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  1. We were introduced by G&C and have introduced ourselves : Five tasty Cookies, Ramsbury Walkers, YM Girl, O'Mara Clan, FourMiles & Roger&Liz.
  2. Thanks for all your help. Is there any near the Eiffel Tower?
  3. Visiting France next week. Does anyone know of any decent caches in Paris particularly near the landmarks Eiffel Tower etc. They will have to be quick ones as we only have a day in the city and I expect the wife will want to shop!!!
  4. Can't make it afraid. Will be at Eurodisney. Hope to meet everyone at our event in July.
  5. Following our introduction to caching, The FTCs (inlaws) have finally reached 200 and will now probably overtake us - thanks to our 80 hidden that we cannot log!!! Well done to all.
  6. Just completed Race the clock at the weekend and the white jeep in there is actually orange. Left it there for other cachers (still logged it though) as still trying to catch up with Stueys 5 white jeeps logged. Current score Stuey 5 Gowenhouse 3.
  7. After 2 years of Gowenhouse caching it will be great to see a few familiar names in person at our event in Bradford on Avon. Try searching postcode BA15 2RA. That will get you to the listing. If someone could post a link I would be most grateful as I couldn't get it to work!!!
  8. If anyone wants a white jeep Captain Goretex has just placed one in The Wombles cache in Bath called 'Race against the Clock'. You will have to work for it though. Search BA1.
  9. Our mentor from the start has always been The Wombles. It was great to meet Mr Womble so early into our caching experience and we have been chasing their amount of hides ever since. However just as it looked as though we may be catching up they have put on a spurt again and reached 100 so thanks for that Dave!!!
  10. Our surname is Gowen and we live in a house!!!
  11. M4 J18 (Bath) placed yesterday by ourselves and found today by 3 lots of cachers.
  12. BEAUTIFUL. 900am here in England and just got my order in. Thanks.
  13. Back to your corners please cachers. The bell has gone. Seconds out Round Two.....
  14. Can anyone help? Our Geocoin Charlie and Owens Charger is not racking up any miles and we dont understand why. If anyone can shed any light on this I would be grateful.
  15. Guys. As far as I am concerned you can put the bloody jeeps where you like. I don't care. I already have the icon!! Can't believe this great thread all materialised from us hiding an imported white jeep from the US, in Marlborough and Mikes overnight 400 mile trip.
  16. Bronze have arrived with me. The icon is fantastic. Thanks.
  17. We would be interested too. Could probably speak for the Five Tasty Cookies and Gralorn as well.
  18. We have released all of ours, they do travel well at the moment but I would recommend labelling them somehow to let the person picking up know it can be logged as we had a problem with someone new to caching didn't know what it was so picked it up and put the coin number on his log for the cache he found it in, he also didn't log the coin til we emailed him.
  19. We have released all our coins round the UK.
  20. Nice one Andy. Still beating you on hiding though!!!!
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