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  1. thanks for your fast feedback when i use the finds by username (faster than the profile page ;-) i didn´t see the 3rd one My link hmm?
  2. hi, today i have found and logged 3 caches - these three caches are listed as usually on the profile page (last 30days..), but the counter has added only +2 (stat bar, finds and loglistings all the same)! in the listing "all caches by username" there are only 2 caches listed which i found today, one is also missing!? this one here is it... never noticed here a mismatch before any ideas?
  3. thanks for answer, but i look for the ground zero base coords outside the us - ge is powerfull, but didn´t help me here ;-) long time ago there was a topic to that thema, but i didn´t find it again...
  4. hello, when you search for caches in and around a town or city, Geocaching.com determines baseline coordinates to calculate distances to those caches - those baseline coords are ground zero - did someone know: - are there ground zero coords for non-us cities too? - how did i find them? thanks for help
  5. problem solved - closed thanks
  6. hi, i have problems to get emails from gc.com - this happens on all channels: notifications, logs for own caches, copy of contacts - problem starts saturday evening - any idea? the same mailadress works in a separate test and yes, i checked my spamfolder... thanks
  7. hi to all in the georgia area, we have some time between our connection flights in heartsfield international and plan some caching in the area, but have to move only with marta (or by taxi) - has somebody already created a *.kmz file for google earth? - in the ge community i didn´t find something about - otherwise, if you have any idea which cache is located near public transportation, please be so kind and post it here - thanks jack_sparrow
  8. does anyone know what happen to one of our travellers, SQUIRT http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...64-0b345b260897 listed last time at the BBQ POTLUCK http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a5-83575880b1ef event on june 25th, 2005 near denver? two other travellers are also missing from 27 travellers seen there - this is a loss of more than 11 percent... thanks in advance Jack_Sparrow
  9. 3 please - if trackable at gc.com as state coins not as personal coins - also sent email - thanks
  10. is anyone in the us so kind and can order 2 wisconsin geocoins for me? they didn´t accept a paypal account outside the us... the finance deal will go over paypal...if there are more coins availible, which are trackable at gc.com, and i didn´t have yet, i am interested too ... thanks in advance
  11. i didn´t found if the coins are trackable at gc.com ? and if yes in a separate line? thanks in advance theo
  12. please put me down for two... thanks Jack_Sparrow
  13. status update: looking for unactivated trackable coins at gc.com such as - geowoodstock - gb - cc - new jersey i can trade them for german gold coins or cash or mixed... wait for your offer
  14. UPDATE: still have unused gc-coins - german silver - german gold lookin for unused trackable gc-coins, for example - gwiii - gb - michigan/new thanks in advance
  15. UPDATE: still have unused gc-coins - german silver - german 1st release lookin for unused trackable gc-coins, for example - gwiii - south afrika - gb thanks in advance
  16. still have unused gc-coins - german gold - german silver - german 1st release lookin for unused trackable gc-coins, for example - gwiii - colorado thanks in advance
  17. Hi, a simple question for the export to garmins mapsource with mps/gpx - is there a chance to assign the temporary closed/not availible caches (the red ones in GSAK) a DIFFERENT cache symbol (similiar as it worked with included tb´s, for example)? thanks in advance theo
  18. Yes. Any custom URL you want included in the the html code just preceed the name with a ! (exclamation mark) For more informtion please the help file or onliine here http://gsak.net/help/hs7730.htm Clyde, thanks for your fast answers. I am lookin for a paperless solution in HTML on my pda - offline. The --!-- brings me (only) one or more Hyperlinks. Let me specify the first question a little bit: Can GSAK insert the RESULTs of the custom urls (like pictures from MapQuest, GoogleMaps) into the html-code for OFFLINE-viewing automatically at the generation process? Thanks again in advance Theo
  19. clyde, tanks again for gsak - i am on my way for my paperless caching solution but the procedure is a little bit too complex at the moment: first i prepare pics from mapquest in a special zoom factor from yagcu and from spoilersync the pics with html in the cachedescription. than copying them in two diffent directories ./cache/berlin/maps/ etc i modify the CACHE.HTM file like ------------------------------------------------ <img src="./maps/<#code>.gif"><p> <a href="./spoiler/<#code>.html">Spoiler</a><br> ------------------------------------------------ and generate the html code. movin to sd-card into my dell... all things are fine, but is there any way to simplify the complete procedure with gsak? a. is there any chance that the custom urls are executable and wrote there result into the html-code? b. can i put the downloaded pics via macro into the user_notes? c. are there other possibilities to modify the CACHE.htm file, like font style etc.. d. what does the function cache density mean exactly? i gave gsak 500km and get as a result the top 50 caches with a 390 left behind??? a lot of questions, but the first one is the most important one... thanks in advance theo
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