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  1. Mr. Rusty,


    Despite my well-documented ability to attract law enforcement where ever I am, I have not been able to do so in PA. Ergo, I can only conclude the PA is officially lawless.


    This despite driving one vehicle with out-of-state expired tags from a Western state, leaving it running smack next to the police station when run into Wawa.


    Other instances of my "near brushes" are slanderous lies. When that DEC Officer chased me, I was a victim. That open refreshing adult beverage in my hand while I darted across the road without a helmet, insurance, or plates, was not my fault. That's why I had the good sense to keep going.


    "When it doubt, throttle it out."

  2. I relocated from NY to Philadelphia three months ago. Someone please tell me what color the State Trooper cars are in PA.


    I can't believe I haven't seen ONE. I have an uncanny ability to attract them, but as of yet haven't seen one.


    Apparently the speed limits are entirely suggestive ...

  3. Hey "Dick and Song Bug,"


    Great to see you guys again! I happened upon this thread and wondered why something was so familiar ... Of course, my ol’ buddies from Phoenix Fed! Boy, your comments really brought back some great cellblock memories.


    I love the on-line names, what a hoot! If it's "Dick and Song" now then I guess the surgery was a go? If so, glad to hear it, I know it was something you really wanted.


    Anyway, great to see you guys on the "other side!" Let’s cash … errrr, ‘cache’ together soon!


    Your friend (and I’ve got the tattoos to prove it!),


  4. The DEC insurance issue is a bit of a kick-in-the-pants. Excellent points on why it would even be required given similar uses by "hiking groups, birdwatcher, hunters," etc.


    I'd like to post the .pdf of the application somewhere. Can someone guide me to where it could be posted for download?



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