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  1. A good couple of months ago. Can see from geocaching site that our caches are still being found regularly. Set up primary email to different account yesterday and they are going through fine to that address so it must be something to do with our hotmail account (which is the one we would like to use). Thanks.

  2. Hi. Has anyone got any suggestions. We are not receiving any emails from the geocaching site. We have a hotmail account and they just suddenly stopped coming through. Not going to trash/spam and have checked they are not under the blocked list. Cant see a point of contact for hotmail to ask them and not getting much help from geocaching.com either. Would be grateful for any help/advice, many thanks.

  3. I know there is a specific thread for congrats links but personally think 2000 finds deserves a link of its own. Well done to Geoff, Jo and Libby for their 2000th. Perhaps now they will slow down and watch some telly!!! See you all next week Seymour buddies!!!

  4. As Gralorn has said the Bus Stop Boredom cache was an April Fool taking the mickey out of the MM series and Sidetracked series. I am certainly not continuing with the series and can't quite believe there is already a series re Bus Stops started out there. Anyway for all those who fell for it HA HA. We are in the process of a vote at present on the cache whether to keep or archive. :P

  5. Following on from the massive success of last years Picnic in the Park IT IS BACK and now live on the caching site. Last year we attracted over 50 teams and 150 people and it would be great to beat that. Look forward to seeing as many there as poss. Search on BA15 to find listing. If someone could provide a link that would be great.

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