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  1. Payment can be either PayPal or check/money order. Don't Forget to Add the S&H to your payment!! The only discount on Shipping & Handling will be to the 2 Coin Groups that ordered! Sorry! ***** ANY S&H FOR OUTSIDE THE US WILL BE $2.00 PER COIN!!! ***** Checks will need to clear before it ships. Paypal can be sent to sconlin_68@yahoo.com . If you are paying by check/money order just email me and I'll give you the address. Make sure you also post here that your payment is sent one way or the other so I can track the payments and non-pays! Make sure you also list your caching name on your check/money order or Paypal! Non-pays will resort the coins to the next on the waiting list, so don't miss yours!! Thanks for all the support on this coin!!
  2. I just grabbed it from GrandpaKim!!
  3. Only 10 Bronze coins left!! Get what you want before they are gone!
  4. I best get looking for one of those ISQ caches!! The race is on!
  5. I have a trade I would like to offer for the MIGO Fall: 1 Antique Bronze Fire Elemental Coin - Only 250 minted! 1 Antique Silver Fire Elemental Coin - Only 100 minted! 1 Shiny Gold Fire Elemental SE Coin - Only 10 minted, very RARE! Any takers on this complete set? FE
  6. Here is the list of those who have a pre-ordered Antique Silver Coin: cornerstone4 joe frog BCEMA5 AB4N Terrible T's Shop99er f0t0m0m Bjornian Cruiser Dude Smokey & Teacher tin-ear cascadepkr graylling yemon yime Touchstone Rupert2 dagg pghlooking ou8alizzard XRN95 Atlanta Gal ICE (Coin Group) 7 members COOL (Coin Group) 14 Members cavscout Blind Avacado Team Nazgul Ladycacher Jake - Team AI bullit Krauss-McClurg Mauison Team Simpson KC0GRN Thorny1 IceCreamMan Wolfmaster Silver Marc M&M Hunter Legna & Soulbait Tean Bigdawg Ghostwriter13 Albatross1901 Camp Explorer odragon Bison Woman donbadabon Yogurt99+1 darthmaul3 minz Doughball Junglehair PrairiePartners Utah Jean trailhound geolands Mount10Bike If your name is not on the list and you expressed interest in an Antique Silver coin, I have it on a list to offer if a pre-order does not pay! Thanks for the orders!
  7. As of 4:40 AM the Antique Silver coins are gone! All Pre-orders are recorded and I will post who has a silver in a little bit! Thanks to all orders!
  8. When you email me of your pre-order can you tell me your forum name as well that wayI can decipher the orders listed on the forum with the ones coming to my email. Thanks, FE
  9. If you are just wanting to trade email me your intentions and I'll put you on the waitlist I have and if there are any left I can offer a trade! I may end up doing more coins down the road from the look of it!
  11. Hello All, I have a final design on the New Fire Elemental Geocoin!! I am now begining pre-orders and they will be first come first serve! I have 200 Antique Bronze 1.75" Coins for $7.00 each + $1.00 S&H per coin. I have 75 Antique Silver 1.75" LE Coins for $7.50 each + $1.00 S&H per coin. Bronze are unlimited! LOOKS LIKE 5 BRONZE COINS LEFT AS OF 9:25 PM MST OCT. 5! SILVER are LIMITED to 1 per Person !!! SILVER COINS ARE SOLD_OUT!!! Let me know your intentions soon as I expect they wont last long. Thanks, Fire Elemental
  12. I will have my own personal geocoin in a couple months and would love to trade you then for one if you still have some not spoken for!
  13. Yeah, Put me down for 1 silver and 5 regular. Email sent to you!
  14. WOW!! Thank all of you SO MUCH for the help. I am just a newbie with a 60cs and all of you are the genius'. Again I appreciate the help. FIRE ELEMENTAL
  15. I have a new 60cs and it is full of waypoints and a bunch are now found and still taking up space . I know I can go to each waypoint and delete but is there a way to delete found waypoints in large quantities? Thanks to anyone who can help me!!
  16. How about "Drive me fast, Just add CASH!"
  17. For those of you who like to find micro and nano caches, don't forget the trusty pair of tweezers in those packs!!
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