluffy Monkey looking to be photographed at an England game during the Soccer World Cup. Just thought I would put it out there - maybe someone can help. I wonder if TB's will be allowed into the stadia or will they be confiscated? lol
  19. I know the folk at Geocaching are not keen on encouraging downloads of software to do caches, but I was just wondering...... Some caches have long hikes with many waypoints, having to look out for various cairns etc and sometimes having to scramble across rocks etc where a path might not otherwise be easily visible. Is it possible for the cache placer (or other cacher) to map the route and then upload the route to a point where others could download that specific route, upload it to the GPS and then follow the route directly to GZ without any chance of going astray? So basically the cache page would have a link to download the recommended route to the cache
  20. Congratulations CnC on the awesome achievement, you are an inspiration for the rest of us, keep up the fantastic caching, cache safely.
  21. I recall a while back Harrods in London being the largest department store but that has probably long been surpassed.
  22. Well done DamhuisClan - I think that is about as close as this is going to go. The instrument is called a Mattang. It was used as a tool to teach young people about the wave patterns reflected off of islands, in a similar way to what happens when you throw a stone in a pond and the waves reflect off the edges of the pond. Like many other sailors, the Polynesians used the sun and stars, cloud formations (stationary cloud formations, caused by temperature changes when cool sea air passes over warmer land areas) and flights of birds (the presence of many birds, show land is not too far away even if it cannot yet be seen)to navigate over large expanses of open ocean . But the Polynesians also learned how to read wave patterns, as Damhuisclan says - the experianced sailor would even be able to lie in the bottom of the boat and be able to read the swells of the ocean and be able to pinpoint where the surrounding islands are. It is said that this is why they were able to find and travel to and from small islands like Easter Island with relative ease while those using more traditional western methods could only find it many years later. Some references say that some sailors could even tell where they were by placing a hand in the ocean and feeling the swells. So in a way it is kind of like an ancient GPS, just thought it might be interesting to know.
  23. That is not it either. It has nothing to do with any planets or stars other than earth and a vague link to one other celestial object.
  24. It could have also been a GPS mounting cradle on one of these, but sorry that is not the answer I am looking for.
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