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  1. I am new to benchmark hunting. I noticed that the coordinates that are listed for the benchmarks have NAD 83 next to them. Does this mean that the map datum is NAD 83 as opposed to WGS 84 which most geocachers use?
  2. I think it is a great idea !! Since I also road rally, let me offer some suggestions. You don't want your participants suffering any traffic violations or ending up in jail. So why not determine the shortest course of travel to the locations, measure that distance, give the participants an average speed to travel (say 30 miles per hour), have participants depart anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes apart. You can calculate the exact time they should arrive and clock them in at each location. Give them points for early or late arrival at the location (ie. 0 for exactly on time; 1 point for every hundreth of a minute early or late). Low score wins. If you want to know more contact me.
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