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  1. Simply Paul hits 8 Well done that man!
  2. bump! 7 days to go, I'm really asking for help! please! can some one help!
  3. I need to get this TB from HERE to HERE on the 22nd July 06, can any body help? please!
  4. Well done to the following who all got a new mile stone after a weekend trip to Richmond N Yorks buttybow hunters 100 The penguin boys 300 Rebel Allaince 700 KevW 800
  5. I did 11 in a day, took me from 0730hrs till 2130hrs to complete as the last 2 were DNF's from others, but determination kept me going, I got my 5 mins of fame before seasiider took my title off me 2 months later, but who better, he's the man!
  6. E-mail from "gps warehouse" this afternoon! Hi, Reading the acompanying Service Record (dated 26th) Garmin advise that they have generated a new unlock code for downloading GB Topo maps onto the new card. Your unit has been replaced under warranty. Your unit will be shipped out tomorrow and will be with you on Friday, before 1pm. Sorry it has taken so long what with all the fuss in between, but we got there in the end. Do let me know if you have any further questions! Kind regards Martin Roll on Friday!
  7. If I don't get any feed back from the e-mail to Garmin by the end of the week I'll do that! Thanks stora , never thought of it that way
  8. Rang gpswarehouse today, asking whats happening as they seem to totally ignore my e-mails I was informed that the unit had been returned to Garmin (19th June) and they are awaiting feed back! I asked if they could chase it up for me, but they just gave me Garmins telephone number, and said it would be best if I contacted Garmin myself! Is this usual! do they just take your money and when something goes wrong they expect you to do the chasing
  9. Well done Hugo, and 64 of them in the last 3 days!
  10. 600 for Rebel Alliance Well done Mick, Chris and little Eva
  11. Certainly will Dave, and thank you for all your advice over the past couple of months!
  12. Did you go looking for the "Cunning Cache" by any chance? Had it programed into it Dave for on my way home but was too scared (p!55ed off) to use it! back to work Tuesday next if I get it back I'll be looking!
  13. I hope it's a one off occurrence, I was under heavy tree cover with 2 other cachers in the morning and I was the only one with a signal, great piece of kit and I miss it already, the unit has Topo mapping on it and if it gets replaced could I still use the unlock code! as I read it it's for 1 unit only?
  14. I've had my 60csx for about a month, went out caching yesterday when the screen developed a hole in the screen about 1cm round leaving plain glass, I turned the unit off and let it rest for 15 mins then switched it back on, all was well for about a minute and the hole reappeared, I got in touch with the suppliers (GPS Warehouse) and they couldn't be more apologetic for the inconvenience caused and asked me to return the unit , I have of course returned the unit and it will be with them by 1300hrs tomorrow, has any one else experienced this problem! I had my trusty yellow e-trex with me so the day was not totaly spoiled!
  15. I'm willing to help any one in or around S. Yorkshire, not many cache's left to do in my area so willing to travel a bit?
  16. I was the12th person to view, but tried, to no avail, so did not reply! but I did try! come on Lacto/ eckythump point us in the right direction!
  17. After hitting South Yorkshire last weekend and breaking the "Quickest 100" in 3 days, all steam ahead was on the cards for "Most in a week" so on Thursday an early morning start was needed to ensure his goal! Congratulations to Seasider for finding 126 caches and breaking another record, or is that reclaiming
  18. seeing as I was the last person to find one of your caches, is this aimed at people like me! If so, I'll explain
  19. Well it looks like Seasider is out of retirement with the quickest 100 finds in 3 days. Well done John, you might as well go for the most in a week now
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