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  1. i'm very well balanced, but not on a saturday night.libra
  2. nice one alex and i know 1000 will come very quickly for you
  3. sent mine 22finds, 4 tb's moved,1 tb released (via slytherin mark the cat cin)
  4. i actually borrow a friends dog named della when i go caching and she loves it,my problem at the moment is that i can no longer visit this friend socially as every time i turn up she thinks ah stevie p "caching" and gets upset when i don't take her away with me, and that pack looks ideal
  5. well done sp from another sp please e mail me when you think the prog might be on nearer the time so i don't miss it,i don't watch tv very much cheers stevie p
  6. and day time caching is easier in the day. (sorry couldn't resist it)
  7. click on quote & delete any words you don't want
  8. cachers are not generally quite people, i think "fancy a quite drink" has put people off
  9. Any takers for a chinese takeout aluminium container, complete with reflective cardboard lid to retain the heat? before I put it on buy now for £30.00 and a reserve price for £29.99 (gotta be a bargain!!) I ussually do pay this ,late on a fri\sat night
  10. personally i think you have taken 6 cacher's + there partners to this site, thats probably 12 extra people in less than 6 month's,with no damage
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