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  1. Nah!! I just like to add a bit of detail to my gps unit - sort of thing -
  2. Hmm when I did the three peaks last year all I got to see was fog and snow on the Ben in June!! But the excercise I did was to take on a few Lakeland Peaks, I started local, Kinder Low, Then steamed straight into The Calf and Yarlside two weeks later, and Kirk Fell/Great Gable after that. What a killer Yarlside was , no tracks only scrubs of grass to hold on to! At least on Ben Nevis there is a twisty bendy relentless path to walk up. Anyway the point is now I have taken up this glorious hobby of fell walking, my flaming knees are as good as wanting a stanah to come down on! I should stick to training on a few hill walks to set you ready for Ben Nevis and not a few staircases Oh and some Leki poles as well.
  3. thanks for that load of info, I will have a good play but I have tried the poi convertor and it dont seem to work with the camera database in excel format or pushpin format so I think I am doing something wong , is there anywhere that just gives me straight waypoints to send to my gps?
  4. thanks for the starting point but all the downloads seem to relate to pda's or tom -tom gear - cheers anyhow matey!
  5. I don't know if anyone has asked this before but does anyone know where I can download waypoints for gatso camera's for my 60cs as I like to keep abreast of things while in strange areas, (I aint got points but there is always a first time ) Plus I am not a speed merchant but I like my icons on my gps - it makes my journey more interesting! Also apologies if this gets locked for being off topic
  6. Ok here goes : first of all the grid ref for parking is: Glen Nevis visitor centre: G.R.123730 Or Glen Nevis Youth Hostel: G.R. 128718 Bed n Breakfast spots: Glenlochy Guest House: 01397 702909 Rhu Mhor Guest House: 01397 702213 Achintee Farm: 01397 702240 Mr Fraser, Glen Nevis: 01397 701436 Corrie Duff , Glen Nevis: 01397 701412 Craig Nevis Guest House : 01397 702023 The Campsite numbers: Glen nevis Caravan & Camping Park: 01397 702191 Lochy Caravan/Camping Park: 01397 703446 Hope this is of help, also don't forget to take the Scottish Midge Repelent with you You can find these in any U.K. d.i.y. store found under the mallet section! cos the spray stuff is nigh on useless!
  7. but on saying you got dodgy e-mails I got one on this topic Before I even knew what was going on! So had I read it I would not have posted my comments and had worked out what it was all about (in hindsight!)
  8. S'got nowt to do with me that one - but have a good two hours worth
  9. Before I do close it - The words kettle and black pot come to light when talking to someone else who searches for tupperware in the woods!!!
  10. Right thats it -you have straighted me out - i will go back under my stone and not grumble any more - Just did not think it was a bang to rights type rule what with all the politics that goes on here - so I will apoligise and not rock the boat no more - not - ever ever - honest cross my heart and all that crawly stuff do please forgive me So very sorry and did not mean to offend-- oh and I will lock the subject .
  11. Well to be honest - I find it blows a hole in the water of the whole find/note and log idea of geocaching! I may as well make my daughter a member and put her down as finding all the caches she has tagged along with me -even the I noted them!! But thanks for saying it was you as I took a stab when looking at the notes and did not want to get too political. Cans of worms here we come
  12. Forgive me for getting a wee bit frustrated and all that but I have spotted this group of happy little boys logging finds before they are even members and their names are not even in the logs - unless at a stab in the dark it is another cacher's clan - If so is this a fair thing to do i.e. log a find then make all family members cachers and let them log finds on cache pages? Or am I just getting a grumpy old number's man?
  13. Stick with being paranoid but there is such a thing as profile checking too!! (my daughter is on the gallery plus she is mentioned on many of our finds) and besides that I may have a trany stand-up nick-name but that is due to apreciating the humor only!! Also school-girl uniforms don't really suit me
  14. Yeah I know it is starting to vear off a tad but happy birthday to you! So back with the original thread - So far Ellen's cache group is equal to her school mates (4) so she is getting well pleased she is now nearly got an equal number of buddies but is still on the hunt for more like minded mates so keep 'em rolling!
  15. Hmm I think she has outgrown the kid's age group (my wife is 37 nearly!) but I will ask her if she wishes to participate in writing a story on how a total sceptic felt about coming caching for the firt time EVER!
  16. Got to lull them into a false sense of security first And then go for the big wet muddy finds!!
  17. I took my other half out today on a find for the first time as she has been a real sceptic for these last few months and I do believe she has been slightly nipped (not bitten) but time will tell!
  18. Cheers for that - I am sure she will be well pleased she's not the only Cacher in the village!!
  19. Hi All, The reason I am asking this is because my daughter thinks she is Billy no mates at school with this hobby and would like to make on-line friends with any of you good people's kids who are of like minded ideals!! Plus all she does is bitch about other school-mates to her only other class mate on msn!! I don't know if this is the correct way of going about this what with all the wierdies out there on the web but just to be on the safe side and for vetting purposes if anyone has kids who chat about caching on msn, could you mail me and I will add them as contacts for my young-un to natter to or vise versa. cheers
  20. Don't know if I am the only one but I thought I would make a start on here as everyone is sat in e-bay pressing f5 and not working out the clues and I want a break. So to the point is anyone trying to work out the conections or am I the only baffled one ???
  21. oops there are some very like minded folk on tonight!!!!
  22. Hmmmmm.. I know this is a stupid question but have you tried to email him/her? Maybe there is a perfectly reasonable excuse for holding onto a travel bug for 4 months!!
  23. Thats me a fully fledged member so I am off to the nearest member's only cache! No seriously it's well worth the money and all goes towards the upkeep of this site.
  24. I have just caught up with this thread and am sorry to hear Brain is hanging up his COTM boots. But I must give him plenty of applause,cheers and "for he's a jolly good fellow!" and other stuff along them lines for the time he has taken in keeping the table going for as long as it has been. And I will now have to devise a personal table for me and my Daughter to try to improve upon each month as this table was really what made my Daughter make an effort to get out and go walking (she is suffering a growth spurt and gets in real pain to excercise) instead of sat indoors playing games and watching movies! Anyway from me and the rest of the gang on here. "Thanks for all your time and effort you put in, now go get hunting - you have some tupperware that is begging to be found!!!"
  25. S'ok, this may be usefull as a hot topic - unless another UK member has done a topic on this previously. But at least I have made myself usefull for a change My new job as Custmomer Sevice Advisor must be wearing onto this forum (and I aint even got to using the phone yet!!!)
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