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  1. Thanks Scotty. When you download a GPX file to the satmap does it give you all the information on the cache webpage, i.e. details, hint, previous logs etc?
  2. I am looking to buy a GPS, at the moment the satmap Active 10 plus is looking rather tempting. Does anyone out there have experience of this GPS? I am looking to find out how useful this system is for geocaching Thanks Emma
  3. Hello everyone, I am considering doing a new set of virtual caches in Bristol for the Gromit Unleashed event taking place this year. Between July and September there will be 80 gromits around Bristol. I am thinking that creating a virtual cache for each gromit will encourage more people to visit the gromits and an added bonus for anyone planning to visit them. It'll be a lot of work for me to set up the caches, so I am looking for an indication that people would be interested? Gromit Unleashed Thanks Countrysnail
  4. Anyone out there use Blackstar on a blackberry? I have recently become a premium member and I am trying to work out how to download the .GPX files and PQs into Blackstar. I have discovered bcaching.com but I haven't had any luck downloading the files - apparently I need to create a My Finds PQ first! I have followed the step by step process but still no luck. On top of this I cannot register on the bcaching.com forums to find any help Argghhh! Anyone have any ideas? Or am I better off downloading cachesense onto my BB? Thx Country Snail _@j
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