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  1. probably hid the cache and then bartered the gps for a cow or something!
  2. Another wierd one is his mate called bushratgh who has 5 caches hidden & none found and all of them seem to have no finds just a few notes posted on them. Must have different rules over that neck of the woods or not many caches found to hidden stats!
  3. Going off Memory Map and Fugawi, I use Anquet software and it does me just fine. It works with my Garmin 60cs perfect as I mainly use it for fell walking and the route transfer is amazingley accurate to the point of unreal for example the last walk I did was Mickle fell and the only way up is along the fenceline and over few streams to the cairn and it led me straight to it! When I got home and uploaded my walk it even showed the snailtrail of me working out the stream negociations! But you can put proximity alarms and emergency routes off the trail that you wish to work on and the usb update is the same engine as Etrail uses so my cash was not wasted when I sold my Vista. At the end of the day it is down to preference and ease of use but Anquet is easy peasy for me and the software is not that expensive (if you don't want the full country)
  4. I have only just got into this hobby, having started by accident just finding other uses of my GPS and the thing that is keeping me going is my daughter who is enthusiastic enough but will only go so far (she has a problem with her bones growing faster than her age) and when I go on these finds I have two things to consider (location,location,location!) not in an aline skirt and scarf I might add AND THIS FINAL THOUGHT: But yeah I have been out on my own and sometimes thought is it worth it!! But you know what really really makes it interesting??? The killer blow that makes it all worth while?? That moment you find the cache??? It isn't the points, the location, or the cleverness of the cache planter(soz that sounds horrid!) It is walking away knowing that there is only a very small tiny bit of this worldwide population that knows it is there and the rest of the world doesn't!!! AND IT IS US!!!!!
  5. looking at my Anquet map that does seem feasable thanks
  6. brill! I didn't even know I was sitting near so many trigs too thanks for that
  7. Hmm nothing much comes up apart from domes nothing on cartigraphy either, but these blocks were following a definate straight line upwards rather than curving and they wer on the other side of the fence too which was wierd. I just had this vision that the army were playing shot put with their bombs and it saved on tape measure!
  8. ooh where do you log trigpoints? Cos if I had known this was part of said same hobby I would have had something else to do instead of trailing up some peak and holding my mate's roachpole in the wind while he sits on his butt chatting to other sota guys holding his bit of pen and paper. Then I would have some points to claim tooo
  9. While out on Mickle Fell the other week, me and my walking pal kept spotting small concrete posts with numbers counting up as we headed to the peak but they were on the other side of the fence, has anyone got any ideas what they were for as we were baffled. The first one we spotted was 73 and the last one was 90 something. My friends theory was they have something to do with old OS maps but I reckon they had somthing to do with the forces as we were walking on Warcop overshoot land.Can anyone help me resolve this as nothing on the net comes up, and Jeeves knows nowt!!
  10. double oops oh well I missed the extra 0 out picky! but I do have the quality goods still hee!hee! And no comments and quality and how you use it please
  11. on a better note I do know a man who can get all Garmin related stuff at very competitive prices than on e-bay i.e. gps,software,cables,mounts. He does sell mostly ballooning stuff and etrex bits on t'Bay if you wish i can forward you his mail.
  12. oops my mistake!! Sorry I do get a bit mucking fuddled. what I meant to say was the basic etrex does not have a data cable with it - you have to puchase seperately and you can only download 50 waypoints and one route unlike the Legend or Vista but I went for the Vista and found it greattt but now I have a 60cs and can never get lost no matter how hard I try!
  13. Don't bid for a plain yellow etrex as you cannot use a data cable - this is a basic unit
  14. While we are on about grid refs - While out on Mickle Fell the other week, me and my walking pal kept spotting small concrete posts with numbers counting up as we headed to the peak but they were on the other side of the fence, has anyone got any ideas what they were for as we were baffled. Oh and another point dont no-body even think about setting up a cache there as it is on private land and is an overshoot for the army, has several small streams (one big wide one) and is just heather, rabbits, sheep and grouse! so it would be a level 5+/5+ if there is such a grade!
  15. There is another way, just download the waypoints from each cache and upload them to your gps unit then transfer the waypoints on Mapsource from your GPs and measure the distance using the ruler tool. Here endeth the lesson.
  16. I did but I would not have liked to lug all that gear to the top of any peak- It's bad enough watching my mate with his Sota gear on his back! But it was very interesting how the British Isles was mapped out so we could hide our sandwich boxes!
  17. Yeah I tend to get as close as the motor will take me then walk to said cache but I have the daddy of GPS units and this may start a new topic here so I will stop bragging
  18. Hi, The Wentworth Wanderer Caches are all mainly fields and a bit of woodlands apart from WW4 which is a virtual cache around a couple of churches. The nearest cache to where you are stopping in Sheffield is Woolley Rail and that is a nice little walk from Meadowhall. Hope this helps.
  19. Well I use mine for when the fog comes down on the hills and the compass is nigh on useless! but my daughter uses it for the virtual maze game and getting in a spin with Gekoids (Garmin 6ocs) It is also fun to use on Autoroute when trying to get to caches by road and realising the road finishes up as a dirt track!!
  20. This has got to be the best one to fool muggles and could get you arrested: While I was out doing Worsbrough Country Park Deca-cache I was all set to open the cache when an elderly gent walked past me and without even realising my stance he uttered the words and I quote "when tha's got to go..." and carried on his merry way, I then had a quick recap on my position and noticed my back was turned away from the pathway facing the woodland clutching this tupperware box as close to me as I possibly could get!! Hence the reasons of this guys sentence. So I reckon this beats tying laces and looking for lost dogs!
  21. thanks for the link idea!! I will remember next time and yeah I have had a few branch springbacks too ! All said and done it has not deterred me and I do agree the drive is more painfull between caches and I didn't get any sympathy from my wife when i got home But the back is fine now apart from when I have to go and do something for my beloved then I have selective ache syndrome!
  22. Hi all, I just thought I would add this post and see if anyone else had had any painfull experiences in their relentless search for caches?? to see what I am getting at, read my comments on aeolian sky multi cache then share you're experiences as I am sure i am (well I hope) not the only one who has had a slight miss-hap to date.
  23. Dont put one on Mickle Fell as you have to get permission just to walk on this beautifull baren beck and heather filled piece of land from the landowner and ensure the MOD are not messing with their ammo nearby. So it is doubly private!
  24. Hey I don't think I am doing too bad for a newbie but what helped was the Worsborough Deca-Cache and a daughter pinning to do something on Sunday's!
  25. my favorite is: 'I usualy take one day at a time but lately they seem to have all come at once!'
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