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  1. I suppose if I want to be a purist I could delete the adventure entries but then how much farther would I be from 5000? After all Its just a number but I am happy I got to 5000 on a 5/5 cache!
  2. very helpful I'll have to check on that
  3. Is there anything to be done when my cache count jumps and extra 5? I was at 5000 before this weekend but after doing 4 caches this weekend I'm at 5009.
  4. ok I said I was an old cacher, seems I can't get the pictures to download!
  5. Well here is what I see from the GPS. I did manage to get out today and it seems all the downloads show up as the coordinates from the geocaching website with an extra "0" added on. So if nothing else I guess it workable.
  6. maybe at lunchtime, and besides your asking a lot of an old cacher like myself! I just upgrades from a flip phone a few years ago and all this new fangled technology has me befuddled.
  7. I guess I'll have to update my GPS. I see hddd mm.mm, haven't been able to see the hddd mm.mmm
  8. I'm looking for the name of the datum system, there are a lot to chose from in the list that I get when I get to the map datum.
  9. I used to see my coordinates and N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555 now the GPS says n 42 32.99 w 079 34.55! supposed to be WGS 84 but that shows the shorter coordinates. Any idea how to get back to the old set of coordinates? Using a Garmin GPSMAP 64. It listed the old format but something changed.
  10. I was just looking at the wonders of the world in my area and saw that many of them haven't been found in 5 to 10 plus years! Wondering if the powers that be actually look at the caches and consider that fact, trying to get some actions on those caches, or are they just picking things our of their ARSE!
  11. boy is this fun! Had to go to the downloads in the computer drag the cache to the GPS and make sure it ends up in the GPX file.
  12. ok so google chrome lets me see beyond the first page but when i try to download a gpx it doesn't tell me where it download and i can't find a way to direct it to the GPS
  13. what about internet explorer? I can't get past the first page either, even thou it has worked in the past. Not sure how quickly we can expect help from HQ.
  14. Is headquarters not supporting the old dashboard anymore? I like to use the Find caches near your location and see what's around me, it will show a page BUT WHEN YOU attempt to look at the next page it is stuck on the first page only. The find caches near you isn't on the new dash board, despite all my request to include it. So sometime newer isn't always better. Any help would be appreciated FAH-Troop Jon
  15. Is anyone else having trouble with the new map? I don't like it compared to the old map but now it freezes after enlarging the area. no matter if you press any button nothing happens, am I just asking too much of the poor thing or have the new features overwhelmed the server(on whatever controls the actions of the map)?
  16. I guess I wasn't clear on my last post. it irks me that some caches have been abandoned and not being maintained by the owner but nothing is done with them, even after many DNF and many attempts to contact the CO with no reply. some of which are not d3.t4 but 1.5/1.5 I do realize that some are hard to find and very sneaky in the hiding and I enjoy those as much as the next cacher but there are those caches out there that should be checked on and are not either due to laziness on the CO or just put out there and never checked again.
  17. What i find really annoying is the caches that are still published but haven't been found in years and the CO hasn't been on line for years also. Seem the powers that be should be looking at these caches and achieving them if the CO has not been on line or the DNF go back for years. Just my two cents!
  18. it may have been covered but all I see with the new map is the caches and no map underneath it. Not too helpful. I use windows explorer I think.
  19. I too struggled with the lose of the send to GPS function and it took a few times to get the correct procedure. on the garmin GPSMAP64 once you go to the download and it asks run save or cancel, you need to click the save button and go to save as then be sure it's going to the garmin and open the GPX file folder. then it should show up like all the other caches that were downloaded with the go to GPS button, hope this helps. A lot better then creating a list and then transferring that list from/to the computer then to the GPS.
  20. Thanks for all the help with this, I finally got the thing to work, if I downloaded to the GPS he gpx file was there but not recognized in the basecamp. The download had to go to the GPX file folder on the GPS, then it finally showed on the basecamp and I assume will be there once I get out in the field. I did go thru the announcement section and after reading two pages of disgruntled cachers I gave up. Thanks for all the help!
  21. ok now they've eliminated the send to GPS function all together! I don't have much faith in the GPX file system since I'm not sure if the GPS is accessing that file system. I do have the app on my phone so that's a last ditch option if needed. WHY OH WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US? seems no one wants to support old systems. is that so that we have to upgrade every few years. Guess i'll have to drag myself into the 21st century!
  22. gave it a try and the cache ends up in the GPX file but doesn't show up in Basecamp so not to useful.
  23. Maybe someone can figure this out. I have a garmin GPSmaps64. When I try to transfer a cache on my home computer it doesn't recognize the garmin plugin or communicator. When I use my computer at work it works just fine. I have messaged garmin on many occasions but all they can tell me is I need to add the cache to a list and then transfer it to the GPS. this seems like a lot more work then just asking that the cache be transferred with the communicator. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. FAH-Troop
  24. It seems there has been a local (Western NY) cacher/CO that has been "locked". All caches have been disabled, no logging allowed to caches, No messages to CO. I was just wondering how someone can be locked out and what has to be done to unlock the CO?
  25. It seems to me there used to or maybe there is still a way to filter caches by attributes. Now that the snow is on the ground here in New York I would like some way to see which caches aren't winter friendly before setting out. Any help would be appreciated FAH-Troop
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