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  1. If you are using Firefox as a browser you can download add-ons. "write area" allows you to edit how you want the page to look, you can adjust fonts, colors and insert pictures/ change sizes of pictures etc and converts and saves it into HTML so you dont need to know any of the codes of HTML

    In Firefox, click the "tools" tab and then "add-ons" and download the "write area" add-on.

    Open up your cache editing page and ensure that the box is ticked that says "the descriptions below are in HTML"

    Right click inside the "long desciption" box and click "edit in write area", a new window will open up with plenty of options to edit and change how the page looks. Here you are working and editing and seeing how the page will actually look, so it makes it a whole lot easier. Once you have finished just "save" (top left) and it will automatically convert to HTML and save to the cache editing page. Dont forget that if you take too long, the cache page will kick out an error message, so rather work a little and save a little, look how your page looks and edit again.


    If you ever have trouble typing logs etc and losing them due to crashes etc, there is a form recovery add-on called "Lazarus" that saves your work as you type, so all you do is go back to the page, right click, hit "recover form" and your work is inserted again


    Hope this helps a few people out.

  2. I guess it all averages out in the end, but if coincidentally in the days preceding the stats being taken there are more coins and TBs removed from caches and sitting in cachers hands that would influence the figure too, as it would if coincidentally more cachers dropped coins that are sitting in their bags. It seems that as event caches come up people start hoarding them to take to the event. I wonder what the figure would look like if we all dropped all the coins we are sitting on?

  3. When I was in Rio we visited Maracanã stadium. I seem to recall there was an attendance of some 200000 odd people at a football match prior to them installing individual seating. Whether this was a world cup match and whether these were official or unofficial numbers I can't recall.


    Spot on GlobalRat


    199854 according to many references and 173850 according to FIFA


    This was for the 1950 Final between Uruguay and Brazil.


    Over to you GlabalRat

  4. I vaguely recall watching something on Carte Blanche about her.


    Sticking with the football/soccer theme - what is the largest crowd attendance at a World Cup game? There is an official FIFA figure and an unofficial figure that includes the hoards of people that illegally accessed the match. I will take either figure to the nearest 10 000, just say which figure you are answering with.


    For interest - the lowest attendance for a match (including qualifying matches) was 0.

    On 26 March 2005, Costa Rica and Panama set the record for the lowest attendance at a World Cup qualifier with a head count of zero. The match was played at Costa Rica's Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Ayma in San Jose, where Costa Rica had recently lost to Mexico on 9 February 2005. According to reports filed after the loss to Mexico, the home fans threw various objects at the officials and the Mexican players, including bottles, coins, batteries, and fruit. As a punishment, FIFA ruled that Costa Rica's match against Panama had to be played behind closed doors. Despite the empty stadium, however, Costa Rica beat Panama 2-1 in a match the Costa Rican press called "miraculous," as Roy Myrie scored the go-ahead goal in the 90th minute.

  5. A while back I had an idea of doing a long distance cache like from Cape Town to Hermanus, that families might enjoy doing while on their way to the destination. This would make the trip more enjoyable for the little ones and thus more enjoyable for the adults too. It would work along the lines of counting objects/identifying things like : how many legs on the bridge crossing the road, how many flagpoles at the farmstall etc, anything that could be counted without having to stop. Just as well I did not go to all the trouble. Out with one idea and in with a new one.


  6. Ah yes I heard something about this on my fave quiz show over here. Werent the games used to smuggle information etc to the prisoners, that they could use to escape or some other inside intel.

    Somehow had some secret hidden information printed in the games.


    Well done Discombob.



    At that time, Waddingtons were one of the few that were able to print on silk. Silk ( and then later other fabrics) was ideal for maps because it would not tear, was not affected by water and was silent if it had to be used in stealth. Waddingtons hid the maps, as well as small files etc and local currency (currency hidden between monopoly money) in games that went out for distibution to POW camps. Boxes were specially marked by placing dots on differing parts of the box to identify which local maps were contained in the game. Before being sent on mission the airmen were told to look for specially marked games delivered by charity groups.


    A few links can be found here and here . Hope you enjoyed the question.

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