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  1. Anyone knows how to use this functionality announced in the change log of 11.01.2022?
  2. Where is this done? I can't find this option... List of finds is not available via profile page even when the setting is set to PUBLIC when using FIREFOX! (chrome & edge working fine) https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?guid=XXXXXXX&tab=geocaches#profilepanel This seems a bug caused by this change.
  3. Again, another wrong decision by someone that is not in the field. Current info provided by API has no useful information enough.
  4. PM cannot even see their own founds! It shows only the first 1000 and even for that requires some long minutes scrolling down... It was good that someone that uses theses pages are coordinating these changes and not only technical skilled people implementing it. This can work from technical point of view, but not from usability. P.S. By the way I don't think the correct way to force your implementation is deleting posts of Geocachers unhappy with this without even notificate them!
  5. Why the buttons are not available in the Log page? In the cache page with list of logs the buttons are available, but if I press the "view log" and go to the log page I don't have these buttons available. It make sense to open the log to read it in more detail, but then no option to vote there...
  6. Yes...already tried that and no way to get owned caches including archived. Seems a lack in API a way to get Owned caches and also to get Owned trackables...
  7. This is not related to website, it's to use in code, so only API method can help. Obviously is only applicable to premium Members...
  8. Thanks Corfman Clan! Besides the hiddenBy filter suggests is the "placed by" and not the Owner it is really the Owner. The only problem is that search will not return the archived caches. Any way to get the Owned archived caches?
  9. Just to be clear question is not answered... Anyone can help?
  10. Wait a moment... Isn't this topic about API? Ok, if it is not clear my question is: how can I get a list of owned Geocaches using API methods?
  11. Hi, I'm moving to Win10 x64 but I'm not able to install the SDK from the link, and the .exe attached is not available anymore... Can someone be so kind to share the .exe again? Thanks!
  12. Same issue here. After some tries was not able to login again...
  13. It seems that cache pages are not showing everything they should.... By example https://coord.info/GC7FZWH somewhere in the cache description we can see: ...Em 1977, Cinco anos depois (1983)... But when we get the GPX for that cache the text in same place is: ...Em 1977, <<devido a uma crise interna» os irmãos Penela -herdeiros do fundador desta fábrica – decidem prosseguir com a produção em plástico, plástico e folha, usando a sigla PEPE (Penela e Penela). Cinco anos depois (1983)... The text is not even visible in the source page of the page and worst because in GPX it says this field is not even html... Why is this missing on the page?
  14. Again a shot in the foot! Didn't make any sense to remove the send email functionality! This is not facebook...
  15. This may be a silly question, but are you using this call to download the logs for a reviewer? Those are the only members that can create a "Publish listing" log. Why not? Always a silly question to try to justify what doesn't make sense...or at least remove the focus on the issue... Sorry, I wasn't trying to change the focus, but rather trying to clarify the issue. You didn't specify what scenarios you were trying, so I just wanted to make sure you were trying to download logs for a user that would actually give some "Publish listing" logs. If this is what you're already doing, providing an example of a scenario where it doesn't work would allow others (and Groundspeak) to troubleshoot things more easily. For example, is there a specific reviewer you've tested with where it doesn't give you the expected results? Is not an issue for a specific reviewer, for all reviewers all Publish Listing logs are not returned. All the remaining logs are. You can try and will see...
  16. This may be a silly question, but are you using this call to download the logs for a reviewer? Those are the only members that can create a "Publish listing" log. Why not? Always a silly question to try to justify what doesn't make sense...or at least remove the focus on the issue...
  17. Why API GetUsersGeocacheLogs doesn't return Publish Listing logs? request include log type 24 <long xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">24</long>
  18. IDILIO49

    Commands text

    Running the cartrige in whereyougo (android) for a character or item with 3 commands active the player puts 3 buttons in the bottom side by side. Obviously there is almost no space for text inside these buttons. (similar, but better for 2 active commands) In this way is not possible to understand what each button does... and is not also possible to short the text in the code because in some cases there is no space even to one word... There is any way to deal with this? Any way to check how many commands active? Any way to detect player is whereyougo? (how to do a substring on environment.deviceID?)
  19. PERFECT!!! It is working without any issue. You are the best, Ranger Fox! I appreciate your support on this and the time spent, even after we understood this should be related to old version of IE (yes, I only use chrome). Take a drink on my account! It's very nice to see someone with your spirit and interest to have something correct! Congratulations! Thanks again!
  20. With the "fix" applied I'm getting an error when moving the man in map: 'JSON' is not defined pressing yes or no the popup will appear again and no chance to do nothing (even close the program). Any idea how to correct this?
  21. Now I'm confused.... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=323195&view=findpost&p=5392930
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