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  1. This is from my era! John Robertson Duigan Reginald Charles Duigan Opps (too many beers) clicked on wrong post, over to some one else!
  2. This is from my era! John Robertson Duigan Reginald Charles Duigan
  3. Ha! The kids at one of my schools used to call me.........."Big Daddy" Yes Sir Mr Ecky Thump DING DING! over to you
  4. If "The morning after" is a clue I'll say Seasider
  5. CORRECT!! Ken Barlow's girlfriend would have done, the the character name is even better. You need to get out more Stevie You're probably right Alex but I asked the Mrs (and I'm sticking to that excuse) O k Heres an easy one Who is Shirley Crabtree better known as?
  6. What part did Joanna Lumley play in Coronation Street? a. Elaine Perkins
  7. Today for farthers day one of my children bought me a book I was interested in reading called "south and west Yokshire Curiousities" by Duncan & Trevor Smith, this was recommended by cats-eyes whom gave us the SOM (sights of meaning) caches in the Derbyshire area which I enjoyed doing, now after reading this book I would like to place a cache in each of the 82 sites around Yorkshire BUT most are too far away for practical maintenance by myself, sooooooo I wish there was a cache placed at each of these sites of meaning
  8. You trully deserve a BIG congrates for your commitment, a well earned 1st place on most virgins deflowered and most FTF's in a day.......well done Jinny & Dave
  9. Thats some record, worthy of being in the UK records I think! Well done Goldpot
  10. A definate yes from here! And if I can help in anyway!
  11. getting both site s here no problem!
  12. Thanks Brian, you can go out caching now
  13. You took the wife then............. How many times did he take the wife, and at his age too! (I'll get my coat)
  14. I've given a couple of teams I know a nudge, so there now sorted!
  15. Guess that's why we like you so much Mr E, because you again prove you are human
  16. You can't go wrong with the basic yellow etrex, welcome to the mad world
  17. Do you mean "Insta-notify" of new caches on your mobile
  18. E-mail sent Cheers BTW I've managed to load all the YOSM poi onto tom tom, don't really know how it just worked! and a seperate icon for it too!
  19. A big thank you to Edgemaster,dakar4x4's, lordelph, and bcnorwich for the "Dummies Guide" I've finally got the icons working on the PC and the PDA or is it a PPC I still don't know the difference but thats another thing for me to learn later! Next step or is it a question! Can I use them on Tom Tom
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