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  1. well done on your 300th like your web page steve
  2. liked your reply lactodorum that tickled me
  3. gongratulations dysdera on hitting your 200th steviep
  4. doh thanks alex! or should i say der, (i'm getting better with computers honest, i can turn it on all on my own now)any way thanks for the help alex,email sent & recieved the cheque is on it's way.any chance of calling mine- steviep-ussy
  5. so I take it an e trail is an geo hike UK (american) version am I right
  6. any left, i would like one. cheers steviep (email to you keeps being rejected)
  7. going through logs and i've noticed e trails ?what is an etrail !
  8. #11 it's easier to find a cache than a golf ball (i know!)
  9. fantastic bit of kit i use mine for tom tom & paperless cacheing
  10. oops ! did not see other log. sorry
  11. well done seasider on your 1200+ now on to 1300th
  12. welldone m1eyo on hitting your one thousand happy caching from steviep
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