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  1. Ex British Army RA (real army)....spent a full 23 years 232 days....now retired with an army pension at age 41....Well I do still work but not playing soldiers anymore! Served in both Gulf Wars, NI, Falklands, Cyprus (UN beach tour!)

  2. I was just wondering if anyone else has found such a thing at a cache before? I was amazed to find this small bag of pink wheat which was obviously purchased from a shop as it had a printed label with "Rat Poison" on it.

    Fox's Cousin What amazed me even more was that the owner had placed it in there at the start! He called it "Fox Bait". Anyhow I removed it and binned it straight away.

  3. I like the way GSAK uses the filters to shorten the cache name instead of GCABCD it calls it ABCD as all Geo caches start with GC anyway




    ....another plus is to know if the cache you are looking for was found last time...whether it has a bug in it....difficulty and terrain.....all you have to do is click on the cache in the GPS and it reveals it all...


    %Name %last4 %bug=$! %typ1 %hint (%Dif/%Ter)


    All the sorting and filtering can be done on the Geocache site and the be sent via email to be loaded into GSAK....I think for the money and support it is excellent.



  4. I have a question...my old etrex legend gave me the option of track back to beginning or end. My 60CS just gives me the option to pick a point...is there anyway to specify Begin or end other than using the zoom in and out and to use the panning of the cursor? This is so annoying as :o most of the time I just want to go from start to end and back again! The feature of picking any position on the track is brilliant but I would like a simpler method of choosing.

  5. correct me if i'm wrong!!!!!


    I don't recall setting my gps clock!!


    So where does this info come from ...does it come from the sats.

    If so...can't they adjust the time there and fix the entire issue.



    oh...and my gps was right on the money for my past 6 caches!!!!

    You are right....the time is received from the SAT!

  6. Whoa!!! Wait just a minute there, Skippy! :laughing:


    You don't know thing one about me or my feelings for (or lack of feelings for) the victims of the disaster! It just so happens that I have been watching the Web and television with great interest since the beginning, and with each new revision of the death toll, I become more shocked horrified! My heart truly goes out to the families of the victims and I can't imagine the suffering the surviviors are facing! Their loved ones washing over into the next town, and being buried before they even know for sure if they are alive or dead... Battling the stench of death to hastily bury loved ones and strangers in mass graves in an effort to combat disease (which will no doubt break out in the next few days). The fact that the dead are probably the LUCKY ones...


    I have been thinking about all that every waking moment, dude! Now with that said, tell me... How is all THAT relevant to the "GPS Units and Software" forum? :D

    Hmmm....so where do Tsunamis belong in this forum? To quote yourself...


    I may not know where I am, but I know where I've been and I know where I'm going!


    Do you now?


    I just thought that mentioning the effect of Tsunamis and massive earthquakes on GPS at this time was a bit below the belt....but that is my opinion obviously not yours. I would stick to a map anyway as they are probably not effected. Still....have a happy New Year and happy cache hunting. :D

  7. Will the gps mount clip onto existing etrex car suction mounts or old etrex handle bar mounts? Is it secure enough for mountain biking or just normal road use? Has it caused damage to your gps? Any suggestions or improvements that the owner could carry out...and for that matter Garmin. It is all us bikers have, so let's try and see how we can make the thing work for us!

  8. No problems...quick fast secure....but a bit pricey....just sold a GPS for 302 pounds and paid 12 pounds fees! Does for me.....


    Seller Reputation: (45) Verified Buyers

    Account Status: Verified

    Account Type: German Premier

    Account Creation Date: 29. Dec. 2000

    PayPal Member For: 3 years 8 months

  9. Hi,


    The same thing happened to mine! The glue used is very sticky and gooey....It is also hard to remove from both the unit and the rubber seal....around the unit is a clear seal which should not be removed as this provides damp protection...I cleaned mine with meths or a solution that will remove all the residue glue...be careful not to stretch the rubber as it will not fit properly afterwards...putting it in the fridge helped shrink it back..use contact adhesive (EvoStik) on both body and rubber, not where the buttons touch! Allow to dry for ten minutes and then reassemble!!! Press together firmly..


    It is a pain...the glue just can't handle extreme temps!!! 60CS has solved the problem!


    Voila.....it worked for mine but I still had to re-do the job later.

  10. Wisdom no! but may be the GPS will not see disks over a certain size....sometimes equipment is built with maximum parameters set....like windows not seeing disks over 160gb for example. Not much help but an idea. Phone tech up and ask if there are any limits on SD size.




    The European version contains the same information except the UK edition base map has UK Towns/Cities and major roads and motorways. Like with Garmin, Magellan also offer an extra installable map CD called MapSend. This allows you to upload and store these maps to the Meridian with greater map detail than provided in the base maps. The Meridian range comes standard with an SD slot allowing you to use an 8mb, 16mb, 32mb or 64mb SD card. In fact, the only thing limiting the storage capability is the size of the storage card that can be purchased. Currently 512mb SD cards are available which could be used, giving you more than enough storage space! The SD slot is located inside the battery compartment, and you do need to remove the batteries to get to the SD card slot. The SD memory card is optional and can be purchased from any computer store, or direct from Magellan or a Magellan authorised reseller although the Magellan store currently only ships up to 64mb cards.

  11. How do I get mapsource to display out to say 50 km 60CS? At present all I have is the outlines of the maps I have loaded on and a tiny area showing in the middle. I have to zoom in to 3 km to get any detail.....what settings do I have to tweak? I have a US basemap and I live in Germany....I am not bothered because I know that Mapsource will give me more detail and I can load the necessary maps on for where I will be going. I have tried some of the settings on map setup but they don't seem to help.


    Thanks for your help in advance!


    I have eventually found out how to get it to show detail out from greater then 3km!!!


    You have to go into map setup and TURN OFF THE BASE MAP!


    A funny problem but it had me going for ages.....

  12. UTM's....who uses them? The good old British Forces...If I had tried to teach Lat & Long to young 16 year old soldiers, I would still be doing it today....We only really used six figure grids for normal map reading but ten figure grids were used as well.. even four figure grids down to 1sq Kilometer were used to describe an area to recce in or find a Hide for thre night. I think it is much easier to understand and you can tailor the accuracy as you require it. Although 8 and 10 figure grids did get them scratching their heads.

  13. An easier way to find out the version number and many other things is to do an internal BIT test...


    PRESS & HOLD ENTER KEY and at the same time POWER UP.....KEEP BOTH BUTTONS PRESSED until test screen appears


    Here you can view much technical data such as Voltage supply, Temperature of unit, as well as test buttons, colours, greyscale etc


    Anyone got anymore secret button presses?



    Hope this helped?

  14. An easier way to find out the version number and many other things is to do an internal BIT test...


    PRESS & HOLD ENTER KEY and at the same time POWER UP.....KEEP BOTH BUTTONS PRESSED until test screen appears


    Here you can view much technical data such as Voltage supply, Temperature of unit, as well as test buttons, colours, greyscale etc



    Hope this helped?

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