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  1. If anyone is attempting Gralorns jeep cache in the next few days and are interested in collecting a few more icons, I have hidden 3 new caches today to the north of Bath , all with new coins in ie. Iowa, Pennsylvania and a Geobash sent to me by Stuey. not as exciting as a jeep I know but if anyone is in the area they could clean up!!!!
  2. This baby is mine Gralorn. I've taken a weeks holiday this week to stop the Southern boys taking him back. The FTF is in the bag alraedy.
  3. There seems to be a white jeep in every other cache in Devon & Cornwall at the moment.
  4. 1000 apologies to Stuey who may have taken my previous comment seriously!!! I shall have to do more smiley faces in the future. As if I would want to end our wonderful relationship!!!!
  5. So thats why you have suddenly become my best mate Stuey. Sneaking your way in pretending to be friendly when all the time you are just after my icons. Our relationship is over.
  6. For anyone in the Wilts area our Iowa coin will be released within the week. Another great icon to obtain.
  7. Well done Dave and the rest of the crew. And thanks for all your assistance over various matters in the past.
  8. Well done to Stuey who like myself just got a Yank to send a jeep over - much easier than a 400 mile 11 hour round trip in the driving rain/fog eh Mike? (But not so funny). Next time you are in Trowbridge Stuey give me a shout and I'll settle the debt.
  9. OK Stuey. 2 pints say you won't have a photo of 2 white jeeps published on this page/E Mailed to me by the end of November. It won't happen. It can't be done. (7 days and the beer is mine Devon boy).
  10. Please keep all white jeeps away from Devon for the next week or so cos I got a bet on with Stuey that he cant get one by December. Make him work for it.
  11. 9 days to get a white jeep Stuey or you owe me a pint of Wiltshires finest ale.
  12. Let us know the venue and the Wilts cachers will be there just waiting to pinch any white jeep that turns up in the car park.
  13. We go out as a family, Mr (M) and Mrs G (F) + 2 little G's (2xF's). Mr G writes all the logs.
  14. Glad people are so excited re the jeep. Do people want me to say on the forums in future when one of our geocoins goes live with a new icon??? Will that create as much excitement as the jeep? Another 400m round trip perhaps? Do you dabble in coins Stuey? A pint (if we ever meet) says you don' have a white jeep by the start of December.
  15. And so the race is over. With the Molinnis Crew taking 1st place, Kitty Hawk 2nd, G&C stalling at the finish line and Gralorn stalling at the start. And Gowenhouse slept soundly throughout!!! You must all be nuts driving throughout the night in this weather. If you want a white jeep so badly, why dont you do what we did and call up a Yank and get him to send one over!!! Well done to all racers.
  16. Thanks Eckington. The lights are green and away they go with the Roving Rangies taking an early lead from Nobby.Nobbs. Bad luck to Gralorn who appear to have stalled their engine on the starting line. Anyone looking to follow the race for the jeep should type in postcode SN8 1AD.
  17. Ok. The jeep has been placed and we are just waiting on Lact or Eck to give it the OK. Start your engines people.
  18. The jeep is fuelled up and ready to go. I'm just off for a quick game of golf and then I'll drive him to his destination. Should be live by around 5pm I reckon. Perfect for tomorrow morning. Set your alarm clocks for 4.30a.m. (I'll have a lie in thanks!!!).
  19. There are 4 of us: Kevin 26th June (although someone has already said this) Natalie 20th May Katie 2nd Sept Lauren 10th May.
  20. All I can say is ' watch out for it this weekend!' The area we are placing it in is ....................... (as if we would say- it would spoil the fun)
  21. We would like 3 or 4 coins please.
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