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  1. Hi Clyde, After a bit of tinkering version 4.1.3 works like a charm with the USB support for Garmin 60C. You have now reached the end of cache file management! Hehe! One question that I couldn't find the answer for in the forums or elsewhere. I am used to using Mapsource to input the waypoints and it uses the waypoint name(ie gck903) instead of the title. GSAK entered the waypoints to my 60C using abbreviated title names. Is there a way to change this? I promise I spent an hour trying to figure this one out. Thanks, John
  2. I think I count 4 methods(5 if you count the second mathematical formula) given by my fellow goecachers. I will try them all, see what happens and post it here. Don't expect an answer soon , though, I am still contemplating this cache--Thanks!
  3. If a person had two waypoints and wanted to use the first as a starting point and project to the second, how can this be calculated? It would seem to me that it would have to be calculated, not estimated or the error would be too large over a long distance. Thanks.
  4. Perhaps newer Clie's have "mini-USB" but mine only has the connector that sits on the cradle--it appears as if it has 13 pins/connectors. I suppose a better question for the forum would be "What can you do when the 60 and the Clie are connected?--What sorts of programs transfer the data--Cachemate?
  5. You are right when you say that Clyde is always available. robertlipe is just not getting any help from Garmin thus I use EasyGPS for now--it is just so cluttered to have to run it that way. Patience IS a virtue!
  6. Good thinking Smogman--unfortunately this won't work for me since I have a 60C not 60CS and the latest version is 3.30 and it is not a beta version. robertllipe, I would say the problem is lack of garmin COM1/USB support, but I am new to this and don't know a lot about data transfer. As it stands now, I think I have 3 options--I can buy a serial cable, I can use another program to import my waypoints, or I can hope that this is fixed in the next 60C update. Sigh!
  7. OK, I have read this thread and learned a lot so far. Two things here that I didn't see in the threads--First, There is a problem with the GPSBable "under the hood" in GSAK that is being worked on by the GPSBabel people. The problem doesn't allow for USB transfer of waypoints, which is a drag since that is the only cable I have. It is of interest, though, because I thought I read where one of the posters said that he had uploaded using GSAK and USB. Secondly--do any of you know if it is possible to get a cable to transfer Cachemate data from a PDA, specifically Clie, to a 60C? Would this be but a little slice of heaven?
  8. Yes, unfortunately, this is a known problem with the USB/COM1 with the Garmin 60C. I saw that you had contributed to the cause, Clyde. I see that there are no guarantees on a fix, especially if no one contributes enough to buy a 60 for them to work on. I have already registered Cachemate and GSAK and as of this writing I can't make myself put more money into a not-so-sure thing. It might be a good idea for you to place a warning on your download page telling owners of 60's of this problem, since it renders GSAK useless for transferring via USB. Can you recommend another program such as GSAK? I know there are many. Thanks, John
  9. All right, Clyde. Here are the results. GPSBabel Version: 1.2.3 Tx Data:00 GPS_Packet_Read: No DLE GARMIN:Can't init COM1 finish bad I'll say the finish was bad, the finish was terrible.
  10. Clyde, I don't see one called babel.bat, only one BABEL with a cogwheel icon and another babel with a msdos icon. Running either of these only opens a black window for a second and then nothing.
  11. Yes, Clyde, I am using Me. You emailed me new versions as you updated them last week with the cahchemate debug-hang problem. I rebooted, tried it with debug checked under options and on the Sending waypoints page, as well as having the fix Me hang problem and it still has a neverending Sending Waypoints... Label1 box showing. Any further ideas on what to do?
  12. Clyde, I am having the same problem. I just sent maps to my 60C without any problem, but can't send waypoints--it just says Sending Waypoints... indefinitely. I am thinking it is a setting problem but I don't know what. Come to think of it, I had this problem before I started using cachemate and I have only used EasyGPS to send waypoints to my 60C. Thanks
  13. I am starting out with Cachemate on my Sony Clie. I load it wikth GSAK and it is a huge improvement over all those printouts!! I would like some hints as to what tips and/or tweaks you guys that have been using it for a while might have. One thing in particular is that the hints start out decoded instead of encoded--I found this odd. Any help is appreciated!
