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  1. Since you decided to archive the first, I think that is the right way to go. From looking at and reading on the new one, that looks like a wonderful place to visit, and something that a lot of people might miss if it wasn't for caching. One thing I'll do when prepping for a new cache placement in a congested area (most of the area around me!) would be to pull the nearby caches into google earth, and then measure out where a relative "safe to place" area would be using the ruler tool, and then on down to that area to make the placement. Not knowing the area, but, looking via sat map, 32°22'52.17"N 64°40'35.08"W could be a potential viable place.
  2. Here is a small amount of trash pulled out from around Minus 30, SCUBA Cache.
  3. Spam of no spam, that is the question...... Regardless - 20+ (that is how many I found during a short search - I didn't look further) events were tagged with their message for the only purpose of selling personal geocoins. My initial thoughts were ok, whatever, delete it and move on, it was their additional emails afterwords that I didn't appreciate. Another thing to ponder - my event has 22 watchers, each of who would have gotten an email when the log was posted.
  4. The package is finally in FedEx's system, with a recieve date of the 29th. My apologies for the international trades - I will send as soon as I recieve the coins, but, it is not looking good to get them before your events.
  5. Boy, how many events/caches did they spam with that? They hit two of mine with that, and about a dozen others also. For some additional insight, see the following: Sorry but we will not be making it to the event. if you are interested in purchasing a coin or 2, just let us know. Thanks XXXX XXXX At 09:12 PM 9/23/2010 -0700, you wrote: >Hi XXXXX > >Cool Coin! We read your note and just wanted to see if you were coming to >the event? We're trying to get a ballpark headcount. > >Thanks! When we deleted their note on the cache we then recieved the following email from them. WoW You folks are really mean May that bad karma stay with you a long time Also, no coin was ever dropped into (or even dipped) into the event.
  6. My biggest concern is that I was told on Wednesday that all domestic orders were being sent out that day, which is apparantly not true (making the delivery today) There were a total of 45 or so orders - I would think these would have been a priorty to get shipped (especially considering they were recieved on 9/9/10)
  7. Just got the shipment notification myself.... of course - the tracking number isn't even in FedEx's system. At the earliest that would mean (if they are actually shiped tommorow) then the earliest I would see the coins would be on Tuesday of next week. Not very happy with the overall handling of things post order, and the lack of communication, and the ability to get any communication at all, and leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth, especially it will be 19 days since the coin was recieved from the mint. Unfortanitly, I am now not sure if any of the international trades will arrive in time.
  8. I've parked right near that cache..... of course, I wasn't a cacher then (thats not the most annoying one though... the most annoying one with us standing next to a cache in a vacation photo, not knowing about the cache (again, prior to caching) We had the same experience. The geowife laughed when I showed her the picture. We were next that same pole, before we started caching. It really is a great view. We only stopped by that one - no photos there. This is the one that we really beat our heads over. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...00-07dcafddbb62 Of course - thats a good reason to go back!
  9. Still waiting here in AZ too.... wife is getting VERY anxious! I really wish I had the tracking number, that way I knew where it was at (or not at)
  10. I've parked right near that cache..... of course, I wasn't a cacher then (thats not the most annoying one though... the most annoying one with us standing next to a cache in a vacation photo, not knowing about the cache (again, prior to caching) My favorite LPC is this one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b4-64c95416d3ac
  11. Heard from Oak Coins today.... looks like a lot are being shipped today and I guess mine are in that lot, but, at least I should have them soon! I have a UV tube I use at halloween somewhere - need to go dig that out!
  12. Ack..... still nothing here in Phoenix, AZ Well, if it is FedEx grounds - still have 2 hours left for delivery time.
  13. Nothing for us in the mail today - so - looks like they were not shipped last week. (I'm a one day mail time from Utah)
  14. No emails for me either - lat I heard was they were all supposed to have shipped Thursday, which means that I should have recieved it Saturday (if USPS) I am praying they show up today as I want to have one coin with me for an event tonight to help fill up the coin list for the event.
  15. I put a LOT of mine as PMO for one reason - the audit logs of who has looked at the cache. Unfortanitly, we have a few people in the area who are cache thieves.
  16. Bumping an ancient thread... the AZ Cache Bandit is back. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1WQP3 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2c-4960e7dda1b0 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC22JRK
  17. Thanks for all of the WONDERFUL co-hosts who have emailed and we have setup trades with so that we can feature a variety of different coins that we can use for the raffle at the event!
  18. I'm glad I'm only in Phoenix, AZ! Close to UT!
  19. Also... remember a lot of ebay regulars also use something such as auctionsniper (I do.....) Basically with ebay - I'm cheap - and I will wait for the right deal, and I have a well established price of what of I am willing to pay, if I don't get it - no biggie. I am wanting to pay a good price, and rarely am I desperate to grab something. The last "big" thing I used ebay for was bicycle parts - took 4 months to get what I wanted, but, most things I was able to nab at 30% less than the average selling price. I have purchased a few coins from ebay also - and several times have ended up paying less than the origonal cost!
  20. I am thinking that the delivery date should be comming up. Accounding to the google site the estimated ship was around the 14th.
  21. While all of the mystery coins are great- the one we would LOVE to own would be diver mickey since we are both active Scuba divers! (in fact, any scuba related coins)
  22. 01. Avroair --- Seattle 02. BAT --- Northeast Illinois 03. ELTADA --- Ontario 04. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO 05. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic 06. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC 07. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5 08. kayakerinme - Portland Maine 09. NOSNOW - Minnesota (Twin Cities) GC2C0TP 10. Space Coast Geocachers Merritt Island, FL 11. hjnielsen - Kaysville, Utah 12. LionsLair - Forgotten Coast, Florida (Apalachicola/Mexico Beach) 13. AlliedOz - Perth, Western Australia 14. JoenSue - New Jersey 15. AtlantaGal - South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) 16. mmacgown - Long Island, New York 17. anne.and.eli - Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA 18. Cache_in_Hand, MustangJoni & Hedge Hopper - Dallas, TX 19. fatkidsOTWunite - Georgia (Columbus) 20. Vanelle - Ithaca, NY 21. Cache Addict - Denver, Colorado 22. mar-elendili - Switzerland 23. GeoGerms and 808ladybug - O'ahu, Hawai'i 24. WebXXI & Fraldinhas - Portugal 25. Lizzardman - UK 26. Lag Pins - Ft Myers, FL 27. mattfamily - Akron, Ohio 28. Cache Kitty ---- Lafayette, Indiana 29. Lost-A-Pair - Bend, Oregon (Central Oregon) 30. Gelugon - Emerald Coast, NW Florida 31. DresselDragons - SWPA 32. Frank AZ and NJ Girl - Phoenix AZ
  23. I'm also looking to trade a few 10/10/10 for other 10/10/10 - would be great for the raffle for our 10/10/10 event also!
  24. I thought this one up last week and couldn't resist sharing. and for reference - that is a fine point sharpie on the travel bug. Actual size is 9" x 15 3/4" (7.5 times original size) on 1/8" thick aluminum with the lettering in adhesive vinyl.
  25. This occurs at one of the local lakes here in AZ also - I've participated for a few years (missing a few also) as a diver doing underwater trash removal, and it is always an excellent event.
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