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  1. No! someone ain't going for the counties records someone is trying to provide a good series of cache's along a few boring motorways to break others journeys up! my advice to you is wait till there all planted then retain your title
  2. Another 3 added last night and more to follow
  3. Yes that is what he want's I think, I wonder if they would consider adding that to his site, with a prefix "Motorway Mayhem" in the name of the cache!
  4. I've just retired Ian, no only kidding erm! junc 22 onwards, that looks good to me, thanks for the heads up mate!
  5. A local respected cacher/event organiser has come up with a great idea Motorway Mayhem he is hoping to get this nation wide, so any one placing a driveby cache along any stretch of motorway might want to consider his site
  6. A big thank you from me for your hard work on COTM I will miss e-mailing you each month, hope to bump into you one day and buy you a beer mate! Cheers!
  7. Now THAT is a good question.... It may be several months away though Certainly more that the 31 days the last hundred took. Open to ideas though Nice one Ian & Well Done mate on your 9 th A group get together on your 1 th would be a good idea!
  8. Well done Crazy frog, Ageing hippy & Paul & Ros on hitting 200 finds over christmas
  9. I had a wee rant on this forum, it cleared my thoughts with positive feed back and now I feel better for getting it off my chest! I'm now back on track thanks to this community MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to every one God bless you one and all!
  10. I set a series of caches in mid 2004 by the end of 2004 I was receiving logs stating the cache's were full of tat!, a topic appeared about someone else experiencing a similar fate I asked on this topic what should I do as I was going to set up another series but where would I put my new goodies. I decided to replenish my existing caches & set up another series with a few basics in the 1st 7 & a large box at the end full of goodies including a disposable camera (fixed with a note "do not remove") yesterday I visited the final box, there were 4 bits of crap in it & the camera had gone! My questions are Should I carry on just feeding these cache's so people just take. Leave as they are but feel embarrassed every time some one does the series. Archive all my cache's so I don't feel sick! Personally I TNLN when I do a cache but there are children who enjoy the hunt for the swaps
  11. Link here New years day and I'm working but at least I don't have to get up to early for it!
  12. Well done KevW reaching 500 & Mikeg reaching 600 at the christmas coroboree event in Barnsley on Saturday 17 Dec
  13. A big thank you to all involved for all your hard work in getting this coin off the ground. The one with my name on looks extra cool!
  14. Have a great festive time over xmas & new year & all the best for 2006. I for one owe you both a drink & hope one day I'll have the chance too! three cheers for Lacto & Ecky HIP HIP
  15. Highs 361 finds this yr so far ( compared with 172 in 2004) passing my 200, 300, 400 & 500th milestones. Best cache was "all tooled up" best series "Egyptian gods" where I achieved most 1st to finds in a day. Another if not the best, the many new friends I have made in 2005. Lows working the flaming computer side of the game out.
  16. Just checked on guk & there are 64 cachers with steve at the start of there caching name!
  17. Well done Brian, we all love you mate, how do you find the time to go out cacheing?
  18. Hey Nick are you sure you don't know Moote!
  19. Here's mine! Well I do have to work through out the season!
  20. I all ways start my ratings at 2 stars for setting them, and award extra 1/2 stars accordingly. I know the effort involved in setting up a cache!
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