  14. What operating system are you running - let me guess windows 98 or ME? Me--how'd you guess?
  15. Well, Clyde, I have encountered a problem and it says to notify you! When I attempt to export to cachemate PDB a box says Running CmConvert "Under the hood" connecting... then No response from CmConnect within 90 seconds. Unable to complete conversion. All of this seems odd because I used cachemate yesterday for the first time and the files loaded into my clie perfectly. This all occurred when I attempted to use my new PQ. I updated to 3.04 and then uninstalled and reinstalled it when it still didn't work. Same thing. Oh, by the way, I will be registering, because I too have a wife that wonders what the hell I am doing in here at this computer all the time. Thanks in advance!
  16. consciousNOT

    Cachemate 3.5

    Ok, I can't seem to figure this one out. I downloaded cachemate and opened my PQ with GSAK. All went fine into my clie and everyone is happy. New PQ came and I overwrote it on my pc, just like I always do, and Exported to Cachemate PDB file and then.... a box says Running CmConvert "Under the hood" connecting... and then No response from CmConvert within 90 seconds. Unable to complete conversion. Notify Clyde ifs it continues. Something seems to be corrupt--I suppose it could be a setting. I tried restarting everything including the PC. Clyde, or anyone else, HELP!! Thanks in advance
  17. I have had a 76cs and a 60c and can say that the 2 function in similar ways--minor differences. The 76 does have a more detailed basemap but it is not adequate for navigating to a cache or anywhere off the beaten path. The basemap on the 60 only had interstates and major highways. I bought the 60C for the autonav feature and it works great--not perfect but none of them are, and it is much more geocache friendly(even though I don't use the geocache mode--yet). Personally it was not worth the extra money for the compass and barometer feature--you may feel differently. Also the batteries in my 60C last forever!! Bottom line--the 76 is more marine/outdoorish and the 60 is for geocaching/autonav but can still do everyting the 76 can. Merely my humble opinion!
  18. Thanks a lot--you guys should be working for Garmin. It amazes me how the manuals for the GPS's and the maps are really just starters. It takes quite a while to learn how to make these things work the way we want. Peace, John
  19. Hehe--you guys are incredible--you are not going to believe this!! I might have figured that out on my own except for one thing--last night when I was getting ready for my excursion today, I was playing around with simulated routes. It kept asking for offroad vs. onroad and I thought who would need this offroad so I checked the box that said don't ask this again!! Well now I have hit all the restore defaults that I can find but still can't get it to ask me whether I want offroad or onroad. Any other suggestions as I sit here baffled? Thanks, John
  20. Hi all, I bought a 60C about a week ago and did a few caches and just loved it. I would watch the map page until I parked the car or got close and then switched over to the compass page and follow the bearing pointer straight to the cache. Since I wanted to use the 60C as a nav in the car I bought the CitySelect software and installed it and its is also great. Now the problem. I downloaded some caches to the unit and set off in my car with the autorouting in full force. It took me straight the the location but when I got out and tried to find the cache I had no bearing pointer on the compass page. I stopped navigation and switched to course pointer and restarted the navigation and the compass will rotated but no pointer. Whether the unit is on bearing pointer or course pointer there is only a small red circle in the center of the screen when navigating. I have read the manuals and find no reason for this or a setting that will allow me to have a bearing pointer for that last 0.25 mile. Please tell me I need to change a setting or something because it is going to be a rough geocaching career if I have to follow that tiny red pointer until this unit wears out. Thanks in advance, John
  21. Hi all, I just bought a 60C and the display seems rather dark when I use it indoors for loading waypoints, etc, but outside the display is fine. What causes this?--I don't want to have to use the backlight indoors but I can't find a way to changet the contrast. Thanks
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