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  1. Unbelievable! I am sure that this has never been done before, except maybe at the very beginning when there were only a few caches. I can't even find all the caches in a 10km radius around my home! So which province is next? KZN? Well done - an EXCELLENT achievement. I know cincol does this regularly in Qatar - but the "problem" is that people keep hiding new caches. A great problem to have - but it does mean that getting his numbers up takes an absolute age - or international travel Statistics will be statistics: If you are a traveller then you can pick up some crazy statistics: In the Congo there are only three caches, none of them ever found, so you could grab 100% of the caches in the country, 100% of the FTF in the country and be the only cacher to have found caches in the entire country. Or alternatively do the same in Chad by doing only one cache and picking up the same stats. Must be many others out there similar to this. There is another thread running <here> about Caches not yet found and FTF from date of placement
  2. For active caches found at least once, it is GCJN7F - Getowerdekop, placed on 21 Dec 2003, and found only once since then. Also on the rarely found list you could add GCY3RE Point of no return. Hidden on 2 September 2006, first and only find 5 September 2009 - just making 3 years before being found - or even attempted.
  3. <p> OH NO!!! It has just been published! And now we have to be Proctologists! What still amazes me is that the guy that originally posted those pics in his post for Sentinel View link was actually looking for the Sentinel View Cache and climbing up from Hout Bay side when he found the caves (at the summit of Constantiaberg) and realised he had climbed too high. Looking at the two cache locations the poor cacher had ascended about 300m too high (above sea level) and was about a kilometer off the mark. Compared to his hike this shouldnt take too much effort at all. Go on cownchicken - you know you have to do the elephant colonoscopy</p>
  4. Thanks RedGlobe, for your reply, I realise you have alot more experience than me in this so maybe I am asking my query in the wrong way. I have looked at some of those multis that you were refering to "tonteldoos" and "reporters riddle" and those seem exactly like the type I have seen before where you start at cache 1 and that tells you where cache 2 is and you enter the co-ords and head off for cache 2, find it and that tells you where caceh 3 is, enter the co-ords and off you go until you find the final. I was wondering about giving all the waypoints of all the parts of the multi on the webpage that can be loaded straight onto your GPSr by a pocket query or however you do that from the page at home. Then when you head out into the field you have this info already loaded onto your GPS, you dont have to manually do it while you are out caching after you find each part of the multi. You would still need to find all parts of the multi because they would all contain vital parts of the co-ords to the final. Some caches are spread out over quite a large area, and I might have driven past all parts of the multi several times but because I havent done the previous part of the multi I would not know this. If I knew where all the stages were then I can do any of them at my leisure or when I am in the area, whereas in the usual first to second to third manner this would not be possible. So with the method I am asking about you might drive past part 4 and you GPSr would alert you of that even though you have not done the first three parts, you would still have to do the first three parts because they would all still have essential info/clues to solving the final. Mike
  5. Firstly, to put this into perspective, I am currently a GPSless cacher and also a wanting to hide my first cache - yes all very slow I know. The usual multicaches seem to be in the method of find the first cache which gives the co-ords/clue to the next one etc and following your way to the final. I was thinking about rather having many waypoints giving all the co-ords of all the caches in the multi (obviously excluding the final). Each cache would have to have a vital part in the calculation of the final co-ords, forcing people to find them all. The benefits seeme to be: 1. Not having to enter co-ords while out in the field (except the final) but rather downloading the waypoints directly to GPS 2. Being able to pick up any caches in any order at the cachers convenience (particularly if they are over quite a wide area) 3. If the caches are in closer proximity and the cacher is struggling with one they can always attempt some others and maybe return to the problem cache later. 4. If some of the caches are of a higher terrain difficulty, you could do those seperately (maybe without the kids/dogs/grandma) and bring the kids with for the easier ones. Downfalls seem to be: 1. Not really being able to force the cacher to do the caches in a specific order thereby following a predetermined route. This might have been done already, just that I can't recall having seen it anywhere. I know that this would help me as a Google Earth cacher but I was just wondering if cachers would prefer this and whether there might be more problems that I have not thought of? Any input or advice will be appreciated. Mike
  6. Sometimes what I do is when I drop a coin/bug into a cache is to put that cache on my "watch list" then if I notice that the person has written in their logs that they retrieved the coin/bug but not logged it into their inventory then I send them a curtious reminder. I do find that usually within a couple of finds the coin/bug has moved on then remove it from my "watchlist" I know this is not my problem and is a little extra work but I dont mind doing it and sometimes find reading the finders logs interesting. Once when I mailed the only other cacher to have been at the cache between the coin drop and myself visiting I got no reply but the other visitor proceeded to edit their log (as is noticible from the dates where it says "edited on......") to look as if he was there the day before the coin was dropped......... funny the muggle must only have taken one of the several coins in the cache. I usually write in my logs that the bug/coin is missing if it is not there and usually find that many others do this too. I have stopped dropping bugs/coins into "easier to be muggled caches" and rather drop them in less likely to be muggled caches.
  7. Never to hear back from a cache owner after taking the trouble to mail a cache owner regarding issues concerning their cache - be it that there is a problem like broken container, full logbook or appearing to be missing. I dont expect a novel in reply but a simple "thanks - will check it out" will suffice. "mountain micros" - what is the point? "pointless caches" - show me something, teach me something, test my mind to its limits with a puzzle, test my abilities with a well disguised container, but please dont send me to a pointless place for no reason.
  8. I wonder, just wonder who could place a cache closest to the front office/or in the front office of woodstock police station?
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