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  1. I have many TB's that have gone missing and are marked missing. I have sent messages to people who either don't answer or say they lost it or forgot to log it. I would like to reuse one of the numbers and am planning on making a TB shirt to take with me to events. Is that allowed if I change the description etc. Otherwise, how would I get a TB number just to put on a shirt that i am having custom made?
  2. I agree and I think history would be a hit. I recently went to a couple of historical places in the Keys, Florida, one I had to kayak to, that had no geocaches. I felt disappointed, thinking people were missing out on some interesting history that a geocache could have possibly brought them to. Since a lot of historical places will not want you to place a container on the grounds, it would great to have a virtual. Indian Key off of Islamorada is perfect place for this and I would be so willing to do one. An interesting piece of history only a short 3/4 mile kayak ride.
  3. I know this might sound like a stupid question, but since I have never downloading maps onto my gps(it came loaded with North America maps)what do I need to do? I know you can buy maps loaded onto a memory card and use those. So I would think that means I could download these maps onto a memory card that fits into my gps, and if that is the case how do I switch to the new maps? All your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I am leaving in 5 weeks to head first to Croatia, then Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago then travel in the south of Spain. I can't go without geocaching. I of course need maps and they are expensive. What can I do to get inexpensive maps for these areas for my Garmic Oregon 400t so I can geocache in Europe?
  5. I hike and backpack solo and travel abroad alone. I carry a spot for emergencies and now let someone know where I am before I leave(usually by text message). If I am in an area that does have bears, I carry bear spray. I also carry a knife in my backpack which may be needed in an emergency. I do not carry a gun and do not plan to carry one. Just so you know it is illegal in National Parks and some state parks to carry a firearm. I haven't really been in any precarious situations by keep my radar up. I try to go prepared and not live in fear of the "what ifs". Hopefully I will remain safe and be able to continue my fun solo adventures here in the US and abroad. I probably have more chance of some wierdo following me while I am walking around the city than I do in a park.
  6. I believe it is only illegal to put a cache in a National Park. You can even place them in National Forest land, just not in the National Park portion. With that said this is probably totally legal. I don't think the moderators would have posted it without checking the rules on this first.
  7. I love swag, but rarely find things an adult would want. I really get excited when I do find something I want. Its like my birthday. I have a series I started called No Kids Toys for us adults who get tired of just finding kids toys. This game is played by plenty of adults to warrant having some swag we would like. I look for good inexpensive things to use for swag whenever I am out shopping. If any of you have great ideas for adult swag items that don't cost too much I would enjoy seeing that posted.
  8. I place a laminated card the size of a name tag. Actually it is a name tag that I get from Office Depot-self laminating. On one side I have its goal so anyone picking it up will know if they can meet the goal. On the other side I info on it being a trackable item and where to log a trackable. I have it stored on my computer so all I have to do is change a little info from my last TB and done. I attach it with wire strand I get from Home Depot and crimp it on so it is going to stay put(I don't use the ball chain given with the TB tags). Easy as that. I don't want my TB placed in a bag. I really don't like the baggies. They are large, take up too much room and usually things are just thrown in there with some piece of paper that is getting torn up anyhow. Laminating is the way to go.
  9. USMC MACG48 Avionics electronics technician Disabled veteran 1983-1986 Semper Fi
  10. I always carry a digital camera. I have to take pictures. I'm obsessed. And my second is chocolate. I carry enough to last me for how many days I'll be out.
  11. The link you gave to Travelbug Graveyard is closed and not accepted any new entries. Thats too bad. I thought it was a really cute idea for those of us who have lost our cherished TB to some selfish or unknowing person who decided to keep it for themselves instead of sharing it with the community. Maybe you could start a new graveyard.
  12. Thats good to know, because I was at a cache in Red Rock Canyon in Nevada and there were lots of TB's that were not there, and had not been there since last year. I checked them out. I sent an email to the owner about marking them as missing but he didnt do it. I also sent an email to the TB owner to mark them as missing and they didnt fix it either. Do they not care or what? It doesnt take that much time.
  13. I had released my first TB in september at the TB hotel in San Francisco. This person picked up 7 TB's from there on 9/18 and only marked them as discovered even though he stated he had them in his possession and would be moving them on. I politely emailed him and explained how he needed to properly log that he retrieved the bug instead of discovering it. He still hasnt fixed the problem and has screwed up several bugs and the owners of the cache have marked them as missing. Later he dropped a few of them. He still has mine. I emailed him again and asked him to please release my bug or to return it to me and I would be more than happy to pay for the postage. Still no reply. What should I do now? This guy is new to caching and still hasnt figured out how to do it even though I did explain it to him, and I would still like to see my bug move or to be returned to me.
  14. I bought some small gauge cable from home depot and crimped it together. I also bought laminate name tags and print out the name of the cache, the number(in case it is hard to read) and the goal on one side and on the other it states: If you do not intend to log your visit onto the geocaching.com web site, please DO NOT TAKE THIS ITEM. Its travels and progress requires you to log that it is being taken from this geocache. If you are willing to log your part of the journey of this item and place it in another geocache as soon as possible (after you log your find), grab it from this geocache. This way when someone grabs it they alread know the goal and if they will be able to meet it.
  15. I had someone pick up my first TB that I released in honor of a friend. The person who picked it up only discoverd it even though they stated they were taking it and would send it out soon. I emailed them the first time to tell them how to properly log their find and they fixed that. I have since sent another email stating that I would like my TB released and if they couldnt do that to please send it back to me and I would pay for the postage. I checked on this person and he has discovered several TB's and not moved them on properly. How do you handle this.
  16. I am looking for a copper mermaid swag coin.
  17. I picked up 2 travel bugs in Fort Myers when I took my niece and nephew out for a day of geocaching. I am going back to California tomorrow, but my bugs need to stay on the east coast, one specifically in Florida. Does anyone want to pick these up from me and send them on their way. I havent had the time to find a cache for them here in Hollywood. You can call me at 954-559-1997 if you would like to get them from me. Thanks.
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