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  1. Just to confirm the Gold and Copper finishes are sold out. The Nickel finish is still available for purchase.
  2. We still have around 20 left in stock! Don't let these slip away.
  3. I'm going to respectively bow out, and let someone else have a crack at it this year. Cheers!
  4. Looks like its on again! Thanks for the invite!
  5. I participated in a trade for this coin with The Huskies and received my South Africa coin in a very timely fashion. I am sorry to hear you have had troubles.
  6. Mission arrived today! I'm so happy, better late than never! I will post photos as soon as I can.
  7. Due to some recent happenings, I am selling off the majority of my collection. Figured the quickest way to do this was to sell them as grab bags. So here ya go! I broke them down to 6 coins per bag $50 plus $5 s/h. $7 for international shipping. Each bag contains no less than 6 Trackable, Unactivated Geocoins. No micros in the bunch. Please send me a pm or an email through my geocaching account. Here's a photo of some of the coins in no particular order. God Bless and have a Great Day!
  8. I really dig the rare LE's, like only 20 minted or what have you. Usually I don't make it in time to get those, but when I see one in some ones collection it widens my eyes. If your going to have anything thats collectable it makes it that much more fun to have rarities.
  9. Black Friday Sale!! Only $5 for Black Nickel and Silver Versions. Tomorrow Only!
  10. I have Jeremy and Bryan but I am looking to complete my collection any help would be appreciated!!
  11. While attending the Lost and Found Block party last spring I was able to obtain Two Founders gnomes travel tags, Bryan and Jeremy. I have just come to find out that I am missing one: Elias! I was wondering if anyone that has one of these tags would like to trade or sell? Thank you for your help.
  12. I wouldn't be worried about giving your out your cc#, most of these companies primarily use paypal to conduct transactions. Which is as safe as it gets.
  13. Email Sent: Oct 25th 2010 Name Received: Oct 31st 2010 Mission Sent: Nov 15th 2010 Mission Received:
  14. All the shopping is finished, All the gifts have been wrapped and packed! Postage printed and now we wait for The Postman!
  15. Glad to see this cointest again, I will not be entering since I won last year. But I would like to say Thank you to all Active Service members and Veterans! The world is a much better place because of your service.
  16. I never have any trouble shipping international, I just use my shipping software, fill in the blanks, and print and ship just like domestic.
  17. I have a Garmin 60CSX GPSr for sale for $240 with free shipping. This GPSr will come with the USB cable, instruction manual, and the removable belt clip. Please email me through my profile for more information.
  18. Oh yea! It shoppin time! Email Sent: Oct 25th 2010 Name Received: Oct 31st 2010 Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  19. Wow! $14.00 plus a 20% VAT tax. Almost bought a set.....
  20. As of this mourning there are still sets available.
  21. Only 6 Left!! Get Yours Today @ EBCoins.net
  22. Introducing The Mayan Calendar Geocoin The front of this beautiful geocoin features The Mayan Calendar done with Translucent colors. The back of this coin features The Mayan Haab calendar done in 3d. Tracking at Geocaching.com is forged into the side with the Tracking number laser engraved. The Mayans were an advanced people. They were superb mathematicians & astronomers who devised one of the most accurate calendars known to man. The Mayan Calendar was devised through extremely accurate observations of the sun, the planets, the stars, "Precession of the Equinoxes" and the Milky Way galaxy. Mayan astronomers knew, through yet unknown methods, the exact location of the center of the Milky Way along with many other precise details of our cosmos. There is no question that the Mayans had a completely different perspective of time than modern man. 1.75” 3.5mm Trackable on Geocaching.com Unique Icon Editions Nickel - 100 minted LE Gold - 30 minted XLE Copper - 20 minted (Only 15 available with a set) Cost Nickel - $9.00 Gold - $11.00 Copper - $Only Available in sets. Set - $30.00 Available Here @ EBCoins.net
  23. Great Idea!! Email Sent Email Sent: Oct 25th 2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  24. I have a question to go along with this thread. Do you have to purchase the codes 1000 at a time or will the prefix carry on to other smaller purchases of codes?
  25. Ok we have a about 13 of this coin left for sale. The club would rather not resort to selling these coin on "the other place". This coin was produced for the 2010 Peoria Area Cache Bash in Peoria, IL GC2D6ZZ. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to The Peoria Area Cachers. These coins can be purchased from www.ebcoins.net/store or directly from myself and are $12 plus $2.00 s/h 1.5" Diameter 3mm Thick Trackable on Geocaching.com 50 Minted Does not have a unique icon yet. (Maybe Next Year!)
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